[3.4] Champion Facebreaker Warchief Totem 700k+ DPS per totem

Scale unarmed critical damage using rigwald's curse amulet, tukohama's fortress for 3 totems, utilize various champion buffs for spike damage, weapon swap dual midnight bargain to get on low life to get adrenaline buff and immediately flask back to full



Current Gear:


Jewels: +physical damage to attack abyss jewels with life

Gist of the build: good for bossing, not a very fast map clearer but vaal AW helps, and not a great delver due to lag time from totem activation, yes it is HC viable but you should take "fortitude" instead of "first to strike, last to fall"
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why need thisa amulet? not one claw in tree???
because unarmed has no crit chance modifier, that amulet grants base crit chance

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