[3.4 DHC] Righteous Fire Inpulsa Elementalist ( Showcase/ small guide )

Because i saw noone playing rf + elementalist i did this build.
It's only made for speedfarming low tier maps. Idk how it performs in t11+. This isn't really a guide, just a showcase.

Build Idea :
Use Shield Charge to shock enemies -> shock spreads to whole pack -> RF so we dont have to cast anything->kills 1 mob -> entire monster pack explodes

This is pretty much just like bv elementalist, just without the herald of ice spreading and we dont have to stand still to cast and kill things.

Skill Tree :
----------- Click Here ----------
Skill Tree is very flexible to your playstyle and gear, this skill tree isn't made for copying 100% of it.
Ascendancy : First Rush Beacon of Ruin than go Mastermind of Discord

My Current Gear :

Short Gear Explanation :
Mandatory Gear : - Inpulsa

Gear you want to have : Stormfire & Saffel's Frame

Gear that you can choose to your own liking (fill up res, increase clearspeed, damage) : Helmet, 1Ring, Amulet, Gloves, Boots, Belt, Weapon -> thats why this build is also MF viable

Gear you should have : Belt with increased life recovery (NOT LIFE RECOVERY FROM FLASKS, THAT SUCKS)

Explanation of my gear choices:
Helmet (Devotos) : Gives me much faster clearspeed and fills up needed dex
Gloves: More attack and cast speed essence for clear speed
Boots : Fill up Res & Life
Ring : Fill up Res, dex & life
Belt : Life, Dmg, Life Recovery
Amulet : Regen, Flammability, Life
Sceptre : Dmg
Jewels : Dmg, Life, Regen

Links : (in priority, last supp gem is not so important)

RF - Inc Aoe - Conc Effect - Burning Dmg - Ele Focus - Efficacy
( you can also use a helmet with horror craft & / or with "Gems are supported by lvl ..... Burning dmg / conc effect /Inc Aoe)

Incinerate - Immolate -Combustion - Faster Casting - Fire Pen (if RF is in Helmet)

Shield Charge - Innervate - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Purity of Fire


Herald of Ash

Pantheon : stuff with less damage taken over time and less fire dmg taken while moving

Bandits :
idk just take anything, i took alira because i'm going to MF later so i need res

No video cuz everyone knows how rf looks like and how inpulsa explosions look like
discord : nexx#8357
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