20 day - All Difficult Mods on / Still have stash tabs - SC Delve. -7/10


This personal league is intended to be very hard / while still allowing you to gather gear for other characters if you want.

Every Hard mod is on, and maxed out - except you still have your stash tabs.

Your free to join, just know I will boot you if you dont make a character within a few hours.


I extended the duration from 10 days to 20.

So far from my experiences, this league is exceptionally brutal - find a way to gain stun immunity - and spec as much resist as you can into your build.

Update 2

Put up a bunch of gems for trade.
Use the official website, to find personal league items, just select the proper league.

Update 3

Global Channel for this league - 10,191.

(nerd points to you, if you know what that refers too :) )

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Personal Note - What not to do in a personal league....

farm oni-goroshi.
minus 1
This is not hardcore !

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