[3.4] Herald of BV - ES/CI attempt

Hi guys, I try to create a decent ES/CI version of triple herald's VBV for HC.
It's just a concept based on low items and flawed passive tree, but it still clean t16 maps (not bosses) and delve pretty well.

I would really appreciate any help here to make this little bit more sane, if possible.

Current Passive Build


It's a relatively cheap build, no inpulsa 6L, as You can see.

So currently it has
~280k DPS
~ES 6100
~75 all res / 100 chaos (CI)
-Mind over matter, so another ~600 eHP

My main problem is that I fail to leech life>es fast enough or/and i have not enough DPS.
Doryani Cata give additional Ele DMG leech, but iam stuck with this weapon.

Will be glad to hear suggestions and help


P.S can add any build statistics from POB if needed
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