[3.4] Cold Converted Critical Strikes & CoC GC - Flicker Strike Assassin

+I will update it in the future if it's worth it :)
THIS IS A BUILD IDEA, the build is not yet completed but i wanted to share it!
I wanted to make a map clearing build. This is the first attempt i made at creating a semi-decent (fun?) to play build, so don't judge.

INFO (pros-cons etc.)
It can clear up to tier 16, but not always.
It looks pretty fun with all the ice explosions and the gc procs.
Assassin provides us with the bonus dmg when mosters are on full life, this makes map clearing easier.
The extra crit chance with the combination of terminus est makes it easier to generate frenzy charges.
No Reflect On Crit Hits!
Leeches life (idk if it's good tbh)
REALY squishy
REALY hard to solo bosses that spawn minions
You will either have to be socked ignited or frozen since pots aren't enough for all of them :>
Can't do "no leech maps" (because of mana issues)

THIS IS NOT A STARTER BUILD! (so i assume you have uniques)

you can lvl up with any attack, i chose

Items+Gems (around lvl 80)

SKILL TREE (PoB/Pastebin)

It's Not Completed Yet!
i just wanted to share the idea. Flicker Strike IS NOT good for delving since it can trap you into dark spots, so you need to be cautious and have a movement gem other than flicker strike, in order to avoid being stuck.

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hardcore viable?
can't even call it softcore viable, perhaps a meme build? I'll have to check how the new CoC cooldown works with it, test new uniques etc naybe then it can work out. still not 100% sure thoe
hey, i saw this build and took inspiration to look at cold conversion flicker. I am not doing cast on crit, but I wanted to talk about gearing and the tree

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