[3.5] Tanky Storm Barrier + Scold's Bridle Discharger with Molten shell Inquisitor (Cospri's Malice)

Note: This build has a lot of Damage mitigation which compensates for the lack
of ES . 25% elemental dmg taken as Chaos dmg , Permanent Fortify, Storm
Barrier , Arctic Armor , 4 permanent Endurance Charges and 3 seconds
immortal call


Pros & Cons

1. Tanky with tons of damage mitigation (storm barrier , fortify etc)
2. Decent clearspeed
3. Immune to elemental ailments
4. 14% Es regenerated per second
5. Great single target damage( vaal molten shell)

1. Bosses with stages can be pain in the ass
2. Cannot run no regen maps
3. Not a league starter build

Kill all

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Interesting build, how do you see it with the recent changes?
It's definitely a buff if cospri's Malice cooldown is 150ms. It's confirmed by Bex, but it's not stated in the patch notes.
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