[3.4] MosesPlays Poet's Pen Scion (Elementalist\Pathfinder)

A lot have been said and done with poet's pens,but I wanted to share my life version of the slightly differeny Occultist CI Arc\Ball lightning Poet's build I had created back in incursion SSF league
I had made a video guide for the occultist's build for those who are interested.

So,going life this time,I decided to go on scion,to allow an easy access to a lot of life nodes as well as path of the ranger to a tree that kind of goes everywhere,and enjoying all scion,witch,templar,shadow and ranger life nodes,as well as multiple useful jewel sockets in the tree.

I went with elementalist to benefit from the ele pen it provides,the reflect immunity and herald and shock increased effectiveness we gain.
And with the pathfinder for the additional ele pen movement speed and flask regeneration that makes this character farm so very smoothly and fast!

Lets get into the build concept:

This character is able to tank A LOT! with Warlord's mark providing a good 3 endurance charges and life leech, high mobility,acro+phase acro for dodge,a high life pool,loreweave and a triple balanced wise oak for elemental damage mitigation and an immortal call cast when damage taken setup I am able to smoothly run fully sextanted Elder Tier 16's underground sea maps with shifting elder\shaper influence with beyond in the map device.

We make use of the Arc combined with Ball lightning to shock and devastate our enemies,hoards of monsters drop charred before us as we breeze through from pack to pack.

We stack crit chance using the tree,power charges,and gems,as well as a diamond flask.We try and get elemental penetration from several sources:Elementalist + pathfinder,wise oak and fossil crafted helmet,and support that with as high as possible crit multi as we can get from the tree and from our jewels.

The Tree:
This is my current tree,the character is level 95,I had done a clean shaper kill,and really just wanted to farm exp and grind currency doing maps,it is one my the best mappers I had made to date(they just keep getting better and better) and once I reach 96(super soon doing the content I run with this char) I will run many T16 guardians and grind Uber elder with this char,which I am sure I am going to be able to do(after some practice).


*One quick word about delves,I decided to stop at ~400,and from now on just do the 290-320 range in depth and farm sideways,since it guarantees Level 83 zone(meaning T16 map drop and sustain) and because for going further,it would probably require some deep delver customized especially for delves.This was never my intention now or in the future of this league to go push delve,I enjoy it but I will not go further below the depths stated above.

The Gear and links:


Dual wielding poet's pens,in one we got arc+inc crit+added lightning.
In the other:Ball lightning+Slower proj+added lightning.

This is our damage source and does not require gem swaps,arc will deal massive damage to packs and bosses,as ball lightning will travel dealing AOE lightning damage at its path.

Poet's pens have a 0.250 second cooldown,meaning,in a perfect world without lags or latency,we could go for 0.25 attack time with our wands and we would generate 4 spells per wand per second.

Because nothing is perfect (and this is important) you adjust your character's attack speed,including frenzy charges to go as high as 0.27 attack time(shown on tooltip) - higher than that, and you will start skipping poet's pens casts and substantially hurt your overall dps output.

An easy way to do this will be explained in the next part.

Body armour

Nothing like a loreweave for this build,it provides high elemental damage mitigation,crit chance to a crit build,elemental damage ,life ,stats,in short,and absolute gem for the build.

It does not need to be 6Linked.
My current links in the body armour are 2 - 4 setup.

2L Frenzy + Faster Attacks - That is all you need to proc spells from poet's pens,frenzy will generate us frenzy charges,and FASTER ATTACKS is the way we adjust our attack speed to make us not skip casts.In my current setup,I do not need quality on my FASTER ATTACKS gem,and stopped leveling it at level 16.If you accidentally leveled it to 17,just vendor the gem+ scour orb to reduce it by one level.

**NOTE** The number 0.27 attack time that I suggest,is arbitrary,and is the most suitable for my character,in my server with my latency numbers.You should check your own character and setup,for you it might be 0.26 or 0.29 attack time.I am just giving this numbers as an example so you know how Poet's pens work.

On top of that,elder belt and boots I believe do provide cooldown recovery speed reduction that WILL effect the Poet's pen's 0.250 base item cooldown.If you choose to invest in those items make sure to adjust accordingly.

4L Defensive Cast When Damage Taken+Immortal Call+Inc Duration+Ice nova.
Will keep you immune to phys damage for a short period of time upon taking damage as well as proc ice nova to chill and slow surrounding enemies.

*Note:If you manage to get "Enemies can have an additional curse" corruption on the amulet slot, you can of course replace ice nova with enfeeble for defensive or conductivity for offensive purposes.


We make use of mark of the shaper's flat lightning damage to spells as well as a massive spell damage bonus if other ring is an elder item.On the other ring I picked a coral ring with warlord's mark on hit,that provides us with leech of life and mana sustain as well as 3 endurance charges for mapping.

On the amulet,we try to stack as many damage mods that we can afford,high crit+crit multy,non-chaos as extra chaos is an excellent mod to have,high life roll,lightning\spell damage increase are also useful.But mostly CRIT!


I decided to go with shaper gloves with slower projectile that also has the hybrid - projectile deal increased damage,that does not work with arc but does work with ball lightning.
I tried to fill in as much life and the resistances I needed.

The links in the gloves are a 3-1 setup:
3L Inc Duration+Phase run+Vaal RF.
Vaal RF provides us with a massive MORE multiplier damage mod for a short period of time,giving us huge burst damage for a few seconds,and phase run as a duration based mobility skill that consumes frenzy charges to further increase its duration.Highly recommended in delves and mapping of course.

1L Single socket for WRATH aura that provides a big more lightning spell damage.
The gems are not linked because Wrath then will reserve more mana than 50%.


Managed to craft this belt (sick) using some metallic prismatic and pristine fossils socketed in a 3 socket resonator.This is the near perfect belt,the only way it could get better is if I managed to get on top of that the delve prefix: "Increased elemental damage" which I didn't so I crafted 5 Movement Speed on it.but this belt gives so much life resists it is in fact ridiculous.


Nothing special here,just life resists and movement speed.
Best enchant would be the elusive elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently,similarly good would be what I have or increased crit chance if you haven't killed recently.

Links in the boots are my signature power house of Orb of storms+Chain+Power charge on crit+Blind.

Here is how we generate our power charges,make enemies blind and also are able to swap chain for culling strike against bosses.

I came up with this combo(after just using PCoC + Orb) in incursion league SSF,and I've been using it ever since on every build pretty much,it is extremely effective!


With the new fossil crafting,I recommend getting a helm with good life resist of course,but also negative light res to nearby enemies.
I was able to pick up this gem of a helm for only 1 exalt!

Links are 3-1 setup of
3L: Flame Dash+Arcane Surge+Faster Casting
This is our movement skill that also procs a 4s' arcane surge buff that will give us more spell damage for the duration.
With the recent changes to Flame Dash cooldown,we are able to keep Arcane Surge buff,up,all the time.

1L Herald Of Thunder - For more damage and your MTX of choice.


For rare jewels just try and stack life and crit multiplier as you can.
Increased damage,increased spell damage,incrased lightning damage mods will also up your tooltip but not as much as global crit multi,crit multi for elemental skills,and crit multi for lightning skills.

I also managed to craft with fossils an abyssal jewel with some life,increased effect of shock,and lightning pen.

In the belt I was able to again,craft with fossils a nice life + flat lightning abyssal jewel and decided to keep it.

My watcher's eye is sub optimal,the best one you can get with a single mod would be lightning pen while effected by wrath,but the difference in costs between the two was about 5-6 exalted orbs ,so I just went with increased lightning damage while effected by wrath instead.

Lastly,unnatural instincts will be placed in the right hand top side of the scion starting area,to benefit from 45% crit multi(HUGE) 8%increased maximum life,9% increased movement speed,and 24%increased spell damage.
It is a very expensive jewel,and by all means not necessary,but will add so much for the character for only a 4 point investment if you decide to get one.


Your instant life flask of bleed removal,
The wise oak for elemental penetration as well as mitigation(triple balanced)
Crit flask of curse immunity
Mobility flask of freeze immunity
And the chaos resistance flask of extra elemental as chaos damage.
All really standard stuff for a build like this.

This character,might as well be the most smooth and fast spell-cast mapper I've ever made,and if you haven't tried yet an arc variant of Poet's Pen,I strongly recommend you try mine! The clear speed is insane it is tanky and the single target is great! it has really all you can want from a build and can take on all of the game's content.

For any questions regarding the build I am available here on the forums as well as on my Twitch channel where I have been stream my daily POE grind for about a year and a half now.
You guys are all welcome to join!


I have also made a YouTube video guide for the build with some gameplay in the end here: https://youtu.be/E-7fkAiF-mA

Hope you had a good read!

Streaming Every Day,

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Updated jewel section,and uploaded a smooth shaper kill: https://youtu.be/mILX-INnOaM
Streaming Every Day,

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Really like the build. level 60 now. awesome!
hi i just wondering the skill tree looks split and i not sure what path to follow from the start of this build soory i still new to path of exile
maxy44 wrote:
hi i just wondering the skill tree looks split and i not sure what path to follow from the start of this build soory i still new to path of exile

No problems at all man,until you pick up PATH OF THE RANGER node in the Scion's Acendancy tree,your tree should connect to the scion like that: https://tinyurl.com/yaj87ewy

When you do get path of the ranger you can save some skill points and gain some nice ranger life nodes by starting the tree from the ranger as well as the scion,this is an important thing that scion allows us to do.

I would level up by rushing to that point first.So I can work with a more efficient tree early,but you can pick it up later,thats fine as well.

Compare between the 2 trees.
also,welcome to POE,all you really need is Poet's pens for this build to work,if you have those,you can start playing it,good luck and welcome to POE!
Streaming Every Day,

The slower projectiles on gloves, i dont understand why. That is local, doesnt work for your ball lightning?
pinochi0 wrote:
The slower projectiles on gloves, i dont understand why. That is local, doesnt work for your ball lightning?

It is a hybrid roll from shaped gloves mod (prefix) that supports socketed gems with slower proj,AND gives you proj damage.
It is a way of min maxing our character by adding a bit of increased projectile damage that DOES effect the ball lightning.

Best way of course would be to get fingerless shaper gloves with that prefix,as well as life resists - Fingerless silk gloves give an implicit "incrased spell damage mod".

I also strongly recommend you assist: POEAFFIX.NET website , it lists all potentlail mods on all potential items,shaped and elder,and provides a better understanding of the game.
Streaming Every Day,

I am level 77 with 100 resistances 3500 life pool . On a T2 yellow map i dye in one shot do you have any tips thanks
maxy44 wrote:
I am level 77 with 100 resistances 3500 life pool . On a T2 yellow map i dye in one shot do you have any tips thanks

can't really say,but maybe reflect? also,perhaps make your profile public so I can look at your character.
Streaming Every Day,

It's probably reflect maps i am playing on console x1 I just use orb of alchemy on maps and run to get more loot

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