19/20 NEWS! The announcement of the private race! GUCCImod SSFHC DELVE! TEST 1.0 PRIZE FOR 1 PLACE!

Sarge2 wrote:
What do you plan with "super race at the weekend" ?

If the racing format is enjoyed by everyone, then I will be spending the race EVERY weekend with a small prize pool. at the end of the month I will hold the Big Race, to which the winners of the weekly races will be invited (1st and 2nd places). The Big Race will have a big prize pool and its leaders will be invited to the Race of the Year. Here is a plan
The race is over! Thank you all for participating!
DeadAndDoom won $ 7 expected.

Everything went terribly bad! Neither stream nor normal start failed. But in any case, it was just a test of racing. I apologize to DrDexxer and Sarge2 for my mistake when adding accounts.

Immediately announce the race next weekend! The same time and the same prize! Conditions in the next topic on the forum!
Can confirm i got the 7 dollars
I got to act5 torched court before I realized it was not HC : (

gz DnD
Yeah, was advertised as SSF and HC, neither of which were used.

For future races if you start at 8pm or 9pm Moscow time, the Americas can participate as well. :)
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was not aware it is not HC .. after i finished the race as 2nd ... :-/
was wondering all the race - WHY is no one dieing ? ^^

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