[3.4] Bomberath's Fury [Tri-Herald/BV/Three Dragons]

Made this back in incursion, with similar iterations in past leagues, and decided to give it a try in delve and boy it did not disappoint!
(Super fun and satisfying to say the least :d)

Unlike most bombers I've played they lack boss damage, so for this build I tried to make it feel enjoyable to clear with and melt bosses (Everything except uber elder down)

(t15 Shaped Belfry with elder)

Core & Explanation

**This is a bit glass cannon, and awkward when using the flask setup I use, but can be decently defensive with wise oak, taste of hate, endurance charges, and warlords - as well as freezing almost everything**

To start the build, we use

This will trigger our heralds while mapping, and starting the chains with our second fore item,

This makes it so we don't need to beef up our heralds like the traditional assassin one. The only problem is, as it stands our herald of ice is not going to proc reliably since the lightning damage cannot be modified to have cold damage specifically. This leads us to 2 options, one of which we utilize.

This allows our inpulsa's lightning explosion to freeze. Which will trigger our herald of ice to get the big explosion chains.

*You can substitute a three dragons with a Call of the Brotherhood ring, but we don't really want to lose a ring slot.

Pros & Cons

Full elemental conversion for BV
50%+ Elemental Penetration
Huge explosion chains
Respectable Boss Damage (1m+)
Fast/Relaxed mapping
Freeze just about everything

Dexterity starved :(
Stutters sometimes with big pops
Glass cannon
Cannot run Elemental reflect/Ailment avoidance
Wise oak balancing sucks
Taste of Hate leaves us with low cold res (40-50% base) while it's not active

Links & Gear




*Ice bite should ideally be cold to fire, since frenzies get used on phase run they aren't up as often as we'd like. (fire shocks, which will further chain inpulsa's)
**Hrimsorrow's, fated cold can ignite is the same as three dragons



*High attack speed, and damage (sceptre or dagger) - sub attack speed for cull if you find a weapon that's supported by faster attacks.
**Shield charge is the only movement skill that abberath's will proc with**





*Yoke of Suffering is just as good, but I prefer the lightning bolt and critical strike chance gained from choir

Weapon Swap
I like using portal in my weapon swap, preference. Otherwise leveling gems is best. But in your shield slot you need 1 herald of thunder if you are gonna weapon swap to portal. This will stop herald of lightning from deactivating.

Abyss: Life, Critical Strike Multiplier, Dexterity, Added to spells (on-kill effects are ok)
Regular: Life, Critical Strike Multiplier, Area Damage, Damage, Resistances


-3x grand spectrums are nice, but drastically decrease your life pool
-Pure talent is good, gives our heralds 8-10% critical strike chance, not necessary (saves 8 points)

Current Jewel Setup:


You don't need a taste of hate, for abberath's. It's purely for blade vortex with an added bonus of phys mitigation. Instant life flask is your best option, can substitute freeze immunity on the quicksilver as well :)

Boss combo: vaal rf - phase run - flasks - vaal bv (boss is usually dead before you stack any of your bv lol)

for phased bosses, do the above and stack bv in the downtime. Boss will usually proc to next phase before doing anything

*Note*I used Path of Building to account for flask effect and taste of hate while balancing oak, I would highly recommend using it so you don't buy items just to find out you are over/under barely :(


You do get kinda dex starved, so looking for +dex items helps a lot,

2x Screaming Eagle into The Gryphon
2x Axiom Perpetuum weapon swap for bosses
1x Abberath's Hooves
1x Tabula Rasa
1x Goldrim
1x Lochtonial Caress
1x Atziri's Foible

Rings are up to you, I would probably run
1x Dream fragments
1x Mark of Submission socketed with Warlords/Assassins mark

Wouldn't grab jewel sockets until around 75-85 unless you really need/want to

Bandits: Alira or Skill points

Pantheon: Kinda whatever, I like solaris/lunaris typically as my major. Minor is situational

Normal Labyrinth: Shaper of Desolation
Cruel Labyrinth: Beacon of Ruin
Merciless Labyrinth: Pendulum of Destruction
Uber Labyrinth: Mastermind of Discord

You should be able to run all 3 heralds while leveling, so you don't need mastermind until maps I think - but you could switch around and grab the prolif in uber~

**in the url, change 3.3.0 to 3.3.4 to use the correct tree**
1-25 points
25-50 points
50-65 points
65-79 points

92 points w/ Pure Talent
92 + 22 points w/ Pure Talent

92 points w/o Pure Talent
92 + 22 points w/o Pure Talent

Unnatural Instincts Tree

**in the url, change 3.3.0 to 3.3.4 to use the correct tree**

PoB: soon

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This build looks dope it uses all the items I've been meaning to try out!!

I've been levelling with abberath fury for the first time and wow! Super fun build so far!

Can't wait to get inpulsa and three dragons up and running!


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