[3.4] saVageTV's 8 MIL dps so far GC mine Saboteur, MoM , Phase acrobatics. YT video. PoB Link.

Hi guys!

Just made a quick video on my take on a GC miner build, since i've seen some builds on there, tested them and that's the outcome so far, the other builds are obviously good, but i like this build more than others and i explain in the video why :) sorry for the shitty guide, but everything that you need is on the video ( i think) Thank you for understanding and hope you like it!

YT Video : https://youtu.be/LYJO_KmfQq4
PoB Link : https://pastebin.com/PH70za5Q
Last bumped on Dec 2, 2018, 6:07:43 AM
Whats the difference between life based and low life?
IGN: Raise_Ur_Donger
LL its more expensive, but more damage and es is higher than the life version ;)

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