[3.4] Indigon Storm burst Cwc Ball Lightning with a staff.

This build was intended to be a storm burst build, but since I got Cwc and power charge on crit on the staff, I threw in ball lightning too.

I wanted to play an indigon build, but did not want to go the traditional poets pen way, so I decided to buy a Shaped Eclipse Staff ilvl 85. The crucial mod you'd want in this is power charge on crit. Some people have told me aetheric fossil crafting is useful, but I spammed about 20 Aetherics + Metallics to remove phys mods, and did not find pcoc even once. If you can afford it, go ahead and spam aetherics and metallics if you have them. Lets dive into the gear and how I went around building this.

The core unique you need

When you start spending more mana, you gain more spell damage, and your skills cost more mana. Eventually you'll hit a wall and will have to kite till you can cast again. Indigon provides upwards of 1000% increased spell damage for me.

The Staff

Now I know everyone won't find Cwc, but alt crafting should yield you pcoc at some point. It took me 1500 alts. Feel free to use fossils(Aetheric) to try and get the delve mod - Socketed spells deal 20% more damage.

The Belt

I got a stygian so I can get more life and some mana and maybe some other mod on there(crit multi for me). I spammed lucent + pristine's on stygian's less than ilvl 84. You can use a prismatic if you have the resonators and the fossils to find that elemental damage mod or you can use a metallic to find lightning damage as a mod. I didn't use metallic as most of it had lightning resistance, which I did not need.

The Body Armour

Spammed some chaos on this, but you can find better results with Aetheric+Pristine+Lucent. Carnal armour so I can get a bit more mana.

The Amulet

Now if you cannot afford an amulet like this, try to look for an amulet with enough dex to fill out with some crit multi, life, mana and mana regeneration. If all this is out of reach, stick with an Atziri's Foible Paua Amulet.

The Ring(s)

Warlords mark on hit is QoL for mana and life leech. If you can afford buying one, go for it. I spammed chaos till I was satisfied with the rolls. The other ring slot can fill life, mana, regen and resists.

The Boots

Any boots with life,mana, movespeed and some resists to fill out. Leech Enchantment is not necessary.

The Gloves

Spammed lucent+pristine while finding an open suffix for dexterity so I can reach 111 dex. Any gloves with life,mana and resists will work too.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAs-FKAk7Bk Red Elder Kill

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ1zZ6OlZ6E - T15 Belfry clear.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKv6D29MdU - Shaper kill

Uber Elder Kill. No video, my laptop cannot handle the fight while recording.

In case you're wondering why I spam sometimes and my mana starts to go down slowly, it is to ramp up Indigon's mods. Channeled skills have relatively low mana cost to get the car going. Spamming it a couple times brings it to 150-190 mana, at which point you can freely cast it and auto ramp smoothly.

More mana = more damage. I was only able to get 3800 mana with some mana recovery rate, and the bulk of my mana regen coming from pious path. The reason I chose inquisitor over Hierophant is because I didn't want to manage penetration and Crit multi. After making the swap to inquisitor and swapping lightning pen for controlled destruction/added lightning, it made life easier. Your clear setup should be Storm burst-Ball Lightning-Gmp-Ice Bite-Added lightning-Controlled destruction(6th link). Swap in slower proj for ice bite and elemental focus for added lightning for boss fights.

Lightning golem is 4 linked to ramp indigon even faster with mana costs of 2k+. Use molten shell to proc arcane surge instantly instead of orb of storms so you don't stop during channeling. Use lightning warp to move around quickly and a flame dash if you like it(I do). Clarity is great. HP is great and i'm sure some of you can exceed 5k hp unlike me, but I couldn't afford buying new bases and trying as I wanted to push this character to the end game.

POB Pastebin - https://pastebin.com/GLkLpSpm. Note that lv 21 skill gems are not necessary and that 20/20's should be good enough. Tick Vaal RF for max possible damage output. Make sure to un-tick herald of thunder, I was just trying to level that. The Indigon's Quicksilver flask is to simulate 20 instances of spending 200 mana(20*59=1180 Spell damage, and 20*54=1080 mana cost of skills). In my red elder kill, you'll see my mana cost hit upto 1200 so this is a middle ground mana cost of 644.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I'll try to answer them.
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Nice build! Might give this a try, im looking for indigon non pp builds as well! But is it possible to use cold spells!?

Or even storm call?
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It is possible to go cold, but I don't know what spell I'd use if I went cold. Storm call is great, I tried it and works fine, but I stuck to using Ball lightning because part of it had synergy with storm burst (projectile portion).

I had incinerate/fire skill that I was going to try, but I ended up using storm call. Depending on what your shaped staff results in, you can try going self casting skills instead of channeled skills too. The possibilities are endless.

A cold setup would be freezing pulse + channeling skill. Storm bursts Gmp lets you skip using threshold jewels for freezing pulse.
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