[3.4] Abberath's Cursed Hooves

Core Concept:
Make guys go boom.

Bosses don't go boom, this is a meme.

Obligatory PoB: https://pastebin.com/gSrSeNMk
My current gear is from before I made some edits. I've changed the tree some to compensate for a couple of things, but the price of the build goes up a bit because of the abuse of 2 might of the meeks near the scion ES wheel and a presence of chayula. However, you go from 6.2k es to 8.6k which is handles a lot better.

-Walking Simulator
-Don't need to spend an excess amount of cash on a 6L

-Too expensive to warrant what it provides
-Can't do bosses (Vaal breach doesn't help)

How it works:
The idea is to scale Profane Bloom's damage, which is only achievable by scaling global damage and chaos damage. Because of the new minion wheel next to templar, ~220% global damage is easy to get, 260% with a sulphur flask. Two Obliterations compliment the build by adding a 40% chance to the Profane Bloom explosion, making it 65% chance instead of 25%. Then Abberath's is an easy way to get clearspeed.

Personal Opinion:
I wouldn't run this build unless you're using a full respec in standard and want to mess around a bit. The problems that come with this build make it not worth the hassle and it's something I wanted to test personally. I tried running a Pledge of Hands 5L to test single target damage and using Blade Vortex but my damage even then was mediocre. The boss damage with the weapon swap would be fine if the build was more survivable but I was more hellbent on making it work rather than making it viable for most content. Vaal Breach helps sustain yourself while fighting a boss but not only does it take forever to cast it, there's also the very high chance you will end up dying trying to kill the boss because the defense of this build relies almost entirely on the fact you will kill the pack before it even hits you.

Possible Boss Setup (not recommended)
If you're really itching to kill some bosses, there's two ways you could do it. These will be in a weapon swap.
#1: Poet's Pens: VD and Unearth + Bodyswap
This is a meta setup, I know, but it's extremely powerful. The bodyswapping helps keep you from danger while VD can just slap the boss silly. Make sure your Unearth + Bodyswap poet's pen is in your main hand, otherwise you'll be teleporting lopsided and that can cause a lot of frustration when you're in a pinch. You'll have to make sure you have your frenzy somewhere in your armor so that you can swap on the fly without having to fiddle with any gems.
#2: Pledge of Hands w/ Blade Vortex
I've tested this and the damage is ok at best. The problem with this is that we don't take any inc duration on tree to begin with so we're forced to use a link for inc duration. I chose pledge of hands because it gives us a lvl 30 spell echo for free and the dps isn't mediocre with a cheap 5 link vs a couple of other staves I've tested with.

Since we're low-life, running EO, and have a ridiculous amount of increased damage, flat spell damage becomes KING. You don't need lvl 21 gems to compensate for this, but super easy to roll double spell damage abyss jewels. Sacrificial Heart is relatively easy to get and gives generic damage which will give a ton of damage per step for Abberath's. The same goes for added damage to spells on shaper rings but I've cleared t14 maps with ease without perfect gear. The absolute essentials are: Abberath's, 2x Obliterations, and Shavronne's Wrappings. However, I wouldn't start this build without a little bit of money because it's not actually a good build. The 2x Energy from Within jewels give a ton of ES from the scion life wheel, the other two aren't as good but there's not much else you can pick up on the tree.
If you have a Presence of Chayula lying around, it's an easy way to get 1200 ES

Current Gear


Old Video T6 Underground Sea: https://youtu.be/IDGcTheF4NA
T14 Crimson Temple: https://youtu.be/AFQe0fOBi00
Additional videos will be uploaded soon.
Edit: Sorry about the delay but I'll be uploading a few of the maps I've cleared since the second update. It's about a 2 minute clear per map from t12-t15.
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