[3.4] CI Herald of Agony PP Occult ( Arc / Ball lightning )


Hi welcome to my first build guide / showcase.

**Note** : Recently switched to this build and have done red elder and delved at depths ~ 490 with tough modifiers. Holds up well with good defences and respectable DPS.

I haven't optimised this build and am certain it has not ben pushed to max capabilities. Posting here so other people can enjoy its playstyle and improve the build where they see fit. Any suggestions to changes to passive tree and gear or any input from the more experienced players are appreciated!

The inspiration for this build comes from other builds I have enjoyed this league, LL PP occult and HOA quill rain occult, these can be found here



These builds are great and I highly reccommend you check them out!

The LL PP I found was expensive to push into endgame ( I'm a spendthrift in game and can't for the life of me save up the exalts) and the quill rain HOA is superb (got my first uber elder kill with this) but I like to take a more active approach when playing (dealing damage myself).

That brings us to this build, which allows us to do big dps with decent clear speed and utilising the hard hitting (seriously...hits like a truck) agony crawler for the beefier monsters.

Current PoB pastebin :


Current Tree:


Mandatory Uniques : These are essential for the build to work

The gloves are how we will stack virulence to empower the crawler - these are essential.

The other slots are free slots to choose from to cap resists and stack energy shiled. Personally for body I choose

since we are CI and the 25% of ele damage taken as chaos is huge. If you prefer to stack energy shiled to mitigate morte physical damage then that's also fine.

One of my ring slots is taken by
since I hate being chiled / frozen in general but also to help with elder fights.

The other ring is used for curse on hit warlords mark
. The other curse is applied on hit through gloves corruption.

Gem links

Herald of Agony :

I have culling strike linked which works well but if you'd like more damage then added fire is a good choice.

Main hand PP :

Off hand PP :

For faster clearing can have Poet's with lightning warp / arc in secondary weapon slots.

For Frenzy I currently only have

Movement skills :

and Phase run.

Lastly you will need

and it's reccomended to have

wiith an increased duration support if possible.

To wrap it up

Overall strong and fun build with room for improvment . If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer , and will add more to guide if required or anything comes to mind.

Thanks for reading, if you try it let me know how you get on!
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