[3.4] All or Nothing Jug meets Wildstrike with Oni - Goroshi (Work in progress)

Hey Exiles,
I hope you enjoy my idea and maybe help me make the build even better. I am not the best player in the world and my english is quite terrible, but i will try my best ;)


- very tanky
- can be used for other meele builds
- can farm Ulab easily
- very fast clear speed
- 80% Res


- can be expansive for high end game
- can´t farm elemental reflection


coming soon

Ulab Kill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XO6HScuAlc

T14 Map https://youtu.be/UzNUUVDdXjk



Wildstrike converts all physical damage into elemental damage randomly. It means it converts into fire, ice or lightning damage. This is a funny damage output and gives you a fast clearspeed.

Damage Output

With Lvl 91 Fire Hit 1730770.9 + Fire Explosion 109917.5
Lighting Hit 1730770.9 + Lightning Bolt 109917.5
Cold Hit 1730770.9 + Ice Wave 118743.6
Ancestral Warchief 226336.5

Items needed:


This item is the basis for this build and gave me the idea. This sword gives you accuracy rating, critical strike chance and adds 2-3 physical damage per level. The core ability of this build is "Her Embrace", it gives you "Cannot be Stunned", 123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage, "Unaffected by Burning Ground", "Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite", 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed. Theseabilities areamazing! It is already 6 linked and you can farm it by yourself. Look at the gamepedia for the details or watch a youtube video. Its the easiest way.

Body Armours are 2 good options in my opinion.

Kaom´s Heart gives you an amazing life boost and 40% increased fire damage is good for wildstrike fire and "her embrace" fire damage boost.

The other option is the Loreweave Elegant Ringmail wich is also a very nice. It gives you attributes, physical damage, global critical strike chance, life, mana , rarity of items found, increased elemental damage and sets your max resistance to 80%(if you get the right one). This is a better choice if you want the damage and the better resistance. It also allowes you to get another 6 linked combo.

The rest is up to you. You can get more defense, more damage, more farm items,or just whatever you want. For more Damage output you can use the Abyssus

My Current Gear:



I tested alot and i deciced to put this into the sword:

wildstrike - ruthless(Bosses)/ancestral call(maps/mobs) - elemental damage with attacks - multistrike - melee physical damage - bloodlust

For beginners it is important to know that bloodlust disables the ability to do bleeding with supported gems, so you need another bleeding source.

I use ancestral warchief:

ancestral warchief - faster attacks - chance to bleed - maim support (there is a way to get this at 5l, chance to bleed is a possible elder mod for gloves! so you can get meele splash for mobs bleeding chance...) I use as 6L for more Damge output with curse on hit and elemental weakness.

In my build i use the tombfist gloves with 2 abyss jewels, so you can put whirling blades and fortify into them. For me it is enough movement speed but you can go for good elder gloves for the 5 linked ancestral protector and get a 4 linked whirling blades with faster attacks - fortify and culling strike

In my helm i use herald of purity for more physical damage, hatred, vaal haste and a portal.


1. Unflinching

2. Unyielding

3. Unbreakible

4. Undiable

If you want to get more defense, you can use Unrelenting instead of Unyielding. It gives you more elemental resistence and chaos resistence but you loose damage.


I helped Alira but you can kill all if you want.

For Leveling:

I used Molten Strike for leveling until wildstrike is ready to use as level 28(act3). It is a Juggernaut. You don't need the big uniques, but some might help you move very easily to the maps:

Leveling Guide

Usefull Items for Level 1:

Araku Tiki
Kaom´s Sign
Lochtonial Caress

Level 1

Molten Strike
Ruthless Support
Ancestral Call if you want more Clearpeed

Level 8

Wise Oak Keep your Fire Rest higher then the rest.
Wurm´s Molt
Added Fire Damage Support
Leap Slam

Molten Strike - Rutheless - Added Fire Damage

Level 18

Molten Strike- Ruthless- Added Fire Damage - Elemental Damage with Attack Support

Ancestral Protector - Chance to Bleed

Leap Slam - Faster Attack

Enduring Cry for Defense / Herald of Ash for Offense

Level 25

Prismweave for more Damage

Iam Using the Foxshade for more Movement Speed but its not needed

Level 27

Lion´s Roar for More Damage and Armor

Level 28

Ancestral Warchief for Ancestral Protector for more Damage

Wildstrike - Melee Physical - Ruthless - Elemental Damage - Ancestral Call/Bloodlust(Bosses)

Important: You have to use Chance to Bleed in your Totem for Bleeding Source for Bloodlust!!!!!

Swap Herald of Ash into Herald of Purity

If you want more Damage use Elemental Weakness as Curse, Bismut is now useless!!

Carnage Heart for more Stats and Lifesteal

Level 30

I switch to Lioneye´s Paw´s for Damage and Dex and Maligaro´s Virtuosity for more Damage

Do the first Lab now, its easy.

Level 32

Switching to Kaom´s Way´s

Level 38

Add Multistrike to your Wildstrike Combo so:

Wildstrike - Melee Physical - Ruthless - Elemental Damage - Multistrike - Ancestral Call/Bloodlust(Bosses)

Level 55

2. Lab.

Level 60

Use Abyssus or Starkonja´s, played with both, Abyssus is faster clearspeed but you should understand the mechanic
Now use a Life Flask to manage with Endurance Charges and Her Embrace and Abyssus.

Just play the Act´s now.

Level 64

Take the Loreweave if you wanna play with Loreweave and not with Kaom´s Heart

You can go Merceless, the 3. Lab now before ending the 10. Act.

POB Link:


for Level 91 with my Gear, using Loreweave.

Hope you will have fun with this build and feel free to help me improve it.

Thanks to Hive and Engeneering Eternity for their inspiration.

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Very nice build, definatly THUMBS UP !

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