[3.4] Zerphi's BV build - 500k Shaper/Map DPS - 7k hp & 94% res - 20k hp/s regen - SC/Leap Slam

I start writing a guid about my build for those that would try it.

This is not a starter build - zerphi is expensive and you should look at that build only after getting one or a couple of ex (~start arround 20ex).


Character (watch for Wharrgarblblue)

What this build can do/can't do:
Atziri ok (focus the blue arm clone)
Shaper deathless
Elder deathless
Uber Elder deathless
HoGm deathless (in less than 5 min)
Every gardians deathless

So, why this build ?
I wanted to play a Zerphi build to make end game content and started to look at Zerphi PP VD builds. I will not criticize anything about those build, they are great. In fact, they are so great actually that the gear is way out of hand, even for someone with 40/50 Ex. So I decided to find a alternative. After a bunch of wrong test (including a version with spark trap and arc trap), I found my way trought BV and made it better and better over the time.

At this point, my current gear is arround 60+ex worth of stuff, but it cost me way less since I crafted many things - minus my unset ring and current belt.

Gear breakdown :

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Can i get some gameplay videos? Thanks ahead
I'm afraid not, I switched build for the end of the league and couldn't upload any since I have the worst possible connection.

But to give you a idea, take any VD PP Zerphi build, remove the "I teleport every second" and replace it with a smoother gameplay, and you have it.

Clearspeed is pretty much the same, coverage isn't as good as VD but is more instant and compensated by SC speed (which is faster to move than unearth / body swap). So it's 50/50 in term of clear compared to VD PP, and slower than Arc/LB PP (not sure if you can get as tanky).

Boss dps is really ok because you stick them all the time, so even if your dps is not that hight, you do it 100% of the time, and I found it better than having twice that but having to dodge/move all the time.

Cast speed is ok too, I usually don't like BV because of the fact you have to stop to cast it all the time, but here with just 1/2 cast per pack (5 cast/s) you always have all your blades.

Sorry about no video, I couldn't make any. I will see if I can make somes next league once I have a better connection (if they don't nerf zerphi).

I play a lot of build, and all I can say is, I will redo that one for sure, it's easy game on everything with a really ok clearspeed.
This build cant facetank right?

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