[3.4] The Accurate - Juggernaut - Accuracy stacking JUGG w/ Bows and Arrows

Hey there ~~

Little update for 3.5: Obscurantis Buffed!!
Also Dps and Hp in the Path of building with other stats as well
(also i don't recommend this build as a starter)

Keep in mind it might not be 100% optimal yet.

OK , Why would you want to play this ?

- It's the end of the league and you're fed up with this garbo stale meta;
To hell with BV, PPVD,Immune RF, EH.. - you might think

- You want to use accuracy stacking on Jugg

- Some other reason


- It's got some good clear, in delve, as well as in maps (> T16)

- Using relatively cheap items (Oskarm, Obscurantis, Hinekora's)

- Can use rare weapon you could craft yourself

- Can do all all mods but reflect and no leech might need life flask


- It can get expensive

- Bossing may be difficult sometimes (T15+)

- No reflects maps


What we build around :

These items + the jugg's undeniable node give us the incentive to get as much accuracy as possible.

For the quiver, you want to get either : - A Rare elder two-point arrow with the mod pierces an additional enemy for better aoe, the other mods you'd want to get are wed and accuracy.

You can also get : Rigwalds quills for HUGE aoe with the forks and projectile damage (A good rare quiver generally is better for damage on single target and aoe is still good)

As for your Body armour you can get a rare chest with evasion, 90 + life, resists and if you can %crit with attacks (personally i got)

You can also get Hyrri's Ire for some flat cold, dodge & evasion

Your Amulet will either be

Your rings should in the first place fill your res. and have life, then you can look to get some flat added damage or on elder ring : additional projectile damage
You can also fit some ventors gamble if you want...

Get some rare boots with the resists you are missing and some movespeed.

A little more about the bow you'd want to use the highest total Dps Bow with the elder mod : 1% projectile damage per 200 accuracy rating
Flat damages are really good for this build, try to get as much as possible.

Also you want to get abyss jewels with accuracy rating and life, jewels like these are fine:




Some like:
Replace Inc. crit if you want

Cast when damage taken:

Fire herald and friends:

Culling cold herald and blink:

Potential 2nd 6L... take barrage idk... level gems or something..

You can PM me if you have a question.
Also thanks to whissp for the few ex to test Rigwald's quills
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nice build
Hi !
I like this project and i wanted to do something around accurancy and jugg.
You did it, ty !
Can you talk more about stat please ?
I want to know what all this can do.
Life ? Dps ?
What about elemental hit ?
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