[3.4] CWDT Ignite Juggernaut - Cosplay as a fireworks factory fire!


I have been writing about this build a few times on the PoE reddit when people asked about lazy or unique builds. Writing this guide does not only save my own time by being able to link it instead of rewriting the same info, it also provides a single place to keep all the info about the build so that I can easily update it as new versions of the game client are released.


There has been some interesting balance changes for this build. I will update this guide more when I have had the time to test and theory craft more.

Martyr of Innocence now has more added fire damage to spells. This is an upgrade compared to Singularity by a few percent, but would require 6-linking either the staff or the body armour to not lose CWDT linked spells. With both 6-linked we get one more CWDT spell compared to dual wielding Singularity.

Razor of the Seventh Sun now grants 25% ignite chance. It doesn't have any damage added to spells, or any increased damage with spells, but this change would allow us to replace 5 of our ignite chance jewels with abyss jewels. We all know how great abyss jewels can be, but the added damage from Singularity is very close, and I'll probably go with Martyr of Innocence if I change my items. This change to Razor of the Seventh Sun does however make capping ignite chance much easier in the early game.

This is a Juggernaut spellcaster build that deals most of its damage with spells triggered by Cast When Damage Taken Support, henceforth refered to as CWDT. This build can handle almost any map mod up to Guardians and does not require fast reflexes or lots of button pressing. Flasks can make it slightly faster, but are entirely optional. Playing the build is extremely simple. you mostly just walk around and watch things die. Understanding how it works can be a bit complicated for a beginner, but I will try to explain everything in a clear manner. I wanted to link all mechanics, uniques and gems to their respective wiki pages, but the forum does not allow it. Instead, I have marked those with colors. If you need more information about them, just search for it on the wiki.

+ Durable thanks to 7 endurance charges and several sources of instant life gain
+ Can easily handle hard map mods such as No Leech, No Regeneration, Reflect (more on that below)
+ Very flashy
+ Lazy (Netflix friendly if you will) play style. Walk into pack, watch pack die, repeat
+ Budget friendly
+ Full effectiveness with a 5L body armor

- Not as fast as a meta build, if that's what you're after
- Very trigger heavy, which in rare cases causes disconnects. Using Predictive Networking Mode instead of Lockstep help a lot
- "Monsters have 90% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" disables the core mechanic of the build

Each time you take enough damage from any source (that is a hit), your spell gems linked to CWDT will trigger, casting a bunch of spells. Those spells all deal some fire damage thanks to Ngamahu's Sign and Anger. All our fire damage has a high chance to ignite thanks to items like Gang's Momentum, Ngamahu's Sign, Eye of Innocence and some passives and jewels with ignite chance. For each enemy ignited by your fire damage, Eye of Innocence deals 100 fire damage to you. This is considered a hit and will trigger more spells supported by CWDT.
To offset all the damage we take from enemies and that we deal to ourselves, we use items that makes us gain life instantly when igniting or hitting things. Options include: Ngamahu's Sign, Razor of the Seventh Sun, and Watcher's Eye with the mod "+(20-30) Life gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality".

* Eye of Innocence
* Any combination of items that let you gain more life than you lose from enemies and the amulet
* High (preferably 100%) ignite chance

This build clears trash mobs safely and easily, but bosses can be a bit slow just using the spells cast by CWDT. The solution is Vaal Molten Shell. Vaal spells are a group of spells that charge up as you kill monsters and can be used once they have collected enough souls. Vaal Molten Shell requires 50 souls to use.
This build is designed so that it takes a hit from Eye of Innocence every time it deals a hit to a monster. But the hit we take is not physical and will not trigger Vaal Molten Shell. Enter The Rat Cage. The Rat Cage is a unique body armor with the mod "10% of Fire Damage from Hits taken as Physical Damage". This converts each of the hits we take partly into physical damage, which will trigger Vaal Molten Shell. This creates a loop as described below:

* Vaal Molten Shell deals damage to the enemy (Some of it is fire damage that can ignite)
* The hit from Vaal Molten Shell ignites the monster (100% ignite chance, remember?)
* Eye of Innocence triggers, dealing fire damage to us
* The Rat Cage converts some of the fire damage taken into physical damage
* Vaal Molten Shell triggers again from the physical damage taken

This loop is repeated until the duration of Vaal Molten Shell runs out. I don't know for sure how many times per second, but enough to kill most map bosses efficiently. An optimal version of this includes socketing Vaal Molten Shell in a rare Elder helmet with the mods "Socketed gems are supported by level X Immolate" and "Socketed gems are supported by level X Concentrated Effect".

This is how I personally would like to set up my links, but there are plenty of viable variations to this. I will comment further on that below. Assume that all gems should be max level unless a specific level is specified.

Important note on leveling CWDT gems: CWDT gives each linked spell a damage counter. Once it reaches its threshold, the spell is cast and the counter is reset. The required damage taken increases with the level of CWDT, as does the level of gem it can support. CWDT can support gems that requires up to the same character level as the CWDT gem itself. Therefore, it is important to not level the supported gems until you have leveled the CWDT it is linked to. If you do it the other way around, the spells will not be cast by CWDT until it catches up in level.

Helmet - 4L - Vaal Molten Shell, Controlled Destruction Support, Combustion Support, Increased Duration Support
This will optimally be socketed in a rare helmet like I described before, with inbuilt Immolate Support and Concentrated Effect Support. I chose Increased Duration Support even though there are other support gems that provide higher DPS linked to Vaal Molten Shell. I care more about the total damage over the entire duration than DPS, and no other support gem can beat 64% more. Don't fall into the PoB trap of linking Vaal Molten Shell to Elemental Focus Support, as it makes it unable to ignite, and will break the loop.

Boots or Gloves - 4L - CWDT (level 1), Firestorm (level 8), Blade Vortex (level 8), Ball Lightning (level 4)
The purpose of this link is to create as many ignite triggers as possible, maximizing the amount of damage taken from Eye of Innocence and the amount of life gained. This link fuels itself and the other CWDT links.

Apart from these links I also recommend the following:
Anger - Massively improves our damage output by adding flat fire damage to spells
Vitality - Enables Watcher's Eye with the mod "+(20-30) Life gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality" and provides some regen.
Charged Dash - In my opinion the best movement skill for a socket starved build like this without attack speed. Usable with any weapon and can cross ledges and gaps.
Smite - The lightning damage buff boosts the damage of our spells by ~15%.

Budget tip:
We can put all these 4 gems in a 4 socket item and fill out the rest with spells supported by CWDT, but that requires a 6L body armor. By instead putting 3 of them in a 1H weapon and 1 in a non-linked socket in the body armor, we can save the whole cost of 6-linking our body armor and get the same effectiveness out of a 5L.

Fill out the rest of your links with damage spells supported by CWDT
See my Pastebin at the top of this page for details of how I set it up.

This is a very budget friendly build. The most expensive single item is a Watcher's Eye which costs ~1ex some time into the league, but you don't really need it. The life gained from it is basically equivalent of wearing a second Ngamahu's Sign.

This is the key that unlocks this entire build. Also provides some increased damage when ignited. See Mokou's Embrace below.

The Rat Cage enables Vaal Molten Shell and will make killing bosses much faster. It also has a respectable life roll. Note that it has -50% fire resistance. We need quite a lot from other sources.

Singularity is great for us, since we are almost always in hinder range of the mosters we are fighting. We don't have many other sources of added damage, since we need to use regular jewels for ignite chance and cannot use abyss jewels to stack added damage. A perfect Doryani's Catalyst is roughly equivalent, but costs way more.

I chose Gang's Momentum for decent movement speed, some much needed fire resist, and most of all 15% chance to ignite. Another option is Abberath's Hooves. I tried them but was not that impressed.

Ngamahu's Sign provides instant life gain whenever we ignite something, and is a vital part of the build. Use two or a Razor of the Seventh Sun if you don't want/can't afford a Watcher's Eye.
Mokou's Embrace provides self-ignite, damage and resistances.

Try to get a helmet with in-built Immolate and/or Concentrated Effect, Life and resists. For Gloves and Belt just get rares with Life and resists.

Current build
Optimized gear - The difference is maxed gems, balanced The Wise Oak, and socketing Vaal Molten Shell in a helmet with inbuilt level 20 Immolate Support and Concentrated Effect Support

Kill all. Alira is an option to make gearing a bit easier/cheaper, but it's not really needed. We can get away with slightly uncapped resists thanks to almost permanently having 7 endurance charges.

Major God
I chose Soul of Solaris for the crit avoidance. We rarely die from small hits, only big crits are dangerous.
Minor God
I normally use Soul of Tukohama and switch to Soul of Yugul for elemental reflect maps.

Reflect maps
Physical reflect can safely be ignored. We deal some physical damage, but not enough to be any threat.
Elemental reflect is deadly, but there are options to reduce it greatly. I swap one of my rings for a Sybil's Lament and my lesser pantheon power to Yugul when I do Elemental Reflect maps. This is enough reflect mitigation to run normal Atziri if you wish.
For bosses that require precise dodging, I recommend swapping one of our Singularity sceptres for a Razor of the Seventh Sun socketed with Whirling Blades, Faster attacks and Fortify.
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This build is awesome! Thank you KoomZog!
Expanding on my last post, yea I dig this one a lot.
I'm spec'ing out an existing jugg out on standard but going to try going at it in Betrayal, maybe leveling as a molten strike jugg and pivoting as necessary. Current version in Standard isn't min-maxed, just rolling with some decent gear.

Only connection issues I had was when leveling up ALL the CWDT/spells at once from scratch on my high level character. Too many procs and not enough damage to kill. Once they got level ~10 it smoothed out and haven't had an issue at all. Not at level 20s yet, but it's already great mapping and melts single target (as long as boss isn't phased or vaal charges can get back up quickly for next phase).


Built just like the guide here, took a couple different approaches. Didn't go for a Watcher's eye, since I found the life per ignite on Ngahamu's sign to be pretty solid. For sure more would work. I also swap with Razor of the Seventh Sun from Singularity if more tank is needed.

Also rolling with Arctic Armor as my third mana res instead of a movement skill (although I have it to swap in). Once I hit 100% ignite with jewels I found the cold left by Arctic Armor helped get the ignites (and CWDT) proc'ing faster from pack to pack in case of a lull. Since I'm rolling with that, I can adjust the tree to spec out of Quick Recovery and mana regen since all mana is reserved.

Never been a lab farmer, but did a couple tries and this is really smooth.

@KoomZog, be interested what you think of the slight differences, but no worries. Good luck in Betrayal and thanks again for the good guide!
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Hey man, thanks for the build guide!

Barring anything breaking, I'm going to make this my 3.6 league starter!
I ran this all Betrayal (when I could), just hit 90 and had a blast. Would have gone further if I had time. I ended up snagging some rings that provided heralds so I didn't have to take those as gem slots. Also just ran with dual razors for some tankiness. I'm well into red maps with ~7.9k life and it basically rolls. Only issue is with phased bosses (or stronger ones where my weak VMS doesn't kill fast enough). A better helm is my next upgrade for that purpose.

My character definitely isn't min-maxed yet, and yet has what feels like a really fast clear. It's even faster in higher maps with the quicker CWDT procs from stronger enemies.

Only bad map mod is enemies avoid elemental ailments, for obvious reasons.

100% would do it again. Found a Tabula really early which helped with leveling via Molten Strike until I saved to get the Eye of Innocence and a cheap 4-link Rat Cage. GLHF!

Edit: I don't have issues on elemental reflect, maybe because of dual Razors, and it got better with the ring mod with reduced reflect damage taken.
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