[3.4] Raider Barrage-power shipon REAL 1.3m dps vs shaper

Hi, this is my new build; and also my first thread on forum.

I checked some build on this forum and no ones like me; so i did one for myself, if you want to see how it works i use to stream my games daily on twich at 7pm GMT-6 www.twitch.tv/themgoroth666

here you have my dps and link directly for POB (no shit dps just real one)

Also here the POB LINK https://pastebin.com/JMTfp3Ux

You need to look for wand with add lightning damage> lightning damage-add extra chaos> crit> attack speed (ITS very important to have a imbue wand base because of attack speed

POET'S PEN.- This allows to curse shock and adds 3 levels to our wrath.

Look for the clasic ones (Life - resist)

This is my current gear:


We choose raider (Avatar of the veil and Avatar of ths slaughter) this provide us with inmunity to all elemental ailments because we always have onslaught with our gem on passive tree and with frenzy charges, also we have extra damage for 7 charges.

Soul of arakali for mayor god, and Soul of Gruthkul (change it to Yugul for elder or uber elder)

So this builds works on Power Shipon for farming with arc on Poets, you can do any tier of map with mf gear ( i use sadimas, goldwyrm and 2 gambles), for single target we use barrage.

This build its inmune to all elemental ailments because of avatar of the Veil, its very fast (not the fastest but its OK).

I choose LOREWEAVE because of resist, so even with mf gear i have 80 all resist, i think its the best option.

Its very fun to play with
Fast for farming
High dps in practice
can start build with cheap items and star farming with

Can´t do elem reflect maps
Need some hands to play with
Can be expensive for endgame gear.

So hope this guide help new people that wants some "different" build.


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Well, i do applaud you for coming up with a build yourself!

Its not that different though.

Just an elemental/abyss jewel stacking wander with some massively suboptimal choices. Which apparently still maps fine, and can even do shaper.

Lets go through this though:

1. Raider is inferior to both other ranger ascendancy choices here. IMO you only take raider in builds where you actually do something with frenzy charges mechanically (example: Oro's flicker). Deadeye is massively more damage with little gear, PF massively more utility/damage with good egar.

2. Power siphon is massively inferior to KB mechanically, and you use Barrage for single target anyway. I do agree that PS looks amazing visually.

3. i gotta admit, thats a creative use of a Poet's Pen. However i'm also pretty sure that if you're going to dualwield, a rare wand will out do PP any day.

4. 86% hit chance, ewwwww.
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I choose raider because of the bonus with onslaught and frenzy charges (inmune to all ailments and phasing), also i test the other ascendancys and no ones give me more dps.

Use power siphon because give me more dps than KB and also because your always have power charges.

With this have 7 frenzy 3 power 3 endurance charges, phasing, onslaught and inmunity to elemental ailments.

Yeah this build can be better with some better gear its just and example for people who wants try it.

So first of all, i don't try to shit on your guide/ talk it bad or something like that.

Please take that in mind, i just want to give my honest opinion about the descisions you made on your wander.

1. Dual whielding.
If you dual whield you should use weapons that are very similar to each other, because you alternate the weapons while attacking.
Which results in hick up dps (main hand= dps, off hand= no dps).
This can lead next to unstable dps output to unstable leech too.

2.Power Charges and Shock.
You do generate Power Charges through Power Siphon but you can't tell me that you take the extra time against shaper to generate them until you can hit him with full force.
Hell i could go that extra mile to and up my dps, but that's just pointless. You can use a Brinerot Flag shield in the 2nd. weapon slot and generate them while shaper talks.
Arc has a chance to shock yes but won't apply the amount of shock POB is calculating into your dps.

The base duration of shock is 2 seconds and the damage increase scales relative to the amount of Lightning damage dealt to the enemy's maximum life. Increased damage from shock is capped at 50% at 10% of the target's maximum life dealt by Lightning damage, scaling down to 0% at no damage. Hits below the minimum threshold of 1% effect are discarded,[1] effectively requiring a hit of 0.2% enemy maximum life. As an example, The Shaper has approximately 20 000 000 life. Minimally shocking The Shaper requires a single hit of 40 000 lightning damage.

So if you shock shaper it's little to nothing except the shock from vinktar which is 10%.
You can easily simulate that by editing the flask in POB and add a line that says 10% more damage (delete the regular 10% increased damage taken for it).

3. Kinetic Blast VS Power Siphon.
Ok this is going to be a short one.
Tooltip dps is not important, AOE coverage to clear as many mobs as possible is.
With the recent "nerf" to kb the aoe got even better and with pierce, undisputed when it comes to clear speed.
Kinetic Blast > Power Siphon any day, period.

4. 86% hit chance, ewwwww.

Good lord, work on that, get at least 90%

4. Ascendancy class
As vtepezh said, the other 2 ascendancy classes are truly better.

For Pathfinder take all nodes with incresased flask effect and throw in a conquerer's potency jewel to get the full effect out of that class. You will get 1 additional projectile from Dying sun through that, more flat lightning dmg. from vinktar and more chaos damage from atziri's promise. Anything numeric will be increased by 50%ish.

Deadeye is easier, make sure to get Endless Munitions for the 1 additional projectile, also Ricochet is giving you 10% more damage against bosses, Rupture will give you more crit. chance and multi. but only if you deal a little amount of phys. damage.
Not to mention Gathering Winds.
Most of those suggestions won't increase your tooltip but the real dps you'll deal against bosses.

You can get phasing, onslaught through other things like gem's, abyssal jewels or flasks.

But yeah, it's your build and maybe you understand certain things better than before.

Barely playing PoE atm, fixing mental health issues. stay sane Exiles

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