[3.4] Cold snap supporter Inquisitor

Hello and wellcome to my build guide.

I always loved to play supporter classes, but at the same time I'm not enjoying passive playstyle of aurabots so tried to create more active type of supporter character which was initial idea behind this build.

When I was playing in public parties I sadly realized that Path of Exile in the current state doesn't really offer content for cooperative multiplayer game where my supporter would be needed for two reasons:
1) End game boss fights are easier and less confusing when playing solo
2) Mapping is more about running than fighting. Everything is dying instantly so no one needs to deal more damage or CC enemies

However playing this character even solo was great fun and it also uses interesting synergies you guys might be interested in.

Character was designed mainly for softcore, but with some compromises or adjustments it can be played in hardcore as well.

Pros & Cons

+ Very fun to play
+ One-shot most of the enemies with satisfying explosions, including lower tier map bosses
+ Can freeze most bosses and greatly increase damage dealt to them
+ Simple skill effects which doesn't confuse other players or drastically decrease their client performace

- In my case health only around 4.5K
- Occasionally unreliable when running out of frenzy charges due to nature of Cold Snap skill
- Some uniques can be quite expensive

Build mechanics & interactions

Amulet allows to Cold Snap skill apply shock ailment on the enemies and furthermore increase damage taken for each ailment applied to them.

Gloves allows to Cold Snap ignite as well.

Staff provides decent damage increase for the Cold Snap and in addition enemies frozen by you take 20% increased damage.

Since I havily invested into critical strike chance, pretty much all hits with Cold Snap chill, freeze, shock and ignite enemies, which increases damage they take by up to 90%
(Shock ailment up to 50%, Taryn's Shiver 20%, Yoke of suffering 20%)

If you count in Augury of Penitence from Inquisitor ascendancy, you will get to 108% damage increase on enemies for elemental damage which also applies to all elemental damage you are dealing including Cold Snap's DoT and Burning damage.
It increases damage enemies takes, which means that damage increase counts multiplicativelly towards other damage scalling.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but other than Joke of Suffering damage taken bonus all of this applies to allies as well.

Now lets talk about explosions. Once again all my crits are applying freeze and shock which means that most enemies I kill will explode dealing cold damage thanks to Herald of Ice skill shatter effect.

In addition enemies explode dealing lightning damage. So if there is a pack of monsters staying closer together they get vaporized.

This chest is also nice because it makes shock more potent against bosses. I also picked several passives which further improves effect of shock and chill including Righteous Providence ascendancy and Shapper's helmet.

Helmet is also lowering resistances of nearby enemies. Which is nice bonus for you and your allies.

I am also using Herald of Thunder socketed socket in Malachai's Artifice.

So whenever I kill shocked enemy (which is pretty much all the time) it triggers Herald of Thunder which is applying Elemental Equilibrium on enemies lowering cold and fire resistance by 30%.
note: lightning strikes cause by HoT are not considered spell so cold damage added by HoI doesn't apply

Gems and links

Vaal Cold Snap-Hypothermia-Critical Strike-Empower-Power Charge On Critical Strike-Efficacy/Controlled Destruction

Frost Bomb-Arcane Surge-Increased Duration-Increased Area Of Effect-Spell Cascade-Faster Casting

Ligtning Warp-Less Duration-Faster Casting-Swift Affliction

Temporal Chains-Blasphemy-Herald of Ice-Enlighten

Cast When Damage Taken Lv1-Immortal Call Lv1-Increased Duration-Vaal Righteous Fire

Malachai's Artifice
Herald of Thuder


Passive Tree

ToDo: Ascendancy, Gameplay, Gameplay video

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading.
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What are your thoughts on getting Inevitable Judgement in place of Augury of Penitence?

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