[Loot Filter] *Updated for 3.24* MemeLoot - A Sound on Every Item?!

EDIT: Updated fully for 3.24! Currently using almost 1400 different sounds!

Hi all. So I had put some thought into a loot filter with custom sounds on every item and it was a fun and silly thought experiment and then PoE went added it as an option. And ~140 hours later, this filter was born. So here's how it works:

1. The ONLY hidden items are Portal Scrolls and Wis Scrolls (although both have a sound if you want them on to start a league or for kicks).

2. The vast majority of sounds come from: Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Rick & Morty, Bob's Burgers, and Archer. There are a few South Park, some from the movie Role Models, and an assortment of random but well-fit ones (imo).

3. Ultimately I made this filter for myself and the people I play with to spice up some of the monotony of leveling and farming. We're not hardcore top .01% farmers and don't use filters that hide all but like the top 12 currencies/items ever. There are a lot of reasons you won't want to use it (probably).

4. I kept the actual filter appearance (icon, font, size, colors) of the default FilterBlade filter (with the purple setting because was also bored of true default).

5. Unrelated to the sounds, but there's a chaos recipe filter built-in that highlights rares 60+ as colors (weapons are blue, jewelry is purple and has an icon, etc.) Easy to disable if not desired just like everything else.

6. Basically every time I've tested it I've noticed an item in the filter with something wrong (meaning an item wouldn't have any sound, typically because it was set to "no sound" for whatever reason).

7. Every unique base type (including flask), card, map tier, unique map, currency (including fragments and league-specific), splinter, fragment, etc. has a unique sound. (The super limited exception is that a couple currency fragments have the same sound, but no more than two.)

But what are the sounds?!
Well, here's a taste. Because there are about 1000 sounds and I don't have some stuff (like a mirror) to drop for effect.


MemeLoot (very old version, like 3.3 or 3.4, but you get the idea) - https://youtu.be/raXFqk_JcnU


Is this loot filter for me?

Three questions: 1. Do you like the aforementioned shows? 2. Do you want to spice up your PoE experience? 3. Do you typically show every item in your filter?

If you answered yes to all three, then try it out. Even if you hide stuff like bad cards, you can do that in this filter and still have fun. It'll take you some work to hide it since literally every item is its own rule, but some rewards have some work upfront *cough cough*.

What things don't have sounds?

Most notably, the essences don't have sounds yet. I suspect that they shall one day. Also all the fossils have a single sound and all the resonators have a single sound. I thought about making them specific (and I still might since it looks like it's a core part of the game) but guys I had to do so many sounds and I just got tired.

Beyond that, I didn't touch sounds for any rare items, shaped/elder items, or skill gems (beyond enhance, empower, enlighten, and portal). Oh I did put a sound on corrupted rare items >60+ ilvl because I always check them out just in case and had a great sound for it. (I also want to do custom sounds for each map type, but f*** that's another like 100-130 sounds and this stuff killed me.)

Are there any duplicate sounds?

Just the ones noted in the above question and in 7. If, upon playing, you discover that two items happen to have the same sound (because I made this filter across two months and a lot of hours and I didn't think to keep a master quote list), please tell me so I can fix it.

How long did this take to do?

I didn't actually count, but at least 100 dedicated hours. Between organizing FilterBlade (you wouldn't believe the lag of trying to change stuff when it has 6000+ custom changes in it), finding the sound files, getting/cutting the sound files, adjusting some volume levels so they were all consistent, and realizing later there's an item you forgot about/didn't know about that has a better use for that sound and now finding a new one, it took a lot of work. So don't shit it in comments please.

Do the sounds align with the rarity of the item?

I tried to use the length of the sound for the align, so shorter sounds for worse/common items and longer ones for best (notable on exalt among the currencies). But that didn't work because some good sounds are short and some good sounds (for lame items) are long (like The Spoiled Prince card in the video). So.. kind of but not reliably. You'll still be relying on the font/color/size and the icon for rarity most of the time.


FilterBlade - no longer used

Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FBLp-SV1d2Rxyz60rvbuf1mghy2tu8QB (zip file with .filter, sound files, and .txt with link to FilterBlade which will be updated with new versions)
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Love this Loot Filter.

Love this Loot Filter.


Check the link for an updated one before Betrayal launch :D
Updated for 3.5
At some point during the transition to 3.5, about 100 cards mysteriously vanished from the filter. No idea why, but I've finally gotten around to going through and adding them back in. Just re-download the filter from the link and you're good to go (also have made various changes throughout the league so updating wouldn't hurt either way).
Nice filter
bless your soul man, bless your soul... this is what I was looking for :D
hello man, i can't use the filter because: Line 256 Invalid sound filepath "newsounds\Mortal Grief - Family Guy.mp3"
RemaFeli wrote:
hello man, i can't use the filter because: Line 256 Invalid sound filepath "newsounds\Mortal Grief - Family Guy.mp3"

Can you check the newsounds folder and see if that file is in there? If not, can you tell me how many files are in that folder?
forget it already works, thanks
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