[3.4] Tornado Shot / Barrage Lioneye's Build (Need suggestions and help..)

Hi Everyone ! Im using this build at the moment :


Im 92, good stuff, my tree is exactly the same but i lack of DPS against bosses even if im using Chinsol . I really dont know what im doing wrong but i need advices :D ! I really love the build, the clear speed is awesome when mapping(T15 and T16 are pretty easy for me ! ) The only problem is against bosses U_U

Last bumped on Oct 15, 2018, 11:54:26 PM
Youe tree is total clusterfuck.
Your gear is total clusterfuck.

Those rings doenst have any ele dmg.
This amulet, like WTF, youare using it cause of intelligence? But you are missing of shittons of DPS from amulet.
This gloves, wtf are those anyway?
Those jewels, are you SSF or something?
And finally this tree, is this 2k14 or something?

WTF duud.
(Im using this account because i cant connect on steam at my school right now)

Ok so, what are your suggestion ? Because i followed the build on youtube. It works pretty well but i know i can do better.

Thank you :)
This channel is bad. He improve a lot but still bad. You can looking for build guide in forum

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