[3.4] Trypanon/Indigon Cyclone/Static Strike Arc/BV CoC Inquisitor

Deathless Lair Of The Hydra Map +98% Quantity
T14 Colosseum Map +72% Quant

Videos before I realised that Arc/BV is the best combo
Deathless Pit Of The Chimera Map +72% Quantity
Deathless Lair Of The Hydra Map +80% Quantity
T15 Sunken City Corrupted (Can't remember the mods, nothing crazy)
T14 Crimson Temple Map +81% Quantity +23% Increased Damage

Most Updated Pastebin

Don't play this, there are many better options (especially with the nerf to indigon). I will try to see if the new CoC gem helps with damage to offset the Indigon nerf, but I doubt it. Oh well.

This is not good a league starter (needs Indigon to scale damage), and was initially attempted with hipster/meme intentions. It is still a work in progress, but I was clearing red maps on a relatively cheap (<2ex) budget, and am killing T16s deathless on a 10ex budget (6L Trypanon and Reduced Cooldown Recovery Belt/Boots) - so lets share this abomination with the masses.

Do you like Arc?
Do you like Blade Vortex?
Do you wish you could trigger both of these spells by using Cyclone and Static Strike at the same time?
Can you tolerate manually casting Molten Shell every second to get nice damage?
Do you hate pants?
If you have read this far, then this build is for you!

This build casts spells using two Cast on Critical Strike setups, one using Cyclone, the other using Static Strike. It scales damage with Indigon and has Mind Over Matter for defense.

Essential Gear

This is a very slow weapon that always deals a critical strike when it hits.

This is a helm that as you spend mana you gain increased spell damage and then spend more mana in a great positive feedback loop.

Other Gear

Warlord's Mark on hit ring, let's you leech life/mana without needing to use sockets, which is very helpful. Also provides Endurance charges whilst mapping (chance on kill). Can be expensive to get a good one.

Rotgut flask makes you zoom zoom. A giant advantage of all of those critical strikes. A well rolled one can be expensive.

These gloves have Blind support, which gives a global blind chance to everything that hits and provides a massive defensive layer.

This amulet is great for mana and mana regen, pretty cheap to find/vaal orb one for +all resists%.

This is a reduced cooldown recovery belt, it is expensive but means your spells cast more frequently (also you can use Flame Dash more frequently). Also look for this suffix on boots.
Useful jewels include Fevered Mind (100% Increased mana spent for each jewel, I use 2) and Grand Spectrum Cobalt Jewel (the mana one, 3 of these give 270 mana total, I don't have any of these on my character).

The rest of your gear get life, mana, mana regen, resists, accuracy (aim for 90% as you have to hit to trigger the spells) and a bit of dexterity (easiest on an amulet I think).

Don't bother with getting Increased spell damage rolls on any of your gear, you will have an insane amount from your Indigon helm.


Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike Support - Arc - Controlled Destruction - Fortify - Lightning Penetration
This is what I currently run as my Cyclone setup. The Cyclone itself does next to no damage. Arc does trash mob clearing, and Fortify Support helps with defense.

Cyclone's mana cost is dependent on both movement speed and I think attack speed, therefore increasing either, or doing rapid direction changes (every 0.5 sec) by having the pointer near your character, can increase the amount of mana you spend.

Static Strike - Cast on Critical Strike Support - Vaal Blade Vortex - Increased Duration Support - Controlled Destruction - Added Fire Damage
This is the Static Strike setup, mainly to use on rares and bosses. It has increased duration to help to reduce the amount you need to hit with Static Strike. Remember that colouring this item is difficult if you use too many non-red gems.

Obviously you can cyclone around whilst static strike is still hitting things, and you end up casting everything! Static strike's hit rate is fixed, so a big slow weapon doesn't have any disadvantage aside from a slow initial hit (which we address with frenzy charges/onslaught/ascendancy).

Vaal Molten Shell - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge - Flame Dash
Put whatever supports you think you need to make the mana cost good for you ( You want to be casting this as much as possible to spend enough mana that you ramp up the damage quickly, but not so much that you have none left and have less effective Hit Points (This build uses the Mind over Matter keystone passive).

Cast when damage taken - Summon Chaos Golem - Culling Strike - Immortal Call
I will level of these to lvl 20.

Discipline - Spell Totem
I use this to spend a lot of mana at once (lvl 7 Discipline works for me). Use it when you have hit with static strike (or have casted Vaal Blade Vortex) to boost your damage significantly.

Vaal Grace - Increased Duration
For bosses/big packs. Don't link it to the Spell Totem above, or you will have a bad time.

The keystones used are Mind over Matter and Elemental Overload (I've also used Elemental Equilibrium to good effect, just remember not to put any added elemental damage to spells on your gear - you can also use an abyss jewel with added cold damage to attacks to keep the EE in your favour!).

Sanctify-Pious Path-Instruments of Virtue-Augury of Penitence

The 6% flat mana recovery from PP is very useful when cycloning around bosses in particular. The IoV helps with Static Strike hits (you are constantly casting Molten Strike to trigger the IAS).


- You cast spells by attacking, without using Poet's Pens or Mjolner or Cospri's. What is this madness?
- You use 2 attacks at the same time, who else does that?
- You can use an alternate switch Trypanon with Firestorm and/or Storm Call to deal with physical reflect maps (or just don't trigger the static strike setup)
- You deal damage while moving, goodish clear.
- Decent eHP (>8k) using MoM and good sustain with Consecrated Ground, gain Flask charge on crit prefixes, Indigon recovering non-instant mana also as life, and life/mana leech.

- Can't do elemental reflect. Difficult to do no life regen/no leech/no mana regen/hexproof maps (just go slower, probably too hard to do guardians with these mods).
- A tad annoying to switch out your skills (or not use Static Strike/Vaal Blade Vortex) to deal with physical reflect maps.
- Leveling is a pain (I have no good advice, 'cos when I got to lvl 40 for lols I equiped Trypanon and used Herald of Agony and Volkuur's gloves (lightning spells can poison) and cyclone/cast on crit/ball lightning/arc/lesser poison; it actually worked up to maps well, just don't cyclone straight into packs cos you are squishy early).
- Killed the Guardians deathless, but haven't done end-game bosses yet.
- Need 2 5L items to really get going.

Text-based Gameplay Example
Cast Molten Shell every second to ramp up your Indigon effects as you find a mob.
Hit Rotgut to go fast.
Cyclone into the pack (while still casting the instant Molten Shell every second) to trigger Arc as you cyclone. You will recover flask charges with the many critical strikes.
Hit rotgut again to go fast, keep casting Molten Shell.
Hit anything left standing (rares usually) with Static Strike to get that going and trigger Blade Vortex. If needed at this point (usually against bosses) hit the discipline totem to boost your damage to the sky (best to cast while standing on concentrated ground to minimise the lack of mana downtime).
Rinse and repeat.
Manually cast Vaal Blade Vortex when you get to a difficult rare or a boss to help with damage.

Edit: In Betrayal CoC is going to be buffed by reducing the cooldown on casting from 0.5sec to 0.15sec. I think this will mean we wont need any more expensive cooldown reduction gear, and resists/life should be easier to get on belt/boots. I also think that +%increased attack speed will scale the cyclone CoC damage by a fair bit, so I may try to build around that. I'll keep the guide updated.
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I am definitely going to try this build with buffed CoC gem. Great build. Do you have any suggestion for body armour?
Best idea so far for CoC next league that i've seen. Im going to do a variation with flicker and red trail to see if i can max out the amount of spells per second. Keep up the good work

Awesome build, and thank you for sharing it with us :-).

Just a quik question, which passive skill points do i have to use? I don't know how the paste-bin thingy works.

Any advise? Thanks in advance ^^

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