[3.4]Gladiator 1-hand(shield) (79% block/spell)(uber-lab viable)

First of all,this isn't OP build,or strong ASF,please leave if u looking for something like that.
hello guys,this build is kinda hybrid i would say,mixed it with evasion,defence,medium life above 6k,damage is kinda good,but not vs shaper,uber,i would switch to dual-wielding for that.

-79% Max block,always when we are in fight.
-u can run maps up to t16 ,guardians are hard of fighting,because we don't have that much single target damage,but if u have patience,u can do it.
-it's cheap,not expensive,but i'm always upgrading it ,so any build will cost some currency ,if ur up for some better damage,etc.
-its easy to play ,i would say.
-crit build

if u have more questions about something,u can ask me,i would be happy to answer u.

-i made this build,because i was tired of dieng,so i just tried to create myself build,i always loved gladiator,titan quest <333
-reached 79% max block,what was good,counter attacks playing the role pretty good.
-clear speed is not bad,i would say


usin this because of nice evasion gain,life ain't that bad damage and mainly the crit chance,ignore the gems ,i will tell more about them.

this shield is mainly thing,what we need,36% block.nice counter damage gain ,hits can't be evaded,this cost above 25c.

i'm using this armour for nice life gain,armour,just standart armour,instead of this u could use rare with nice resist,life,maybe if u lucky u can get shaper armour with crit chance on it,but il recommend this armour ,for more def..

This ring for extra aura,so i can run 3 aura,for better damage.

we will need strong INT amulet,because on skill tree we don't take int perks,and i only have amulet what gives int.

Part 2

that was mainly most of needed gear,it's not expensive,all is cheap,i hope u guys don't think,that im making build above 1c-5c ,to start this build,u should manage above 60c maybe ,less or more,it's not much if ur up for enjoyable map runs,and delve push.

Skill gems:

Armor(Main Attack)

Vaal Reave + Multistrike + Phys damage support + added fire damage + increased area effect + increased critical strike (6l)

Vaal Reave + Multistrike + Phys damage support + added fire damage + increased area effect (5l)


Culling strike support + herald of ice + herald of ash + herald of purity.(atm not using ice,because leveling enlighten,after that i would switch culling strike for enlight,and run 4 auras.


Added cold damage support + Riposte + Vengeance + Reckoning

we gain cold damage from shield + support gem.


Cast when damage taken + Tempest shield + Summon ice golem (i'm lazy that why) +Vulnerability


Cast when damage taken + immortal call + enduring cry (it won't cast btw)

Main hand weapon

Vaal ancestral Warchief(big dmg BOOST) +Shield charge + faster attack support( u can change it for maim)


blade flurry gem setup - just swap it with reave and add concentrated support swap for area effect support

u can use blade flurry on boss fights if u feel low dmg with reave.

Btw im using cast when damage taken on 20 level,cuz u will always get over 3k dmg,and will grant instant casts,so it's really ur choice leveling thoes gems or no.


Skill tree + Ascendancy

https://pastebin.com/YNWtQX0w (90lvl)

Ascendancy Class:

GLADIATOR -first u should go for Painforged-Outmach and Outlast- Versatile combatant-Violent Retaliation.

Take alira.


My Gear

u can use belt like me,or go for leather belt at start,like i did,i would switch opal ring for steel ring,for this build it's better,just run gear something like mine at start,if u rich,u can go with better stats,i would change boots later for more hp,armour,don't forget strong int amulet.


main thing,u have to get more pdps as u know,this build is for crit,so look better for crit multiplier,i bought mine sword for 1EX,i was farming currency with this sword

u can find a lot of alternatives

Flask setup

manage to get bleed and immunity for freeze,don't forget it .

after u have more currency,u could go for taste of hate,good dmg boost.


resists at cap,life on gear,get max as u can.
im closing eyes to chaos resist.:D

Jewels:look for hp(main),dmg,crit


U will clear maps,very easy belive me,mobs will die fast and u will be little tankish,won't die like paper ,the counter attacks will work fine,im pushing delve more than 300 atm,not feeling problems,only t16 bosses,feeling low dmg,even guardians are stronger than shaper for me,but atm im feeling very good with this build,proud that i created this ,always wanted a gladiator.



will add later this one

only i can say atm,i leveled with cleave.


Skill tree

I would go first of all for fatal blade side ,than for blade master side.


i will add them later


u can connect to me in-game -HoropLV

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I am a fan of the Max Block Gladiator and have tried different versions of it. Although technically the max block is 82% with the changes in Violant Retaliation, but you are close to it. I've tried the Lycosidae shield before, I find it helps with damage but you also scale very poorly with all of your shield skill tree points. Every time you get the mod with something like 40% increased defenses with equipped shield, you gain very little because of your low 152 armour.

You can check out my version in my sig. Unfortunately, these builds have lost a lot of their popularity since people figured out the duel wield and two handed weapon builds and realized they prove much more effective in late game Shaper and Elder. But shield builds are still more efficient as a league starter in my opinion.
Shaper Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2252008
yea ,i feeled good with this,the block really save +leech what allowed me to stay up to 600 depth,only shaper dps,low,have to get like rings and swords better,for starting,i think its really good,not that expensive,and can clear very good tho
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lol "uber lab viable"

Not exactly a selling point. Any build that can't do it comfortably is garbage, flat out. It's not hard.
bruh why so hard on me?:(,i tried my best
One more fake... You dont have 79% block.

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