HC Delve ALL MODS! Ironman: Full ATM

League Name: Ironman

Hardcore Delve League: ALL 10 Mods Active

I wanted to see just how challenging it can be. All mods + Hardcore Delve.

Global Chat:
/global 1562

✓ Hardcore Delve
✓ Monster Damage x2
✓ Monster Health x2
✓ Monster Speed x2
✓ Monster Ele Damage x2
✓ Resistance Reduction x2
✓ Monster Additional Projectiles
✓ No Stash
✓ Famine
✓ No Magic/Rare Drops
✓ No Vendors

Request invite here:
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Last bumped on Nov 20, 2018, 2:41:54 AM
Would love an invite, I want to challenge myself before I start playing HC next league
Would also love to join you guys before the next league!
Invite me, im down for the challenge!!
All requests have been accepted that asked on the Ironman Page. We are now full. Sorry if you didn't get a spot.
applied and would like to try out this ironman challenge :)

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