[3.4] Cold Spectral Throw Deadeye clear all content fast

This is the first time I post a build in the website. Currently my character is lv 95, and had cleaned all the content of the game in Delve. I found the deadeye spectral game play is extremely satisfying and would like to share with you guys.

POB Code: https://pastebin.com/vC9RcMyN

Insane single target damage
Insane mobility
Great survivability
Great clear speed
Smooth progress curve
Affordable to most players

Gem swapping play style
Can not 1 shot entire screen
Not cheap enough for league starter


Minotaur Map run: https://youtu.be/y-W4s91uarA
Shaper Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozcP8hCe-Js
Dark Forest facetank double boss: https://youtu.be/UFC5g9PZ4QI
Uber Aziri: https://youtu.be/0PNuleIBsDI
Uber Elder: Fairly easy and possibly deathless, however when try to record the lag made it quite hard. I will upload as soon as I managed to conquer the lag.

General Mechanics:

The mechanics of spectral throw it self is magical enough to provide both good clear speed and single target DPS. When linked with slower projectile and have the reduced deceleration enchant, the projectile can hit the single target around 4-5 times and melt everything down fast. My POB shaper DPS is around 80K for 1 hit, so the actual effective DPS can easily achieve more than 3-4 million effective DPS.

Well rounded DPS stats:
Flat Cold: 700+
Total increased damage: 450%+
Attack per second: 8+
Critical Chance:50%+ (without flask) 75% with flask
critical Multiplier: 400%+
Cold penetration: 70%+

Due to the high critical chance and cold damage, we basically frozen the mobs all the time. Rupture+claw give us huge instant life gain, 50% evasion, 40% dodge attack, 50% dodge spell, 20-30% block. On top of that is the 6k+ life pool and arctic armour for physical damage reduction. All these come together make the character hardly die on everything other than Uber Elder.

Ascendancy, Bandits and Pantheon:

Gathering Wind -> Fast and Deadly -> Rupture -> Powerful Precision
Alira (for the Critical Multi and resistances)
Tukohama, Solaris




Any shaper rare claw with cold damage per 10 dexterity, 1.85+ aps and 7.6+ critical chance is good enough. The priority is attack speed>critical chance>local cold damage>multiplier>elemental damage.

Body Armor + Helmet:

I put these together because the helmet is depend on your body armor.
To start with go for the combo1


Once you are rich enough go for the combo 2 as below:


Note: The rare body armor has to at least have 100+ life, 10%+ maximum life and 1.4 critical chance. You may need to throw some divine orbs on it. Other wise it won't be any better than belly of the beast.

The reduced deceleration enchant is a must for the helmet.


The aspect of spider can give you 15% more single target DPS, on top of that just look for life and resistance on the shield.


The spell dodge is extremely good for survability, I don't see any other better choice. The enchant is just a plus, not mandatory.


The single best choice, start with 1 abyss socket if you can not afford the 2 sockets one.


life and multiplier are must, on top of that look for some strength/intelligence, resistance, critical chance, elemental penetration is good to have but not necessary at all.


Mark of the elder gives you life and hell lot of DPS, the other ring got to be a shaper one focus on resistances.


The vise belt is the only choice here. Priority is life and resistance, elemental damage is just a plus.


The onslaught flaks can be switched to dodge flask for more survivability.


Get at least 3 Murderous eyes jewels with cold damage to attack, life and cold damage to claw attack.
The other jewels will focus on % life, multiplier, attack speed, resistance and stats.
Also want to have couple of life regeneration when moving to compensate the life lost from the blood rage.
The cold steel is a must and should be placed under the claw circle.

All my current gear:

Gem Setup:

Main Skill (Vall Spectral Throw):

Elemental damage with attack + Cold penatration + Added cold + Hypotheria + Greater Multiple projectile/Slower projectile
If 20/20 Vall Spectral Throw is expensive, go for the regular one first

3 links:

Fortify + Whirling Blades + Frenzy

3 links:

Herald of ice+ Curse on hit + Assassin's Mark

4 links:

Ancestral Protector + Culling Strike + Ice Golem + Minion and Totem elemental resistance

Another 4 links:

Cast when damage taken (lv1) + Increased Duration (20/20) + Immortal Call (lv3) + Frost Bomb (lv1)
The color of this is challenging but worth the investment.

2 links:

Arctic Armor + Blood Rage


This build is definitely not for league starter, it won't functioning without at least 10 exalt of investment. However it's definitely affordable as a 2nd character.

level with frost blades

Equip Doomfletch's Prism and use tornado shot+ greater multiple projectile + added cold + weapon elemental damage with attack skill + added cold + faster attack.
This set up can easily clear all the quest and even the white maps.

After lv70:
You only switch to spectral throw when you can afford the right weapon

Gear improvement order:

1) Start with Tabula Rasa,rat's nest and atziri's step, buy the right weapon and switch to spectral throw.
2) Buy some murderous jewels make sure all the gears cap the resistance have life mod as much as possible
3) Buy the 6-link belly of the beast.
4) Get the shield with Aspect of spider, and have the rings and amulet set up.
5) Go for the rare elder chest and 6 link it, swap rat's nest with starkonja.
6) Upgrade your jewels and gems.

In the end you probably invest somewhere between 30-40 exalt, and it is good enough to clean everything.

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Seems like a fun build!

I'll try it out on hc starting right now let's see how far I get :)

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