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sounds sick!
Phase 1: Make D3

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit
thanks mate ;)
Hi, it's only my second character and will be second build.
I"m going to go by your guide. Will you answer to questions here?
Ofcource mate ! :)
It is really hard to understand how to add skill tree.
Can't you spend some time and make a normal skill tree adding guide like all the other guides here in the forum?

I really would like to make this build next league but I don't want to spend hours on trying to understand who it works and what to add first.
Use path of building ;) and then write the nodes that i've suggested in the search bar and they will light up and take that pathing according to the skill tree, i will update the guide but it takes a very long time to do what you ask :) and i'm not experianced on making forum guides that you all want with the pictures, tree's n stuff ;)
I see you updated the post. Did you update for 3.5?

Wondering if the new multi totem gem is at all useful here. Might not be
still finding out if it's viable in 3.5 cause of the stat stick nerf and the way dual wielding works now :) the full dmg build is probably viable with double pdps claws , but the bloodseeker one kinda lacks damage, 800k dps with my bloodseeker and my items ;) so stay tuned for that :O

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