3.4 Tectonic Slam Jugg, Dual wield - looking for advice because mediocre dps

I wanted to create a good tectonic slam build to go through all the content. But after investing around 28ex, i checked PoB and saw mediocre dps in comparison with other builds on this forum. So mb you can give me advice what i did wrong

PoB (844k shaper dps)


Main idea was to use dual wield with statstick, because skill attacks only with main hand.
And because it converted 60% dmg to fire, use xoph's blood, and with 100% fire dmg, make focus on fire penetrate.
Other items helps make 90% phys reduction and enough life (6.5k, not super high tbh)

But even with this main weapon (35% extra fire dmg on 327 dps weapon) and abyssus i can barely reach 1m shaper dps (and only if will find good stat stick, with 70+% extra dmg, 55% crit multi, and damage pen)

Yea, i was bored to purchase nice second jewel in gloves (1-2ex again), and stat stick not perfect. But this is "only" 15% dps lose, and saves me from another 6+ex investments.

And especially sad that it was cost too much (8ex weapon, 7ex xoph, 3ex body, 4ex belt, 1ex helm, 1ex taste of hate, 1ex tombfist, jewel 1ex)

So is it normal build, and skill just weak or im doing something wrong?

And second problem. Yea, I can kill elder on red maps without death and even safe shaper, and clear every maps fast enough.
But skill cost 45 mana, and i have 5 attack per second. This mean i spend 225 mana if hold button, but mana leech rate 134...
Im always out of mana after a second of attacks. Need retreat, and wait till mana leech gives me mana.

Is there any solution to fix this mana problem?

PoB says that extra mana leech do nothing, need increase mana pool, which hard to do (need invest extra passive points)

Only what i can imagine, chest body with -15 attack skill cost. But bad chest with life, % life, 6 link was 3ex. How much will be with -15 skill cost? I saw one for 9ex, again investments.
Last bumped on Nov 4, 2018, 9:44:17 AM
Tectonic Slam and Consecrated Path are bad for bossing. I have a chieftain molten striker with 5-7M shaper dps. Replacing MS with TS will lower the dps to 1M, and to 800k for CP.

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