[3.4] Meka's PoisonClone - stick your starforge deep build

- you can NOT facetank the big hits of this game, you NEED to know the mechanics, its an evasion build with 6-7k life and 75/75/75 res!
- 210-250 movespeed is fast (i know some labrunners are laughing in 600+ms) but for a beginner this is rly fast
- the build costs start quite managable but can end REALY high

- if still interested...fine...cause its also the most fun build i have this league ^^

Hi Delvers and Delverinins,

after a break for 1 league...i am back...

since one day...when my totem guy died in lab cause he couldnt leech by himself...i never wanted to play something "passiv" again...and nothing too squishy...and it should be something like THE ARPG skill CYCLONE...so i always tried cyclone in different more or less good ways...this one should be my SECOND guide...and please apologize possible mistakes here, english is not my nativelanguage ^^

For those of you who say "Build still in progress, how dare can he say ALL VIABLE...i play this game pretty long now and played many builds, made many builds in POB and ingame...alot of cycloners...and i've cleared all content on way worse builds)

But here is the PoB Pastlink + My Current Char/Progress




All 4 Elder Guardians and Elder, all shaper guardians deathless, shaper and uber elder will follow soon (some realy swetty moments, cause like i told ya, this build WILL die if you don't pay attention!)

Delve at 350~ currently but absolutly NO problems yet...

this build was build for fast and deep mapping and delving and currently shines just EVERYWHERE...realy i enjoy doing every content with it so for



+ high clearing speed at maps, delves, everything, pretty good and stable damage with cyclone for everything up to T 16 bosses where your vaal double strike comes in handy (PoB DPS realy seem to be massiv wrong cause this char feels and plays a lot stronger than the mentioned dps...)
+ fun! its cyclone ...who doesnt love cyclone in an acion rpg loot game :D
+ can do everything on a OK budget of 10-15 ex, but if you are an oligarch of POE you can bring this build to a realy sick one
+ You hate seeing your Totems and Minions and Spectres and RF Poopsphere of Fire and Pokemon and Justin Bieber killing everyone? You want to kill everything with your own hands, with a fairly simple and effective build? then this is for you!

- you want to do more than holding 1 mouse button and 4-5 flasks ^^
- you still cry in AOE nerf of cyclone
- idk...realy i love the build so don't know what you couldnt like about it? ^^

1. Leveling/Skillpoints and gettin things startet
Leveling is realy up to you...lvl as Toxic rain, cyclone (this requires thiefs torment ring or you will have a rly painful time),sunder..whatever you like!

Bandits: kill all...cause...this game is about killing xD and 2 points are rly juicy


1. Natural Reprisal 2. Master Toxicist...these 2 are bread n butter of this build...rest ist variable...but i prefere :
3.Nature's Boon
4.Nature's Adrenaline

Arakaali upgradet for more leech/regen + Shakali


1. Weapon+Chest, yes 2 6-links :
Cyclone - Melee Phys - Vile Toxin, Swift affliction, Deadly Ailments, Void Manipulation

Vaal Double Strike - Melee Phys - Vile Toxin, Withering Touch, Deadly Ailments, Void Manipulation

Cast when damage taken + immortal call + Duration

Grace + Herald of Agony + Haste (ONLY when using Haste/Grace Auls!)/ Blood Rage when not using Haste + Pierce
Leap Slam + Blood Magic + Faster Attacks


1. Weapon

Starforge...or Starforge or ....Starforge ^^ maybe a realy niche Rare

2.Helm + Enchant

There are some possibilitys

b) Rare EVASION Helm with Stats
- Life / Life % (with fossil craft)
- Accuracy
- Resists
- Evasion / Evasion %

c) Starkonja, Rat's Nest, Devoto etc...

Best Helm Enchant is Cyclone Attackspeed, but damage works also

3.Gloves + Enchant

a)Tombfist with Despair on hit corruption

b)Tombfist without corruption

c)Rare Evasion gloves
- life
- attackspeed
- res
- Accuracy

Enchant of light / of reflection / of winter are all pretty good defensive enchantments


a)Belt of the Deceiver is a possibility

b)Stygian Belt with
- Life
- Res
- flask effect duration
- chaos damage

c)Rich mans option...Headhunter...realy nuts for mapping AND delving!

5.Boots+ Enchant

a)Bubonic Trails 1-2 slots depending on your wealth

b)Rare Evasion Boots
- Life
- Res
- Movespeed
- Int/Str

For Enchant the leech, regen on hit, attackspeed on kill enchants are all fine, depending on what you prefere!


a)Thiefs Torment, budget option

b) Rings
- phys damage
- life
- accuracy
- res
- int
- chaos damage
- mana on hit (elder bonus!)

c) rich mans option...
- Precursos Emblem with % chance to gain frenzy charge on hit (these go for 60-80 ex atm...)


a) Rare (Elder/Shaper prefered)
- Life
- Res
- Int
- Attackspeed
- add Damage as Chaos
- Attackspeed etc. many good mods possible

b) Daresso'S Salute +2 AoE mapping QoL amulet

c) Rich mans Option : Aul's Uprising with Grace on it... going for 10-12 Ex atm

8. Jewels/Abyssal Jewels

- Life/% Life
- Res
- mana on hit(if needed)
- Attackspeed/Attackspeed with Swords
- damage over time
- chaos damage

9. Chest

a)Queen of the Forrest...

b) Kaoms heart if you wanna go slow...but why?

10. Flaskst

1. Sins rebirth

2. QotF "Flasks"

Special Thx to:
- big thx @dvs_m0rph , who had the idea for a build like this and is currently deepest cyclone delver on softcore solo 1053!

He is not interested in making a guide or something...so i just want to share the build with you on a much lower budget than he did...his char is about 150 ex more expensive than my current one ( ~ 10-15 ex)

Best Regards, have fun and big loots from Germany


Videos: Twitch channel from M0rph

there you can see this build in action but the videos are lagging for me dnn...

i will upload selfmade videos these days

old 3.2 Oni Cyclone Guide https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2094198
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Ты русский чтоли?
Ты русский чтоли?

no i'm german ^^
good build))

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