[3.5] [Delve] [MS] Oni-Goroshi crit pure Molten Strike, 40/40, all content viable

Hi, i finished this league with 40/40, killed lot of uber elders and 5 auls without damage modes and decided to share my build i started league with and maxed to endgame.
Thats my 1st build posting, so im not good with forum thread decorating etc, dont judge it by its ugly look please.

Here is POB link with tree and gear for those who can figure out everyrthing themselves


And some explanations below
1)Pros & Cons

+ Solid mapping speed (not a pro runner but fast enough)
+ Reliable boss killer (first uber elder killed at 5th day of league), 5 auls done
+ Starter viable(cheap 6l, no need in body linking)
+ can do all of the content present
+ can run no regen/no leech/phys reflect/-max res modes
+ 44% dodge attacks / 30% dodge spells
+ up to 7-7.2k HP

-endgame is expensie
-needs lot of uniqes, i dont think SSF is an option
-problems with ele reflect maps(solvable with watchers'eye or eleentalist ascendancy), and no leech+no regen together(can be rippy)
-low physical mitigation

2)Ascendancy and tree
I choose slayer (cause over leech counters her embrace+ culling is also nice)
other option is up to your playstile - i took RAIDER for extra mobility and charges, but thats discussable.

tree is not linked to any of starters area, contains 6 jewels and finished at level 97

BANDITS = Help Alira

3)Current gear and explanations
Core items

come on, its oni-gorosi build. Good crit base, average speed, nice damage base, resistance to aliments and fast way to get cheap 6l while you starting

Loreweave is needed cause 80 resistance is a generally nice defense option and helps you to make self-burning less annoying, paired with good offensive stats for any elemental converted attacker crit build, we use literally all of its modes. Good top-rolled one is hard to find but usually cheaper than 6-linked average. You can also buy rings and just sell bad rolls making currency and waiting for a bingo roll (but thats a pure cancer TBH)

Tombfist is also very solid for any attacker build:2 abyssal jewels plus intimidate that gives 10% more dmage. Luxury option can have flat +% critical chance to attacks corruption, but dont expect that corruption to give you a lot, cause only top rolled base plus top rolled implicit will work as +2.5% dps for 20+e cost

Xops blood is OP and should be nerfed, 10% penetration, conversion, cover in ash, solid life and resistance - must have

Helmet with MS +2 is an expensive thing, but you can find some reliable mirrored placeholder for about 4-5e on Delve.
For rare one you woud like to have here
+life (90-120)
-%fire resistance for nearby enemies,
stats like INT or resists are also nice to have
Or you can always use Starkonja's head (8-9e) for a mid-tier option or other league

You desperately want Life gained on hit (LGOH) in your ring slots, cause 80% of your life leech is burned by Her embrace. Lot of balls generate lot of hits and it heals you like a good old vaal pact.
Starter item is a thief's troment

but later you would like to improve your HP and maybe damage, add a curse on hit and will search for some elder rings like that

I use good rare life/res/ms boots
you dont need high ms though, cause your transport skill is whirling blades that does not scale MS id say 20% ms is OK for rare boots, enchantement is 10% enemy resistance penetration for easier boss handling

Evasion bases for rare items are better cause of phase acro.

starter belt can be deceiver

midgame option or boss-killing belt should be a good rare stygian vise with solid damage and probably resistance if you lack them

delve and maps cleaning is much faster with HH

Wildfire is musthave and cheap, you can find corrupted ones with good implicits

Watcher's eye should have something for Anger
-fire damage
-crit multi
any 2 of them would be great equally, for starter option 1 is enough

2x Might of the meek + Unnatural instinct give you tons of resistance and damage boost. I bought my unnatural for 3e, but now its damn expensie, like 11e. We got an abuse here, cause meeks buff crit and AS nodes you dont take and unnatural grabs them buffed
This combo is a very solid reason to take scion.

For tombfist you need Murderous AND Searching
you look for
-global crit multi
and some of
-fire/physical damage to attacks
-fire/physical damage to sword attacks
-%increased attack speed if you deal crit recently

also you would like to have +intelligence or %chance to blind enemies on hit

i like panicked (high activation threshold for bigger healing than regular instant flask) life flask for bleeding but you can have anti-bleeding corrupted jewel
karui blood heals a lot (when you have 7k hp regular flasks feel poor), helps for bosses and uber lab

you can replace 1 healing flask with whatever one you like if your style is different, maybe QS, or basalt/stibnite/jade?

Dying Sun has everything you need - projectiles and area
Wise Oak gives you both offence and defence, but followed by resistance-ballancing in gear, dont forget that FIRE has to be bigger and cold/lightning equal. no need to make fire equal cause Dying sun will be like 80% time ON maknig fire still imballanced.
Diamond flask is a no-brain flask for any crit build, i like warding to counter curses

4)Skill Gems(in order of importance)
MS-Ancestral call-Ele damage with attacks-Fire penetration-Combustion-Faster attacks
faster attacks allows us to heal better using massive LGOH and act faster
combustion is very solid for fire builds and increas ingnite chance to reliably sustain Her Embrace
Ancestral call is a first and musthave for mapping and bosses both (hit the ground nearby the boss to make x2 balls hurt him)

Transport setup:
Whirling blades-Leap Splam-Fortify-Faster attacks
Reservation setup:
Anger-Herald of ash-Arctic Armor-Enlighten4
(AA+enlighten is an endgame survivability improvement)
we use ICE golem (crit), and ancestral protector (boss attack speed)

CWDT-IC-inc duration=bloodrage for general speed improvement and protection from porcupines
also br+IC buffs your leech rate in panteon

Major choice is Arakaali (less burning, more leech rate)
Lesser choice is Yugul (less cold damage on uber elder) or Shakari (nice poison protection)

6)Passive skill tree

3.5 patch impact:
1)-3 MS added projectiles +1 extra gem socket
2)+14% base damage +10% more projectile damage
3)Dying sun reduces fire damage taken even better! (cause +5% max res didnt stack with loreweave and new bouns stacks)

Guess that does not kill this build yet, and it is still viable.

I performed stupid test: just visited standart and simply removed 2 wildfire jewels (resulting even stronger nerf than in patch notes) - still was pretty ok to kill t16 bosses and shaper (dont want to spawn uber elder but im 100% sure it would not be a problem too). Probably those who use grelwood shanks will feel even buffed :P
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Good guide, explains a lot of the details. do you happen to have any videos of the build in action?
Oh jeez, I started oni-goroshi scion thinking that it'd be slightly cheaper than most of the other melee options, since oni-goroshi is the only six link you need.

But turns out every oni-goroshi build uses 30ex+ worth of items to make it viable. Xoph's, might of the meek, unnatural instinct, heck, that MS enchanted helm with negative fire resists is probably worth 50 exa by itself.

I feel like at this point I should probably reroll to jugg with claw and lycosidae or something, it'd probably cost 30-40ex less to get rolling and be just as strong.
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I think this build will be actual in 3.5, particulary counting off-hand statstick nerf, sure helmet would not havw -fire res prolly, but thats not a key item

Sorry for late respond, i took some rest before new league and didnt check the activity here.

Completed 13 ChallengesDeathBlade987 wrote:
Good guide, explains a lot of the details. do you happen to have any videos of the build in action?

No, sorry i just dont know how to do videos( i can answer questions ingame when new league starts

Completed 9 ChallengesVortex_Magus wrote:

But turns out every oni-goroshi build uses 30ex+ worth of items to make it viable. Xoph's, might of the meek, unnatural instinct, heck, that MS enchanted helm with negative fire resists is probably worth 50 exa by itself.

I feel like at this point I should probably reroll to jugg with claw and lycosidae or something, it'd probably cost 30-40ex less to get rolling and be just as strong.

The fact is - every build needs around 20e to be solid overall
this build was played from league start with no currency at all and scaled upwards as i got more and more currency, step-by-step.

It just means you have very big investment potential, the more you toss into it - the better you feel. Trust me, it starts very smooth and first uber elder was killed early enough, i probably could do it 1 day earlier, on day 4 if i paid more time to poe at league's first days
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playing this currently and having a blast with it, working it really budget and its still rather smooth for now.

Current gear:

Question is, what should i save up for first. im thinking the 2x might of the meek? also golem seems to have an issue taking any hits and is annoying to deal with any other sugestions for a 2L setup?

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