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Let's post my new build, this is my 1st char ever, it's 5 years old.

I didn't play CI for years, then I built a new setup, and first impressions were pretty good.

The purpose of the build is to test Freezing Pulse (Cold Spells) and Chaos Inoculation (maybe Low Life?), and let's see where I can arrive with it.

All the items are obtainable in Delve League, or they can be bought in Standard League, I have calculated the max ES for each item in Delve.

Prices can be very different in each league. I already had many of my items, so just I bought few more to complete the entire setup.

Later, while leveling, I did some expensive upgrades, like the Watcher's Eye.


Body Armour: 873 ES (mine is 741)
Circlet: 469,8 ES (mine is 456)
Gloves: 310,8 ES (mine is 234)
Boots: 274 ES (mine is 130 + 276 Evasion)

Shield: 519
Shield with Spell Damage: 446,6


I still can add potentially 300+ Flat ES from gloves, boots and chests.


I found some decent enchants, I can keep them.

I tryed a good ES shield (350 ES and two damage mods), but I seen that DPS is just not comparable to a Dual Wielding Setup (about 40% DPS difference), so I picked up my GG Dagger from another character, and a new Dagger that I crafted.

Daggers would be perfect if we had Cold instead of Fire.

A gg mirrored weapon can give a dps boost of about 10% compared to a very good dagger, if I compare my two daggers for example.

A cheap setup, but comparable with top gear is to play with 2 Void Batteries and 9 or more Power Charges. They seems very good in term of DPS.

New big upgrade here is +1 chest, and also new amulet and ring.

I removed the Dream Fragments, it's in side at the moment. Also I tested the Pandemonius, that is pretty good because of his unique stats.


We have main Skill Freezing Pulse supported by:

Spell Echo, Cold Penetration, Controlled Destruction, Critical Strikes, Hypothermia.

Remove Hypothermia for Add Cold, if your enemies can't be chilled for some reasons.

Remove Hypothermia for Empower if you have a Chest with +1 to Socketed Gems.

Main Auras are Clarity, Discipline.

For the third one, I'm not sure which is the best, depend also to your Watcher's Eye. You can use some Purities, or you can go for Haste with Enlighten 4 (and enough mana and mana regen), then we have Arctic Armour, Herald of Ice and maybe others.

About Watcher's Eye, there are some very good, but also very expensive.
I bought a very good one atm, with Disci, Clarity and Haste.

Movement is very good and cast speed is just insane, I arrived to 7 casts per sec with buffs.


Tree at level 94, Occultist Ascendencies and Jewels can be found to the link below:

I changed my tree, after I removed the shield, in favour of a Dual Wielding setup and other small changes.

Now I also found a bit different tree, and for the highest levels, I'm considering the Templar area too.

Take enough mana to substain your spells.

Bandits: help Alira.


Chaos Inoculation: Basic ES Build
Pain Attunement: Low Life setup with Shavronne's Wrappings
Zealot's Oath: sinergy with Soul of Tukohama
Ghost Reaver: sinergy with Warlord's Mark

Path of the Savant: Energy, Spell Damage
Sniper: Projectile Damage
Overcharge, Power Charge
Frost Walker: Cold Damage
Arcane Vision: if Pain Attunement
Alacrity, Physique: Attributes

edit 27.10.18:
I tried Pain Attunement, but I was not enough satisfied,
atm playing with Path of the Savant, and I Removed Ghost Reaver.


We can calculate the Shaper DPS now according with PoB:

Shaper DPS ~630k, considering:

- 5 Power Charge
- Frostbite with Arcane Surge
- 1 flask up for the belt mod
- Golem up

- recent crits
- no Frost Bomb
- no damaging flasks
- no Onslaught

I incresed my DPS of about 33%, with +1 socket gems chest and other upgrades.

crit chance is about 80% with 5 charges
crit multiplier is 480%
6 cast per sec with arcane surge only


TOTAL MANA 2000 (free 260)

Mana Regen 189 (with Arcane Surge)
Energy Shield Recharge Occurrence Modifier 93%

Res are almost Overcapped

Strenght required is 79 for Immortal Call level 1 and about 70 for other gems. 96 Str for Empower 4. Dexterity required is 111, for green gems.

Pantheon: Lunaris, Tukohama


I completed all the Guardians, t16 Elder Guardians, Hall of Grandmasters. Elder in T13 map.

What about Uber Elder?
Well, with the new upgrades, I can consider to fight Uber Elder, but still I can improve something that can help with the fight.

About the Map Mods, I can run almost all of them, with side Mana Flask for no Regen, but I can't run Elemental Reflect maps.


The build is very good, it's fun, insane speed, all becomes frozen, versatile build for all the contents, run and level up fearless! It becomes very expensive to have all the top gear, that has a very high potential.

Build is pretty versatile, you can rise up energy and defences and play more safe or push the damage at max and try the Uber Elder, your choice.

Suggestions and nice comments are welcome.

Stay Tuned...

edit: 20.10.18

lvl 94, new

edit 27.10.18

lvl 95, small updates, testing...
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old screenshot

- Start: Level 90, Quests and Labirinth

- First version with shield, Mapping, Hall of Grandmasters done.

- First DPS upgrade: Level 93, Dual Wielding setup, Guardians down.

- Second DPS upgrade: level 94, jewellery upgrade, +1 chest, gems maxed.

up up up
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☺ Lovely build my Friend ♥
Nice build mate!

Thank you!

I added two expensive upgrade, the +1 Chest and the Watcher's Eye.

The build is insane at the moment, too much fast, up to 7 casts per seconds, that I was forced to add more mana regeneration and reduced mana cost of spells on jewels, maybe it's not optimal but it's very funny.

See you, enjoy.
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Can you post the previous gear? Like the chest and daggers
Hi, thanks for reply, I'm going to level 96, and I played these items too.


I have some cool daggers, I crafted some of them:


I tried these chests:

Low life build can be a cool option, but I still didn't find the best setup for it.


I'm using these:

probably the second is better, against big bosses, the first gives me 3k armour, that is not enough against big hits, but it's ok against other stuff. I playing the first one atm.


I can choose between those rings atm. The belt for Elemental Weakness maps. Sometimes I use Dream Fragments, in maps like -res and extra cold damage together for example.

2nd Inventory:

I play Lightning Warp on second inventory.

Other Flasks:

In no regen maps, I play with Lavianga's Spirit and I remove Haste Aura.

I playing with a lot of mana regen at the moment, because with haste and the Watcher, cast speed on daggers and belt, etc, I can arrive over 7 cast per sec. I can post my final equip at level 96 (very soon).

With my last setup, I have a bit less dps, but I never run out of mana.
Also I removed Ghost Reaver atm and I added a Temporal chain on CWDT.

I do all the content but Uber Elder and I choose easy map mods for the Guardians.

I'm mapping very fast with some random deaths for not paying enough attention sometimes. Happened I didn't see reflect on zana shaped maps, in that case it's instant death, or not avoiding big punches of some evil bosses, or random mistakes.

Well It's not a tank build, but it's fast and safe in most of the maps, easy level to 95, it could be HC viable maybe for leveling to 95, but not sure.

See You
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Thanks for sharing! My first character is also a Freezing Pulse witch, back in 2013 when shotgun projectiles were still a thing. I've fallen in love with the summoner playstyle so I mostly dabble on that, but I would also like to revisit Freezing Pulse for the nostalgia.

This looks promising and I think I can finally do justice on my first ever character. Nice build! :)
Thanks for the feedback.

Enjoy ;)
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