[3.4] Frostwall Totem Phaser (CI)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FROSTWALL TOTEM PHASER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi Everyone!

I never expected people to like my builds so much. Almost 50K views and almost 500 likes!
List here:


My builds are not clearspeed builds (well, some are, but that is not their focus). They take one single defensive gimmick and maximize it as far as it will go.

So, here's one of my super funky ones people keep requesting a build guide or video of: The Frostwall Totem Phaser.

Continually summon totems. When you take damage, hide inside the walls with either Flame Dash/Phase Dash/Phase Run/Flask. Regen and Recharge inside walls.

For DPS, instead of Frost Wall you can use Frost Bomb totems on 6L swap.

Keep in mind that totems are Line Of Sight with regards to the player- you need to be able to see the boss. For this purpose, frost walls do not count as blocking line of sight, but any environmental objects do. So you may need to move around a bit to keep the totems targeting a boss.

Cooldown/charge skills have a cool interaction with totems. A skill with x number of charges can summon x totems before needing to wait for recharge to summon more. However, each totem in turn spawns with x charges of its own. Therefore, instead of only having x charges if you were to cast the skill itself, you would have x^2 charges once all totems are summoned. In addition, replacing your oldest totem with a new one instantly refreshes all the charges for that totem.

At max totems (5), you will never have downtime on casts- it will be wall after wall after wall.

In order to maximize the number of totems, we choose Hierophant. We also use Soul Mantle and Ancestral Bond. Since Soul Mantle will curse us constantly anyway, we use Coward's Legacy and curse ourselves. This enables us to use Lori's Lantern, Pain Attunement, Self-Flagellation, and Dreadbeak.

To eliminate the downside of curses, for one swap (defense mode), we use Atziri's Reflection. For the other swap (DPS mode), we use Geofri's Devotion, which has a unique skill that removes curses from us when cast. This is a temporary buff, so to mitigate the downside, we also slot a Kikazaru ring to reduce curse effect.


Frost Bomb DPS:

Frost Wall DPS:

Enchantment is important for more walls. Get resists and ES too. Essence crafting helps. Required.

Nothing special. Get resists and ES.

Needed for more totems. Required.

Ring 1:
For the Low Life benefits.

Ring 2:
For when we swap to our damage setup and lose the curse immunity from Atziri's Reflection.

Nothing special, but I used Commandment of Ire to help proc Geofri's Elemental Warding.

Because we're already gonna be cursed, might as well embrace it.

For the cooldown reduction so we can have more Frost Walls.

Offhand 1:
To prevent curses from destroying us. Required.

Weapon 1:
For the low life benefits. Lets us hide quickly inside walls.

Weapon 2:
For when we want to do more damage but don't want to get murdered by like 8 curses.

Watcher's Eye with anti-Vulnerability, Self-Flagellation, and Energy From Within. To counter Coward's Legacy, to boost damage, and to get ES.

Need to phase, some curse immunity for when Elemental Warding is down.

Weapon 1:

Cast When Damage Taken + Summon Holy Relic + Vortex

For defense.

Offhand 1:

Phase Run + Shield Charge + Fortify

Here, Phase Run is particularly important to help you hide inside walls.

Weapon Swap 6L:

Frost Bomb + Spell Totem + Added Cold + Empower + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus.

Frost bomb has 200% effectiveness of added damage, so Added Cold is particularly important. Others are whatever you feel like.

Chest 6L:

Frost Wall + Efficacy + Increased Duration + Added Cold + Cold to Fire + Controlled Destruction For maximum defense, Efficacy and Increased duration are required. The rest you can choose yourself. Note that this setup must be in the chest because the spell totem support is build in here.

Helmet/Boots/Gloves 4L:

Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Enfeeble

For defense.

Helmet/Boots/Gloves 4L:

Determination + Flame Dash + Discipline + Enduring Cry

Determination pairs with Watcher's Eye to prevent Vulnerability on Coward's Legacy from hurting us. Flame Dash also helps you hide inside walls.

Helmet/Boots/Gloves 4L:

Vengeance + Charged Dash + Cast When Damage Taken + Summon Chaos Golem

Of note here is Vengeance: it is required to ensure that you can proc Geofri's Devotion's Elemental Warding on hit to remove curses from you when you can no longer handle the downsides. Charged Dash is also good for hiding inside walls as you will phase into them.



Pursuit of Faith

Ritual of Awakening

Divine Guidance

Sanctuary of Thought

In that order. For totems, more totems, reduced mana cost, and more ES.

Soul of Lunaris

We choose Lunaris for the anti-chain. With 5 totems, enemies that chain could potentially instantly hit you 5 times in a row. No bueno.

Soul of Tukohama

We choose Tukohama cuz you'll just sit inside walls and regen.

Boss neutralization example - T9 Shaped Beach:

T11 Mesa Map, Rare Unidentified Full Run:

The 80 off meta build guy
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The 80 off meta build guy
The 80 off meta build guy
I just watched your videos. They are flashy, funny and interesting but that's about it. You don't need any tanking against trash mobs in the mesa map, you still get hit by the boss where the frost walls don't block the boss.

I've created a templare build guide today and can understand some of your feelings :/.
Varvarel wrote:
I just watched your videos. They are flashy, funny and interesting but that's about it. You don't need any tanking against trash mobs in the mesa map, you still get hit by the boss where the frost walls don't block the boss.

I've created a templare build guide today and can understand some of your feelings :/.

This is a meme build, not an actual win the game build. You don't play this because you want to clear fast or beat shaper lol.

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