While the team is working towards the 3.5.0 expansion and its announcement page, several developers have finished the 3.4.4 update with several improvements and bug fixes for the Delve League. We're planning to deploy this update tomorrow morning (Thursday NZDT).

The 3.4.4 update for the Xbox One version will also be released tomorrow.

  • The camera now follows more smoothly when using Bodyswap, Charged Dash and Smoke Mine.
  • Adjusted the visual effects on Infernal Wings to remove unintended black line effects.
  • Adjusted the visual effects of the Subjugator Weapon Effect to more closely match its intended look.
  • The Apocalypse Cloak can now have all ailment effects correctly applied to it.
  • Barrels thrown by Spectral Corsairs in the Frigid Recess Delve encounter no longer drop items.
  • You can no longer throw flares or dynamite by clicking on their icons. This prevents throwing flares and dynamite unintentionally.
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Path would not deal damage to a monster if you were standing directly on top of that monster. This fixes the bug that caused Consecrated Path to appear to "miss".
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Path's "Deals up to 20% more Damage to closer targets" stat had its damage fall off faster than intended. This should result in slightly higher damage dealt to nearby targets, particularly with targets near the edge of the area of effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Clasped Hands in a Breach dropped items with a lower item level than intended.
  • Fixed a bug re-introduced in 3.4.3f where monsters killed by the secondary explosion damage of Infernal Blow would not drop items.
  • Fixed a bug where the Elementalist's "Liege of the Primordial" Ascendancy stat "x% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems for each Summoned Golem" did not correctly update buff values in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where "nearby Enemies are Poisoned" modifiers did not spread the strongest Poison.
  • Fixed a bug where a self-inflicted Despair Curse would not be scaled down correctly by Level Downscaling.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.4.0 where using an Orb of Scouring on an Unset Ring would reroll the socket colour.
  • Fixed an abuse case that allowed you to automatically use an instant skill as soon as the cooldown was refreshed by manipulating Num Lock.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was placed in the wrong location when returning from the Azurite Mine to The Sewers, The Lunaris Temple Level 2 and The Upper Sceptre of God.

Xbox-Specific Improvements
  • Improved the speed at which item, buff and skill art are loaded when entering an area.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented you from accessing the search box in the Subterranean Chart.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pantheon panel could be opened in The Templar Laboratory.
  • Fixed various crashes that occurred when loading into areas which contained water.
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Grinding Gear Games
Permanent Hardcore only.
Release Private Leagues so you can take my money already.
So you decided to not make fossils stack or just didn't have time to do this? Hopefully the latter.
Imperial Terraces hideout: thread/2257515
Oriath Gardens hideout: thread/2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic. Removing this line from my signature without notifying me was just another proof of it.
thanks for the updates
Mirror drop at pier in legacy :>
Iangyratu wrote:
So you decided to not make fossils stack or just didn't have time to do this? Hopefully the latter.

Most likely release a stash tab that stacks them. If Delve gets integrated in core game, that is.
Couple days of D3 players being here and the numluck trick had to be fixed. Thanks Blizzard.
How about fossil stacking, or is it just not written out here?

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