Hard Softcore Delve League **CROWDFUND STATUS**

Hey there!

I played a bit in a Privateleague with all hard mods and only white items but this was a bit "overkill" for me and i missed to identify yellows, so i thought i lookout for the exact same but without only white items.
Since i couldn't find any League with all Hard Mods but still have Stash, Trade, Group and Rare/Magic Drops enabled i thought it might be a good idea to go and Crowdfund one. Maybe there are more ppl willing to join it.

Mods enabled:
Monsters have 40% more Life
Monsters deal 20% increased Damage
Monsters have 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed
Monsters gain 30% of Physical damage as Extra Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage
Players have -40% to all Resistances
Monsters Fire 2 additional Projectiles
Life, Mana, Energy Shield and Flasks do not refill when u go to Town


Lets see if we get enough interests to it.

If you have a Privateleague with exact that same mods. Feel free to invite me. Also im not afraid to pay for Invite or pay for this league i just wait a bit what happens.

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