Improve damage as Scourge Arrow

I'm really really sorry for this "how to improve" thread but I really need an improve in damage.

The main goal is Uber Elder.

to me seems that a good upgrade could be a decent quiver or helmet..

Any Ideas? or suggestion of any kind, like different aura or curse or whatever.

I've also this that I can use
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you are at a point where upgrades can be very expensive

Quiver would be a good candidate. you should get one with crit multiplier. it should be much stronger mod than crit chance you have

Your non-unique ring could have some damage mods. high "elemental damage with attack skills" would probably be stronger than added lighting damage (you already have lots of it). also theoretically accuracy (not sure how much you have but you need relatively high accuracy with crit builds). you could even get it on opal ring base if you can afford it..

Now, are you sure Aul's amulet gives you that much power? From what I can see, it allows you to use Haste aura, which is, well, very weak. I think rare amu with crit multi and maybe some other damage mods would be stronger. It could also grant you some resist releasing pressure on your ring (that could then have more damage mods)

I did not use PoB to evaluate the possibilities (I just used my general knowledge), but you should have time to do it..
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Your damage is about 30% higher than my raider here so you've got the damage to do it it just depends how easy your trying to set out to make it.

recommendations i'd make are why the ring? the shaper ring you've linked is way better thats a really decent damage upgrade.

Free haste is overrated, haste is one of the worst damage auras you can get far more damage from a neck, lightning%, lightning to attacks, elemental pen, non chaos as chaos, crit multi, crit chance etc will all give you a significant boost.

Quivers decent but you can probably get similar but with resists on, ideally you'd like to get enough that you can switch your boots to some 2 socket bubonics, multi and/or penetration would also be handy if you opt to stay with what you've got.

Switch sulphur flask for a diamond, especially as your a pathfinder.

Fossil craft your helmet to the same thing but with -9% to nearby enemies lightning resist.

Anywhere you can squeeze accuracy in currently is worth alot, you'd gain 12% dps from being at 95 so anywhere you think you can get a bit more without compromising your resists/life go for it.

Thats about it really from the gearing angle (at least as far as what i can think of), you should find a way to take the crit multi nodes by scion on your tree but i've not looking at it beyond that.

Edit: Oh you could concievably run a vinktar's too if you so desired (flat is worth ~ 11%, pen is worth ~ 7%, also shocks nearby enemies on use which is worth a little)
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haste was for attack speed and MS, because scourge arrow takes a tons of time to load 5 stages.

I'll try bubonics tomorrow and try to find a decent ring/amulet

I need herald of thunder? since i cant shock with it?

for the helmet, i tryed a lots of time to craft it with metallic+pristine but I never had luck :(

Am I missing something? You have a skill that converts physical to chaos, yet you have a bow that does no physical, where is the physical coming from?
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its a 100% lightning build as you say there is no phys to convert to chaos but even if there was it would be a tiny portion of the builds actual damage
Yes this build abuse of stacking pure lightning damage via scourge arrow.

I did some "upgrade"

now I just have wrath/arctic armour/clarity

with this little things I was able to kill Uber Elder !!!

yeah you made the right kinda upgrades, with that set its probably double what you had on before (which was already alot)

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