[3.4]Immortal PF Molten Strike// 100% Res and 100% Conversion

You may have seen this build around before but I couldn't see a comprehensive guide on here so I thought that I should make one.

First off: I'm no expert at this build, I was not the one who created it, but thought I played enough of it to be able to make this build guide.

Second: This build is very specialized, it does some things amazingly, others abysmally so please read the guide before you die to things you are not supposed to do.
If anyone on the party uses any "mark" curse or clarity, it will mess up your flask and you might die from no fault of your own.

Third: This is not a budget build and some of the stuff you need are expensive. Not a great league starter either.

I am working on a thresholds section for the conversion; calculating this is a headache so might take some time.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have here in the thread or ingame.


1.If built according to the guide, this build can not take damage from things that don't have damage penetration or do physical damage over time.
2.Has enough dps to take the shaper down.

1.Very black and white, the stuff you do well, you do really well, and the stuff you do poorly, you do really poorly.
2.Not able to (safely) kill most endgame bosses.
3.You need to constantly keep track of your flasks.


>Delving: This build is amazing at delving, you have enough damage to kill mobs regardless of the mods and you can't die from them*. *Be very careful to check the zone for "Monster Damage Penetrates #% of Elemental Resistances" since this build can't do those zones
>Mapping: The build can do all the mods except two:
"-#% Maximum Player Resistances"
"Player's Life and Mana Recovery from Flasks are instant"
>The second one comes from sextants so you only need to watch out for it if you are using them

>It can also take damage from the bosses of some of the maps, therefore its not recommended to do the bosses of these maps:

>Forge of the Phoenix [T16]
>Lava Lake [T15]
>Dig [T14]
>Core [T13]
>Necropolis [T12]
>Belfry [T10]

>Lab; Sure, you are immune from izaro and that might sound great but, some of the lab traps can damage you, and although the traps to % damage to you meaning that you won't die instantly, it makes lab much harder since you don't regen energy shield that fast (there are however option that helps in that regard, more on that in "Gear".)
>Also the regen darkshrine you can get will mess you up if you don't disable it in every room.

>Bossing: A list of bosses the build can and can't do:
>Uber Elder: Haven't tried but see shaper and elder for comments
>Atziri: The trio can make a cloud of phys DoT and Aziri has dmg pen; wouldn't try.
>Uber Atziri: See atziri, same stuff applies

>Shaper: I have killed him but you need to be careful since is balls have damage penetration and will 1-shot you.
>Elder (White/Yellow/Red): I have killed him but the attack when he comes up behind you and does damage in an arc will 1-shot you.

>Shaper Guardians: All the guardians except Phoenix are super easy, just stand and attack.
>Elder Guardians: All the guardians except The Enslaver (the big sandstorms do phys DoT) are super easy.
>Breachlords: Haven't tested chayula yet but all the others were super easy.
>Pale council: Super ez


Read this part carefully since you can't compromise on some of the gear choices.
Also I'm not 100% sure on some of the thresholds so always check PoB if you have 100% res and 100% conversion with your flasks active
I will go in order of required to recommended to BiS but optional.

I recommend getting a flask like this for when you die and need to reactivate you auras


These pieces of gear are your main sources of conversion. They all are fairly cheap. If you then have master alchemist, nature's adrenaline and at least 1 more small node and followed the minimum required in the skill tree you have 54% flask effect and a total of 70% conversion.
The rest of the conversion comes from your shield corruption, your watcher's eye and increased effect of flasks on your belt.(you can also take another small node instead of a 4th big node in your ascendancy tree for 5% extra flask effect.)

Let's talk about the most complicated part first, your watcher's eye.
The max conversion roll on a mod depends which aura you need for it.
Mods which require Ice,Fire and Lightning have a max roll of 10%
Mods which require Elements have a max roll of 12%
There are 4 tiers of watcher's eyes for this build:

Entry level

A watcher's eye with 2 conversion mods, at least 1 of which requires purity of elements. You can get up to 24 conversion on this watcher's eye if both of the conversion mods requires p. of elements. The third mod doesn't matter (Mine just so happens to have a third mod)

Really good

A watcher's eye with 2 conversion mods not needing purity of elements. This means you can (if you have enough resists without it) switch it out for another aura like anger. The maximum conversion you can get from a watcher's like this is 20 so you would need increased flask effect on your belt.

God Tier

A watcher's eye with 3 conversion mods with 1 to 2 of them requiring purity of elements. Depending on how many mods require purity of elements the max roll is either 32 or 34. This is would mean we wouldn't have to worry about getting flask effect or a conversion corruption on our shield
I would recommend however, that you try to get at least 8% conversion elsewhere (or 6% if you get a watcher's with a max roll of 34) so that you can drop the conversion mod on your helmet and get an offensively crafted fossil helmet.


A watcher's with either 3 purity of element mods* or 3 mods which doesn't need purity of elements.

*DISCLAIMER: I don't know if any corruption is worth dropping master alchemist for but there might be one.

A 3 Element's watcher's eye would have a max conversion roll of 36, which would mean that you can (if you have 6 small nodes in your ascendancy tree (refunding master alchemist) and a belt with at least a 6% increased flask effect roll) drop both your helmet conversion mod and your shield conversion corruption. Might not be worth it thought, I haven't tested enough.

A 3 non-elements would have a max roll of 30 but would mean that you can drop your helmet conversion mod and purity of elements. That would be just insane.



>The thing to focus on here is the "10% of physical damage taken from hits taken as (fire/cold/lightning/chaos).
>Strength and damage mods are a bonus and are very nice to have.


>You need a lightning coil for the amazing conversion and we can easily negate the -60% to lightning res. The only mod you want to max out on is the lightning damage.


>You need Saffell's Frame for the +max res and you want the conversion corruption. You can get lower than 8% but you need to make that up on the watcher's eye or (harder) flask effect. The rolls don't matter.

These flasks are required to get to 100% res and conversion. Dying sun can be exchanged for a normal ruby if you don't have it. You always want a flask with curse removal but if you get it on your 5th flask you can run a vessel of vinktar instead of a normal topaz when mapping.


This is where you get % increased effect on flasks if you need it, 6% seems to add 2% to conversion and a roll below that 1% . Reduced charges used and increased duration are super nice. Get 1 with strength if you need.


2x Wildfire for extra damage, at least 1 jewel with reduced mana reserved and 1 with corrupted blood immunity.Conqueror's Potency buffs both our auras and flasks and is a must. The watcher's eye needs to have 2 conversion mods (If you get 1 with 2 conversion mods that doesn't need purity of elements, you can drop that and use another aura instead, though those eye's costs a lot more and it's not needed).
The conversion amount needed is dependant on your flask effect buffs and shield so check PoB if you have enough. (I have more than enough, just got lucky with a divine.)


The only thing these boots do for us is drain our mana so that our divine distillate has a longer duration. I have seen others not use them but I strongly recommend using them.


Since our boots drain our mana we need this axe to attack. The attack speed mod is the most important and an attack speed corruption is a very nice upgrade if you can afford it.


Tombfists are supernice since we don't need the extra sockets we lose and the attack speed mod is great. 1 socket tombfists will do just fine.


Since we blind enemies(See Gems), we get a huge damage boost here. A good corruption helps but is not needed.

BiS but optional


This setup provides a lot of damage but could probably improve. Get as many offensive rolls on your ring as possible.

5th flask:

Overflowing chalice for bossing, Quicksilver for mapping and Quartz gives you phasing which is really nice in the mine.

Other jewels:

You want attack speed and flat ele damage on your jewels. If you are going to lab, get a jewel with energy shield gain on hit; we have so little energy shield so a few attack should get us back up to full.


This build has some freedom in the gem section:


The purity's don't need to be the vaal versions.

Replace purity of elements with another aura if you get the right watcher's eye for it(see Gear)



3link (put whatever you need in here)


Bandits: Kill all
Pantheon: Ralakesh and Brine (Doesn't matter too much)

Minimum to make the build functional:

My tree at lvl 94:


This is the setup I'm using at the moment but there are other options, however, they will have less flask effect so you either need to get a better watcher's, shield or belt:
Veteran bowyer: most dps (refund the small node near master surgeon)
Master surgeon: most flask uptime (refund the small node near veteran bowyer)
I took the middle ground with a bit of both and it works fine.

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Done for now and RESERVED LMAO
have u tried xophs for ammmy?
Completed 36 Challengesriuhzen1 wrote:
have u tried xophs for ammmy?

I have not.
How do you handle bleeds?
Running maps and mobs that does bleed(not corrupting blood) just rips me apart, considering getting the master surgeon to counter it.

Decided to run an onslaught flask with anti bleed for mapping use, swap with overflowing chalice.
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Actually u can't get bleed because u don't take damage at all.... only corrupted blood from Nemesis mobs can kill u. So if u died from bleed then u dont 100% mitigate phys dmg so check your gear

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