[3.4] The Devourer of Souls - A Soulthirst Build

Did you ever wanted to go fast?
Did you ever wanted to feel like your Attacks have become an DoT?
Did you ever wanted to just relax and dont have to worry about managing your flasks?
Did you ever wanted to play a Headhunter-like build for cheap?

If you answered the Questions above with "yes" than this is the Build for you!

Table of Content:
-Build mechanics
-Leveling this Build
-Skill tree / Gems / Path of Building
-Current Gear
-Offence Example
-Comparison to the old 2.6 version
-Similar Builds

Build mechanics
We are using the Unique Belt Soulthirst

for the Unique effect "Gain Soul Eater while using a Flask"
try getting one with as low reduced flask effect duration as possible

Soul Eater is a buff that grants 5% increased attack and cast speed and 1% increased character size per Soul. every Enemy you kill grants 1 Soul

We are also using a Saturated Sanctified Mana Flask

because this flask has the longest duration of any flask in the Game.

so we need to make sure to keep us on low mana so that the flask effect dosen't end early by filling our Mana up to full. for this we are using 2 copies of the unique Jewel Fevered Mind

for the 100% increased Mana Cost of Skills.

In order for us to keep Attacking we are using a Soul Taker

for the Mod "Insufficient Mana doesn't prevent your Melee Attacks"

To extend the flask effect duraion we are using Shackles of the Wretched

With Herald of Ice linked to Cure on Hit + Temporal Chains + Increased Duration to self-curse ourself with Temporal chains

and because we don't want to suffer the negative effects of Temporal chains we are using Kaom's Roots

for the "You cannot be slowed below base speed" Mod

Get the Mod "#% increased Temporal Chains Curse Effect" as your Helm enchant to further extend the Flask effect duration

Soul Taker

to susatin Attacks.
Needs to be in the Off-hand since Consecrated Path only uses the Main-hand Weapon.

2x Fevered Mind

so that we use a lot of mana to be always on low Mana


Extra Added Phys + Huge Crit Multi. nothing more to say.

Inspired Learning

for some mini Headhunter action

Shackles of the Wretched

to extend the flask duration with self-curse temporal chains

Kaom's Roots

to negate the downside of Temporal chains

and of cause Soulthirst

Because this is the Item the Build is built around

Leveling this Build
to level this build. just juse any melee skill / leveling items that you want till level 28 when you can use Consecrated Path. try getting a Soulthirst before level 50, so that you can equip it at level 50 when the Sanctified Mana Flask becomes available. equip the rest of your uniques as soon as they become available.

Skill tree / Gems / Path of Building

Path of Building
Pastebin link

Gems and different Variations (including before merc lab and my current tree) included in the Path of Building

The Gear used in the Path of Building is my current gear (aka not optimal and very cheap) and a 300 Soulthirst with 300 Souls so it does not display the theoretical maximum of DPS

Skill Tree(s)
Before Merciless Labyrinth

More DPS

More Life

Most Life, less duration

My Current

Bandits and Pantheon choices
Bandits: Kill all
Pantheon: Lunaris, Ralakesh

Passive choices explained
we take the Assasin ascendancy for Crit and Power Charge generation
and the Slayer ascendancy for life leech and culling strike. we also take the Duelist or Shadow Starting Point ascendancy point depending on the Version of the skill tree used

We take "Druidic Rite" for the "20% increased Flask effect duration"

We don't take "Herbalism" because its faster recovery speed reduces our overall flask duration

6L Consecrated Path (4 link requiered)

4L Self-curse setup (has to be in the gloves)


3L Movement Skill

Standalone Gems

Current Gear
Here is my current Gear

The Only Flask needed is a Saturated Sanctified Mana Flask

The rest is optional, i suggest using flasks that help for boss fights when you dont have any Souls.

Offence Example

Comparison to the old 2.6 version
Link to the 2.6 version
in the 1.5 years that have passed a lot of things changed...
Most importantly: the (Player) Soul Eater change!

5% increased attack and cast speed, 5% increased elemental resistances, 5% additional Physical Damage Reduction, and 1% increased character size per Soul.

5% increased attack and cast speed and 1% increased character size per Soul.

This means that we lost nearly all of our Physical damage midigation and easy accsess to elemental resistances

but now we have Consecrated Path a skill that fits greatly in this build, boosting our clearspeed by a lot!

-Very fast
-Extremely fun
-Memes included
-Fairly cheap
-Not the best build for a beginner

Similar Builds
if you want an alternative execution to a similar concept i can recommend ThatsSoGoodman's Build Soulthirst Sunder Jugg - VERY FAST

2.6 Changelog
02.03.2017 - Build Guide created
02.03.2017 - added Bandit choices
02.03.2017 - added max res/atk speed i've reached yet under Offences and Defences
02.03.2017 - added a t10 map run
03.03.2017 - fixed max Atk Speed Image
03.03.2017 - changed some wordings
06.03.2017 - added "Leveling this Build" section, a leveling and a transition Skill tree
20.03.2017 - added my legacy league Gear
05.09.2018 - With the new main-hand only skills released in the Delve challange league, i working on reworking this build.

25.10.2018 - new Build guide thread. Build guide has been rewritten.
25.10.2018 - fixed some spelling errors
25.10.2018 - updated all Item links to match the items ingame.
26.10.2018 - added separated Skills Trees and Gem links wich not require the use of Path of Building
11.11.2018 - added a Similar Builds section and the pantheon choices for this build
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Last bumped on Nov 8, 2018, 4:35:53 PM
how about bandits and pantheon and can i use instead of 2 fevered mind mind over matter + blood rage I saw on youtube it also has sustain mana
Bandits is in the Path of Building (kill all), seems like i've forgotten to add them to the normal tree.

for Pantheons use Lunaris and Ralakesh.

using MoM + blood rage costs more total skill points than 2x fevered mind and i dont know if blood rage alone will result in enought mana drain.

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