Curse Effectiveness (Doesn't show on the tool tip)

Hey GGG,

I've loved curses since I've started playing and have always had them as apart of my builds. But I'm hoping soon you'll be adding Curse Effectiveness to the Tool Tip for curses?

If you use Temporal Chains (the slow affect) as an example, the base slow is 29%. That shows up. And everything from linked gems shows up as well. So having a level 3 Enhance, TC being 20% both show up on the same line as "Cursed enemies are 47% slower". A linked 20% Blasphemy shows up on the Tip too as "10% increased Effect of Curse."

What doesn't show up are all the nodes on the passive tree that I have allocated. It'd be nice to have them up there. (It'd be nice for the tool tips to get revamped a bit so that the user gets Totals on the tool tip).

Anyway, the bug is that the Curse Effect passive tree nodes don't show up on tooltips for curses. Users have no clue what the final effectiveness of the curses will ever be.
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This is not a bug. Skill popups are explciitly intended to show the values from the skill, where they differ from the user's base stats. The Blasphemy gem adds curse effect to the skill, so it's shown in the skill popup. The passives on the tree affect the character as a whole, not the skill. The place for seeing stat values totalled is the character panel, not the skill popups, which are too small to actually fit all the information if they tried to include everything from passives and gear.

I have made a note to get curse-specific effect modifiers to display in the character panel, since it looks like currently that stat does not display there.
Thank you for the quick and direct reply! I have been considering it since you posted it. It's nice to have such a clear idea of how the popups work. I'm looking forward to the changes to curses that are coming in the future. I love curses now, but any changes GGG considers are exciting...especially for my favourite skills :). I'm going to post some feedback in the appropriate area of the forum once I figure out how to word it. I'd like to quote most of your response if that's ok.

Thanks again for responding so quickly and clearly.
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