[3.4] Primordial Moltenmancer +18 Million Shaper DPS - [WORK IN PROGRESS]

This build is a work in progress and has not been attempted.

This build focuses around summoning 6 golems via CWDT to increase our damage by a lot. Added in with the fact that Molten Strike is already a broken single target skill in it's own right, having 6 golems buffing us, only makes Molten Strike even more stupid. The build isn't the most tanky build around, only averaging around 5300 to 6000 life, however with taking Aerobatics and Phase Aerobatics we get 40% dodge chance and 30% spell Dodge chance. We also have 21% block chance, which isn't much, but is better than nothing. With Loreweave we have 80% elemental damage resistance and due to using Doedre's Exilir we have 3 endurance charges granting us 16% flat physical damage reduction. Since we are using claws we also have great life leech, around 1000 life per hit. Since we are hitting about 80 times per second. We also have chance to blind on hit from a jewel, which decreases the chance for enemies to hit by 50% and reduces the chance for them to crit. The only thing that's going to kill you are 1 shot kill mechanics. Lastly, we have 6 golems running around taking aggro from bosses which helps I guess.

Defense Stats:
+ 5300-6000 life
+ 40% Chance to Dodge Melee Hits
+ 30% Chance to dodge Spell Hits
+ 16% Chance Melee Physical Damage Reduction
+ 80% Elemental Resistance
+ -50% Chance to be hit from enemies (Blind)
+ 21% Chance to Block
+ 1000 Damage life leech per hit. (~80 attacks/s)

Core Skills and Items:

Primordial might Jewel

Doedre's Exilir

Primordial Chain, Coral Amulet

+[Ascendency] Spec into Mastermind of Discord, Liege of the Primordial, and Elemancer

+Two CWDT setups both with a Fire, Ice, and Lightning golem. (6 golems total)

+Minimum of 5280 life (allows Doedre's Exilir to proc CWDT)

The build Works as follows. With a base start of 1 golem, plus 3 from the Primordial chain, and 2 from the 2 ascendancy, we get a total of six golems. This allows us to stack some nice flat damage. With Liege of the Primordial slotted, the Flame Golems give us 48% increased damage, the Ice Golems 63% increased crit chance, and the Lightning Golems give 18% increased attack speed. Not only that, from Liege of the Primordial, we get an additional 20% increased damage for each golem summoned which gives us a total of 120% increased damage. The last buff we get is from the primordial might jewel which gives us an additional 28% increased damage if we summoned a golem recently. We get a total of: 196% increased damage, 18% increased attack speed, and 48% increased critical chance. In order to have 6 golems summoned at once and at all times, we slot them in with CWDT. This allows us to automatically summon all the golems we need at once. However, instead of having the enemies do the damage to us we use Doedre's Exilir. Doedre's Exilir takes 10% of your health on use for 1 power, frenzy, and endurance charge. [Because of this, and another CWDT setup slotting Ball Lightning, Blood Rage, and Power Charge on Critical, we spec into several other power charge and frenzy charge nodes on the tree. Allowing for more critical and attack speed]. However, in order for all these CWDT setups to function with the need to loose 528 health, so we need a bare minimum of 5280 life in order for Doedre's Exilir to proc CWDT.
+(There also might be problems keeping 6 golems out at once, due to CWDT having a short delay when casting multiple of the same gems. In that case, tank a little damage (trust me you might be fine) or swap out Doedre's Exilir for the Forbidden Taste Flask. (If at around 5300 life, the flask will remove 424 life per second which will help proc some CWDT). The best option option instead Doedre's Exilir would be the Scolds Brittle unique helmet. It makes you take 400% of the mana spent by Molten Strike as life, however by using this helmet you will loose a considerable amount of life, attacks speed, and crit from Starkonja's, plus you will be loosing some life regen. Molten Strike uses 35 mana X by 4 = 140 damager per attack then X that by ~10 you get 1400 degen per second, so don't miss.)

Gem Links:
[Body][Single Target] + Molten Strike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Focus - Multistrike - Concentrated Effect.

[Body][Aoe] + Molten Strike - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Ancestral Call - Multistrike - Area of Effect

[Head & Boots] + [CWDT - Lightning Golem - Ice Golem - Fire Golem]

[Shield] + Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - Herald of Ice

[Claw] + Shield Bash - Faster Attacks - Fortify

[Ring] + Ancestral Protector

[Gloves] + CWDT - Blood Rage - Ball Lightning - Power Charge on Critical

Useful Items:
Atziri's Promise[dbLinkedItem id="12621478626"]

Vessel of Vinktar

Dying Sun

Kaom's Roots (For the high life. Rare boots with high life work as well)

Loreweave (Look for High life, 80% max Resit, and High Elemental Damage)


Starkonja's Head (For the enchant look for +3 Molten Strike projectiles (For budget +2 projectiles or 40% Molten Strike Damage)

Wildfire Jewel

Diamond Flask

Rare Jewel Priorities:
Tier 1: Life, Elemental Damage to Attacks. (1 Jewel with chance to blind)

Tier 2: Attack Speed, Critical Multi, Resist.

Rare Armor/Jewelry/ Belt Priorities:
Life, Elemental Damage to Attacks, Attack Speed, Critical Multi, Resist, (Dex/Int/Str if needed)

+ A possible setup for a ring would be; an elder/shaper unset ring with level 22 Herald of Ice/ Thunder/Ash. Then move Ancestral Protector to one of the weapon slots with the other 2 heralds. (This would allow some additional damage, however, this is a luxury and should only be done if you get all the other stats that you need on your ring already).

Beneficial Enchantments:

+ [Boots] - Add 1 to 160 lightning damage to attacks if you haven't killed recently. (Gives you a ton of damage for bosses)

+ [Helmet] - # to Molten Strike Projectiles (Goal)

+ [Helmet] - % Damage to Molten Strike

+ [Gloves] - Commandment of Tempest, Flames, or Force on hit.

[Other luxury stats would be +1 power/frenzy charge and Assassins Mark on Hit]

(Some examples of gear)

Claw Priorities:
For claws you are looking for at least 25% attack speed [27% preferred], followed by elemental damage to attacks.

+ In reality a good claw isn't needed. You could still sustain massive damage without a good claw.

A gemini claw should be a priority, since you need some sort of mana sustain

+Critical multi, critical chance, and elemental damage with attacks are luxury. Even some resist here won't hurt.

+ While looking to buy a claw, look for crafting space. If the claw is only doing say 240 elemental dps, but has a slot to add cold, fire, or lightning damage to attacks, then buy it and do some crafting. It will save you a ton of money. For instance depending on how long the league has been active a 270 elemental dps claw will go for about 50c to 1ex, but a 300 elemental dps claw will go anywhere from 2ex - 5ex.

Something like this is about all you really need.
[Make sure its a gemini claw though]


- Kill all.

Goals for Gearing
On an elder base ring, get the mod Grants level 22 Herald of Thunder. This allows us to unsocket our current Herald of thunder. Then grab Vaal Haste and place it in the now missing gem slot. Adding Vaal Haste to the build increases our damage per fire ball by about 22,000 damage and increases our attacks speed by 1. This doesn't seem like much, but let's do a little math.

20,000 x 8 balls x 11 Aps = 1,760,000.

So, you get almost 1.76 million extra Shaper damage for an easy and usually cheap change.

Another way to increase your damage even further would be to grab the boot enchant, "Adds 1 to 120 Lightning Damage to Attacks if you Haven't Killed Recently". Of course this extra damage is only granted on bosses, but at this point you shouldn't need extra damage for mobs. By adding this extra lightning damage to your build you gain:

+1,320,000 extra damage.

If you are looking to push this build even further, you can get the Crown of the Tyrant. Unfortunately, this item is Delve specific and might become extremely expensive in the new league. It gives you 16 to 144 added lightning damage to you and your allies per blue socket, 64 to 96 added fire damage per red socket, 56 to 88 added cold damage per green socket, and nearby enemies have -10% resist. We loose a little life and attack speed, however, on this current build we see a:

+3,000,000 damage increase.

Damage Calculations:
+ Non- Shaper Damage:

Melee Hit [Effective Damage] - ~425,000

Melee Hit [In combat] - ~261,000

Magma Balls [Effective Damage] - 231,000 X 8 balls X 10 att/s = ~18,400,000

Magma Balls [In combat] - 142,100 X 8 balls x 10 attacks/s = ~11,360,000

+ Shaper Damage:

Melee Hit [Effective Damage] - 303,000

Melee Hit [In combat] - 261,000

Magma Balls [Effective Damage] - 165,000 X 8 balls X 10 attacks/s = ~14,520,000

Magma Balls [In combat] - 142,100 X 8 balls X 10 attacks/s = ~11,360,000

+Shaper Damage [With Level 22 Heralds, Vaal Haste, Boot Enchant, & Crown of the Tyrant]

Magma Balls [In combat] - 18,900,000 dps

Magma Balls [Effective Damage] - 24,330,000 dps

Path of Building Link/Skill Tree:

Since this build is a work in progress and hasn't been tried in game, I am looking for any advice or criticism before I give it a shot. I don't think I've seen other builds like this, so there isn't much reference material I can relate it too, other than other Molten Strike builds.

Or if you have any questions on the build please ask.

As the new league comes out I will be updating this build frequently. Videos will be added as well.
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nice one, any video to show clear speedy, boss etc?
Unfortunately, I haven't taken any pictures or videos, since I haven't actually used the build yet, like I mentioned in the disclaimer. However, in theory the build should work. The only problem I could see, is that it might be hard to sustain the golems. Even with Doedre's Exilir it might be hard to keep them up, since they are going to have a lower life pool than usual. Plus, if Doedre's Exilir doesn't come up fast enough, you could all always take some damage to proc golems spawning (just face tank a little). You could also just use another self inflicting item that would proc golems faster, either way.

On the clear speed topic, most mobs should be dealt with quite easily, since the non-shaper damage is very high. Plus by using an Aoe support and Ancestral Call support you should be able to clear quite quickly. By no means are you going to blow up the screen with one button click, but it should clear pretty similarly to most other Molten Strike builds.

For bosses, it should be able to clear just about any boss, of course always watch out for instant kill mechanics, but with the high sustain, some decent defenses, and a decent life pool, you shouldn't have much to worry about.
what about gluttony?
I wouldn't bother using Gluttony, it only makes you take 100-200 damage when you use a movement skill. For mapping it wouldn't be horrible, but for bossing you would have to use your movement skill at least 3 times before CWDT procs. I would go with The Forbidden Taste Flask before I would go with Gluttony or you could go with both Glutton and Forbidden Taste, just make sure your resist are capped.
hi, Did you get to try this build on end-game content?

It looks interesting.

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18 million huh . . . What did you do just check every single box in PoB?

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