Private Liga Belly of the Beast 30/30

Hey there,
we are currently running a slightly more challenging Softcore Delve Private League named "Belly of the Beast" with the following Mods:

Monsters have 20% more Life
Monsters deal 10% increased Damage
Monsters have 10% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed
Monsters Fire 2 additional Projectiles
Life, Mana, Energy Shield and Flasks do not refill when u go to Town

Players: 30/30

Please do only apply if you are really willing to play active.
If you are not participating you might get kicked out.
If you decide to stop after getting an invite let us know and delete/migrate your char to Delve so we have room for more active people.

Belly of de Beast (PL719)
Start Time:Tuesday, 13-Nov-2018 04:51:44 UTC
End Time:Monday, 03-Dec-2018 04:51:44 UTC
Global Chat: /global 8078 (BotB)
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Last bumped on Nov 28, 2018, 4:12:03 PM
pls accept new ppl :D
Would love to join!
Applied to the league, interested in joining you guys :)
Im friends with Cyberx1 (SomeTotemBuildX) that is already playing in your league, and we are both very active.
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Hey! I'm looking for a league to play until Betrayal launch, I would appreciate an invite if possible. Thanks!

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