3.4 Flicker/Heavy Strike Slayer (NEED HELP!)

I've been playing working on this build for about a week now, and so far so good! I'm lvl 81 and am comfortably clearing t7+ maps without difficulty. I want to keep pushing through more content, but was hoping for the advice/input of more knowledgeable members of the community.

What I'm doing now
*Heavy Strike for single target DPS
*Flicker Strike for mob clear
*Daresso's Defiance to generate END charges to fuel CWDT + Immortal Call
*Poacher's Mark/Blasphemy + Blood Rage to generate Frenzy Charges for Flickering
*Wyrmsign because Rampage is fun
*Carnage Heart for increased survivability via faster leeching

Short Term Goals
*Replace belt with universal resists/life rare
*Possibly replace Boots with Windshriek/scream for Dual curses (adding vulnerability)
*Improved ring/helm
*Add Lion's Roar flask

Things that need help
*Increased DPS. PoB is showing ~130k Heavy Strike DPS which seems WAY too low to farm higher tier maps
*Increased survivability. Currently only 3,600 hp, 4500 armor, and 5600 Evasion, so I can get one shot pretty fast. I maintain Endurance charges pretty well, but I'm still WAY too squishy for my liking.
*Replacing Le Heup of All. Is this ring acceptable to be using, or would a different Unique be better? Would a rare be better?

PoB Link

Thanks in advance for any help! Feel free to hit me up in game to chat about improvements or questions on the build as well.
Last bumped on Oct 25, 2018, 9:37:24 PM

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