[3.4] Synix's Chaingunner - +5 Chain CFC Ice Shot Guardian Viable (Updated 01/11/18)

Character name in my profile Synix_ChaingunnerMkII

Crit Chance of 95% with 3 Power Charges, 85% ish without, that's without level 21 Inc Crit, going for even more Phys Reduction when I get Tailwind

Hey what's up guys, this is a character I've been messing around with for quite a while now that's based around either +3 Chain (without the gem allowing for more damage nodes) or +5 with the Chain for cleaning house.

It's based around Ice Shot, with just a couple of passives becomes 100% cold conversion, which then with the Cold to Fire gem gains a tonne of fire damage. To top it off, uses Gloomfang

to add a shit tonne of Chaos damage on top.

(In the theoretical end game setup, at 5 chains it adds 22668 - 44055) extra chaos damage, and that's just with Ice Shot accounting for 59% of the damage.)

It is reliant on a +20 life gained on hit Elder Ring which isn't too bad (I have the +1 Curse Gloomfang which I'm just using Assassin's Mark and Warlord's Mark on for leech and endurance charges. Need that phys mitigation)


Path of Building:


Mandatory Items:

As this is a crit based build Death's Opus with the 50% increased crit roll is mandatory. I guess you could go Windripper if you wanted but losing out on the phys conversion will probably hurt

Gloomfang is our damage dealer of the build, due to the mod where it gives up to 20% extra non-chaos as chaos per chain, 5 chains becomes a bit stupid

To survive you need a ring with the +20 life gained per enemy hit. The amount of enemies being hit will be too much life drain otherwise


Quiver: Voidfletcher or Hyrri's Demise are the best in slot imho, but if you got a good rare with +1 Chain corruption that'll do nicely.

There's no real bad choice as long as it does phys or cold damage and has the +1 chain corruption

My Gear ATM (Level 74):

This is everything I am running atm with all the correct gem links.

As I am not a big fan of evasion builds, prefer to have my guys be a bit tankier I specced into Physical Damage Reduction, so by having Iron Reflexes, 3 Endurance Charges, Taste of Hate, Rumi's (and a basalt flask) you can get 77% Phys Damage Reduction (ignoring pantheons) on what would otherwise be another bog standard Dodge bow build.

Kaom's is optional but if you're going to use it, WEAPON SWAP IS NEEDED! Myself I'll probs go with a Belly of the Beast or if I have the money the Craiccean thingymajig.

Update 1: After tinkering around and realising PoB doesn't handle Far Shot very well I've decided to drop Point Blank, as im nearly always off screening and even without my Barrage does 1.2million Shaper DPS

Videos (WIP):
Levelling it still Acid Lakes run, just to see how it performs as you see in the video I hit level 68 and am able to equip the Atziri's too.

Testing at Level 74 with a quick Delve Run.

For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
What content can the build handle?
What content can the build handle?

So far I've gone down to Delve Monster Level 78 (i am only level 74 with it atm) and been clearing maps (boss too) all the way up to Tier 10.

When I get to Level 80-90 I'll have a much better idea but theoretically all except ele reflect maps.
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
PoB updated and I've now made sure it can do T15 and T14 Abyssal Lich Boss.

Currently at Delve 243

2 Extra images added
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
In combat semi-buffed SS added

For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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In combat buffed SS added

Update: Did Uberlab without issues, just switched the Ice shot gem with Barrage gem and took him down.

Did a nasty rolled Hydra with Point Blank taken too

For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.

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