[3.5] In-Depth Guide for Min-Maxing Physical Wanders (STANDARD LEAGUE)


Almost every build guide on the forums is tailored towards temp league players and being able to get through all content on a budget. Optimization only matters to the extent that the build is able to kill the toughest boss. This guide, however, has a different purpose and is intended for a very different target audience. The main focus here is on how to reach the maximum potential of phys to ele conversion wanders at very high levels of gear optimization for PvE. This guide was made for >>>STANDARD<<< players who have a lot of currency and want to dedicate their time/resources towards a long term build project, yet don’t have the patience or experience to grind POB.

If you came here looking to play a budget wander, I would highly recommend Tomahawk’s guide:

Queenliness Wanderfinder

His ele wander build focuses on mobility/clearspeed and can complete shaper pretty comfortably. Don't play a phys wander unless you have a lot of currency, as ele wanders are superior at lower levels of investment.

With the overwhelming number of mirrored gear options out there, and every other crafter slapping on the vague #1 tag to their items, it's really easy for people to be misled into buying expensive, non-optimal gear. Knowledge about BIS rare items is not readily accessible like that of uniques, and oftentimes people make purchases without knowing the full range of good options available. At the very least, I hope this guide can help those interested in min-maxing phys wanders to make well-informed purchases.

This build is designed for efficient bossing, casual party/solo mapping and e-peen stroking.

Build Objectives
Here’s what I consider important for an "optimized" phys wander and what this build delivers. If your priorities differ by a lot, the guide and gear suggestions are probably not for you.

- has enough life to survive all damage dealing sources besides some easy-to-dodge one shot mechanics (ex: shaper slam, phoenix guardian explosion). I’ve found 5.2-5.4k life + some layers of defense to be more than adequate for cheesing all content.

- great mobility/clearspeed; not as fast as a QOTF Windripper build, but enough to finish a T16 guardian map in under two minutes without headhunter.

- able to clear any trash mob using 3 link KB (4th link is IIQ gem)

- both resistance and ele weakness capped while flasks are active

- instant leech

- immunity to shock, freeze, bleed, poison

- able to clear all content including uber elder with ease

- able to run any combination of map mods (alch and go) except for ele reflect + no leech

- excludes sources of dps inflation that are actually detrimental to your real boss dps (ex: manual cursing, blood rage, PCOC + COH orb of storms, etc.)

- as high single-target dps as possible for deleting all content after satisfying the rest of the conditions

Background and Miscellaneous Topics

KB nerf in 3.4
The significant KB damage nerf in 3.4 hasn’t affected the build much since we’ve always relied on Barrage for single target damage. Plus, we’re still able to 1 shot all trash with KB linked to 2 support gems and the changes to distribution of KB explosions has somewhat helped with screen clear consistency. Lower-end wanders and those that rely on KB for single target are completely screwed though, now that KB is absolutely terrible for boss-killing.

How this build works
Nothing creative to say here. It's just a generic phys to ele conversion build. Convert the large amount of phys flat from wands + abyss jewels into ele to take advantage of both ele and phys scalers. Get crit chance near capped and a lot of crit multi... Utilize huge amounts of penetration from flask + tree. And there you have it... the importance lies in the nuances of gearing.

Phys wanding vs ele wanding
Phys to ele conversion archetype has been the meta since forever, and the popularity of these builds, especially bow builds creates huge incentives for crafters to continue making improvements to gear. Top tier ele attack builds are nowhere as popular, so there hasn’t been that same profit incentive. Thus, despite ele wanders being able to beat phys wanders by a slim margin in POB scenarios with hypothetical gear, actual phys wander gear is far closer to reaching theoretical perfection, which is why ele wanders have less damage in realistic min-maxed situations.

Ele wanders derive most of their flat source from abyss jewels, and utilize a lot of %increased lightning damage scalers. This makes flat lightning rolls on abyss jewels disproportionately better than other flat rolls and the specificity makes it harder to find/buy GG abyss jewels. Phys wanders have more flexibility due to their %increased modifiers being less specific, and thus a wider range of GG jewel options. Acquiring near-perfect jewels is probably the biggest hurdle for gear progression as a wander, since we need so many with so few on the market. Ele wanders have an even tougher time with that.

Ele wanders deal less consistent damage compared to phys wanders. Optimized ele wanders always focus on stacking and scaling lightning damage. A typical flat lightning roll has a ten-fold difference between low and top end of the range. For example, a T1 flat lightning roll on an abyss jewel can vary from 7-72. Compare this with the range of a wand phys flaring roll: 27-49, which is less than a two-fold difference from low to high end. This means that ele wanders can deal more than phys wanders in a single hit, but they also have the potential to deal only ~10% of their maximum damage. The tighter range for phys rolls make phys wanders deal damage more consistently.

Scaling cold vs lightning
Tree pathing allows for equal access to both Fangs of Frost (8% cold pen) and Arcing Blows (8% light pen), so we should focus on scaling either cold or lightning for optimal dps.

Cold is by far the best option since we have so much phys as extra cold from gear + Hatred aura + taste of hate. Winter Spirit cluster + Hatred conversion Watcher’s Eye mod lets you convert 80% phys to cold, and vinktar converts the last 20% to lightning.

If we try to scale lightning instead, we would only be able to convert 60% phys to lightning (Wrath Watchers eye mod + Vinktar), and the last 40% would have to be converted to cold via Winter Spirit cluster or remain unconverted. Phys to lightning support gem is out of the question since there are so many better support gems for damage.

Attack speed vs other damage modifiers
If the dps contribution of an attack speed mod vs another type of damage mod is very similar/identical, go with attack speed. Attack speed reduces barrage preparation time and the time between projectiles, which is better for survivability. It also improves clearspeed. POB dps calculations assume damage being dealt to a stationary target averaged over an infinite period of time, which isn't realistic. Attack speed will be more useful in certain boss fights, especially multi-phase ones like Chimera, where it helps to skip smoke phases entirely.

There are currently three mirror-worthy phys wands, but only two of them I would recommend buying. For this build, you must use two to take advantage of the significant dual wield bonus and the dual wield crit cluster. Since your mainhand and offhand alternate attacks for kinetic blast/barrage, both wands must be high pdps. Using a budget shield such as lycosidae or a mediocre offhand wand can reduce your dps by 35% or more.

#1: Blood Thirst - Victheslik
- currently the best phys wand in the game and will probably remain so for a long time. After the release of shaper bases, it became possible to craft a better wand, but it's very unlikely anyone will attempt it. This wand comes with a hefty price tag, and should probably be the last mirrored piece to fully upgrade. If you haven’t fully upgraded all your other gear slots yet, I would suggest a pair of Foe Bites instead.

#2: Foe Bite - Rayamn (crafted by JakeAlmighty)
- the difference in dps between this wand and Blood Thirst is about 9-10%, but since it's an old item, you can find a lot of them on the secondhand market for relatively cheap. Note that there's three different versions: an old 428 pdps with legacy implicit, a 428 pdps current implicit, and 432 pdps newly divined version. Go with the 428 pdps one, since it's usually much cheaper than the newer version. The spell implicit doesn’t matter

#3: Rift Weaver - Clicky
- ridiculously, this wand was IDed off the ground during Incursion League. The wand itself has nearly identical pdps compared to Foe Bite, but overall the wand is slightly worse (~2%). Although the 10% phys as extra chaos looks impressive, we have no chaos scaling and not much phys scaling, which means the contribution of this mod is negligible. In all other departments Foe Bite wins: crit chance, crit multi, attack speed, accuracy, and of course, overall dps. Plus, this item hasn’t been around for that long, so there's not too many on the secondhand market, and with Foe Bites costing much less than a mirror, there's really no reason to mirror this.


Farrul's Fur
- this item is definitely BIS and the cornerstone of this build. For the first time, life builds have access to permanent power AND frenzy charge generation in all bossing situations. Power and frenzy charges account for around 40% of your dps. On top of this you get free mana reservation for aspect of the cat. The only downside to this item is that it gives less life than a well-rolled elder chest, but the insane dps boost more than compensates for that. You could sacrifice some damage nodes on the tree and spec into more life nodes and still end up with more dps/life than someone using an elder chest. I would recommend this over any other chestpiece (mirrored or unique) currently available.

*If you're planning on buying a corrupted version, the %increased damage implicit is BIS from a damage perspective, providing 6% more total dps. +1 to socketed gems/+2 to socketed projectile gems provide 3% more dps. If you want to go with something more defensive, %increased max life, 1% max res, and %reduced crit damage taken are all decent.


#1 Tempest Locket - Mai_Cedere
- this amulet is unbeatable in the Farrul's meta. The combination of three damage prefixes (10% pen, 20% phys as light/cold) is the most optimal combination possible. The aspect of the cat suffix is essential for Farrul’s Fur users. Besides getting mirrored wands, this item is probably the most important mirrored piece to buy.

#2 Horror Braid - Donnerdrummel
- this is the "Tempest Locket" equivalent for ele wanders, but for phys conversion, it's also the best life-based option. See below for a comparison of the two amulets.

Tempest Locket vs Horror Braid
In a fully optimized tree, a T1 life roll is equivalent to 2 life nodes. This means someone using Tempest Locket (TL) will be able to reach the same life as a Horror Braid (HB) user if he specs out of two damage nodes and into two life nodes. In this scenario, a TL user still has slightly more dps(~0.5-1%). But what if a HB user wants to reach the same dps as a TL user by freeing up two life nodes and speccing into damage? Well, you can’t, since no two nodes on the tree can provide nearly as much dps as 10% ele pen.

Conclusion: Tempest Locket is better than Horror Braid. The only POB scenario where Horror Braid is preferred would be if you’ve specced into every available life cluster (Heart of Oak, Revenge of the Hunted, Melding, etc.) by sacrificing half your total dps and still want more life. (not recommended). Horror Braid does have 2 advantages though: 1) it's cheaper to mirror 2) you can recycle it for any ele attack build.

#3 non-mirrored rare amulet
You can also buy/craft an amulet, but make sure one of your belt/ring/amulet slots has aspect of the cat. I suggest getting an aspect amulet because if you choose to get Tempest Locket later, having a second aspect on a ring/belt is redundant.

- if you are looking to craft your own, a shaper base is better than elder base. Make sure you’re using either an onyx or agate amulet.

- look for an amulet with a combination of 3-4 of these mods (try to get at least T2 or better):
- life, T1 strength (to free up str nodes on tree), WED, Crit Multi, Crit Chance, Accuracy, all resists, Phys as extra cold, phys as extra light, ele pen*, phys as extra fire, attack speed, non-chaos damage as extra chaos*

- T1 flat ele/%increased cold also gives some damage, but aren’t as good as the other mods

- avoid single resists that mess up wise oak balancing

*I would highly recommend putting Tempest Locket at the top of the priority list for upgrades, since aspect of the cat jewelry tends to be extremely overpriced anyway. There are plenty of mirrored amulet options carrying Aspect of the Cat (ex: Skull Noose, Gale Braid, Brood Medallion, Behemoth Pendant, to name a few) that I did not specify here, but they are nowhere close to optimal. Unless you’re getting a huge discount on one of those, (<1 mirror), I would recommend just saving up for Tempest Locket.

there are currently only 4 mirror-worthy ring options worth considering for this build, ranked in three tiers.

Tier 1:

Grim Nail - Skalpo
- it’s really hard to argue against using this ring. It provides more dps for this build than any other 5x T1 damage ring in existence. Since most BIS mirrored pieces lack resistances, and good resist nodes are so scarce on the tree, this is one of the few places to pick up resists, and the T1 all res maintains wise oak balancing. I recommend at least 1 copy of this in your final setup.

Corruption Knot - Ahfack
- the main differences between Corruption Knot (CK) and GN are the implicits and the 50 strength vs. 16% all res. GN has the better implicit, and it’s harder to get 16% resists than 50 strength, but CK is arguably better for reaching higher dps. Comparison between the two is provided below.

Grim Nail vs. Corruption Knot

Opal rings are slightly better than steel rings for phys wanders, which accounts for Grim Nail’s (GN) slightly higher dps (1%) in a direct comparison. However, the +50 strength of CK frees up one passive point which can be used to get 2% more life or 2% more dps from the wand wheel. If this is taken into account, CK actually gives 1% more dps than GN.

But what about 2x Grim Nails vs 2x Corruption Knots? In this case, the damage difference is magnified, since 2x CK frees up another point previously allocated to +30 strength node, allowing you to spec into a 2nd frenzy charge.

However, the advantage of using GN lies in the 16% all res. 2x GN will provide 32% to all res which is pretty much impossible to get on the tree. Having 2x GN will also allow you to:
1) Be ele weakness capped without relying on bismuth flask (Wise Oak) assuming tri res helm or boots.
2) Be ele weakness capped while using Wise Oak flask setup and Rat’s Nest/Starkonja’s
3) Be resist capped using Tri res boots + helm WITHOUT any flasks up

Conclusion: Corruption Knot is the #1 dps ring for phys wanders, but Grim Nail provides more QOL and much-needed resists.

My personal preference is 2x Grim Nails, since I think resists are more important, but 1x Grim Nail + 1x Corruption Knot is also a good combo for more dps.

Tier 2:

Bramble Eye - Rayamn
- in some ways this ring is like a slightly worse version of Grim Nail since it gives less dps, and 6% less all res. However, the ring’s attack speed roll does give a slight advantage in clearspeed and for certain bossing scenarios (ex: chimera). It’s also somewhat cheaper than Corruption Knot or Grim Nail. You could go with 1x Grim Nail + 1x Bramble Eye for slightly more mobility/clearspeed.

*note that there’s two versions of Bramble Eye. One with 10% all res, and the other with 16% crit chance. Don’t buy the crit one.

Tier 3: (not recommended)

Loath Grip - Ivygreen5 (crafted by Mortalo)
- on a superficial level, this ring provides the most dps out of the 4 mirror-worthy rings. This makes sense, since it has 5x T1 damage mods + M1 flat phys, compared to the other 3 rings with one less damage mod. However, the difference in dps is <1% compared to Grim Nail, which is equal to less than half a passive point… it also does not provide any QOL mods like +50 strength of Corruption Knot, or the 16%/10% all res of Grim Nail/Bramble Eye. If you want to maximize damage, Corruption Knot is the better dps option even if you don’t care about resists.

Non-mirrored option
If you can’t afford mirrored rings yet, you can also try to craft/buy budget rings. I would recommend opal base for self crafting, but steel bases come pretty close, especially in less-optimal setups. Try to get a ring with at least a good life + WED + flat phys roll. Other decent mods: flat accuracy, all resists, attack speed, strength (if you are still taking str nodes on tree), flat cold/light/fire, essence mods such as 10% phys as extra fire/% cold damage/crit multi are nice but is very expensive.

Don't spend 100+ ex on non mirrored jewelry if you eventually plan on upgrading to mirrored ones. Higher end non-mirrored jewelry is often not worth the price tag, and if you're spending that much ex trying to squeeze out marginal improvements in dps, may as well just save up some more and get the best, which you can then recycle for future builds. Mirrored jewelry is a good long term investment for those who want to make other min-maxed builds in the future and saves you from the inevitable frustration of shopping for subpar, overpriced jewelry.

Make sure one piece of gear has aspect of the cat (rings/amulet/belt).

Mods to avoid: single resists, especially fire, unless you can balance it on your other jewelry pieces (for wise oak users).

Getting a helmet with legacy barrage enchant should be one of the first upgrades to your build. The extra projectile will give ~10% more damage and slightly reduces the time between each projectile, which helps maintain full life while using vinktar.

There are three options for helmets worth considering.

Blood Visor - TheTempests (crafted by Mai_Cedere)
The tri res on here provides a lot of QOL. Unless you use 2x Grim Nails, it’s pretty much impossible to be ele weakness capped in a min-maxed setup even with all flasks up. The +132 flat life is also equal to 2-3 passive points, which can be specced into damage nodes to close the dps gap between this helm and Rat’s Nest. It’s by far the best defensive option and my personal favorite.
If you want to be ele weakness capped, or want at least one gear slot to provide T1 resists, then this helmet is BIS.

If you consider the explicit mods of every gear slot, the helmet slot contributes the least to total dps. So if one dps slot had to be sacrificed for resists, it should be the helm. Before Blood Visor was crafted, the only serious options if you wanted more resists were to wear tri res boots instead of Bubonic Trails or find GG jewels with resists. However, this had significant drawbacks, since Bubonic Trails not only provided a lot more damage, but also more life than rare boots if socketed with 2 well rolled jewels, and GG jewels with all resists are very hard to find. On the other hand, Rat’s Nest provided less damage, and also had no life at all, but it couldn’t be replaced because the legacy barrage enchant was so important. With this helm + tri res boots, you now have the most dps-effective way of being resistance capped BEFORE flasks, and with the helm alone, you have the best way to be ele weakness capped with flasks.

Rat’s Nest
This is definitely the best dps option for the helmet slot, and if you prefer damage over safety, then this is undoubtedly BIS and also a more budget option.

Starkonja’s Head
A more balanced option than Rat’s nest and costs roughly the same. In a fully optimized tree, you won’t be able to reach same dps as Rat’s Nest even if you give up equivalent life nodes, but the 100 flat life is really nice.


From a dps standpoint the 10% pen enchant is by far the best. However, if you want faster clearspeed, go with 16% attack speed.

Bubonic Trails (2 abyssal sockets)

The BIS damage option, and also provides more life than rare boots if socketed with 2x T1 flat life searching eye jewels. No other pair of boots comes close to providing this much dps. The drawback is less gem sockets, which can be a problem if your wands don’t have the right colors, or if you want more gem setups.

Blight Goad Two-Toned Boots - Ahfack

If you want to be res capped without relying on flasks, these boots are essential and should be paired with Blood Visor. If you’re just looking for a single item that provides T1 resists I would suggest upgrading Blood Visor instead since you’ll end up with more dps. These boots are pretty much the BIS rare boots on the market. The extra 5% movespeed is nice, the 3 white sockets give you versatility, and unlike Bubonics, you get 2 more gem sockets.

Other mirrored options (not recommended)

Maelstrom Pace Slink Boots - Skalpo
These boots provide 12% WED instead of hybrid life, but the lack of white sockets will make it harder to gear. Also 5% less movespeed.

Torment Goad Slink Boots - VictheSlik
Gives more life than Blight Goad, but 5% less movespeed and no socket color flexibility.

Would not recommend either of these unless you’re certain about socket colors and get a big discount.

Crafted rare boots

You can also just craft/buy some rare boots with resists + life + movespeed, but make sure to account for wise oak.


Tombfist (2 abyssal sockets)

- pretty much the best pair of gloves. It’s cheaper than good rare gloves and gives an unrivaled amount of dps + life. Make sure to socket a murderous eye (see jewel section) to get the 10% more damage from intimidate.

Glove Corruptions:
Several of the glove implicits are really powerful. I would suggest buying at least a pair with single corruption.

- For single corrupted, get +1 frenzy or base crit. If you’re using Wise Oak, an average rolled base crit implicit will give more dps than +1 frenzy, but frenzy charge also gives attack speed which is a clearspeed/mobility boost. If you decide to go the diamond flask route, +1 frenzy will be better than base crit.

For double corruptions, get +1 frenzy and one of the following:

8-10% attack speed: for more mobility and solid chunk of dps

0.5%-0.8% base crit: the roll really matters for this one. A base crit lower than -0.6% will be worse than attack speed. But a base crit close to 0.8% will be BIS for damage (if you're using Wise Oak)

Ele weakness on hit: a good dps boost, but not my favorite, since map mods such as less curse effectiveness + hexproof render it useless.

Enfeeble/Temporal Chains on hit/%increased life: if you prefer a more defensive setup

Atziri’s Acuity (Legacy)

- the only reason I recommend these gloves is for the instant leech on crit. If you’re not good with flask management, these gloves could save you. But with pathfinder, your flasks are always up anyway unless you fall asleep at the desk or something.

Rare Elder Gloves (map clearing)

- elder glove mods improve KB clearspeed for a smoother mapping experience.
Look for gloves with at least life + socketed gems supported by faster attacks + faster projectiles. Supported by additional accuracy is also nice too. Other than those 3 mods, socketed gem is supported by Chance to Bleed/ +50% crit multi/flat phys are also decent, especially since KB damage was nerfed significantly in 3.4

- if you’re running T15 maps or below, may as well put these on for faster mapping. You should have enough single target dps to melt T15 bosses even in 6 man parties without the DPS boost from Tombfists.


*a mirrored belt will provide more dps/life than a headhunter in certain bossing scenarios such as Uber Elder/Shaper/Chimera/Uber Atziri. For Phoenix/Minotaur/Hydra and map bosses, headhunter is better for dps/clear.

#1 Nemesis Tether Stygian Vise - Skalpo
This is the best bossing belt for wanders period. The 10% increased effect of flasks is crucial for the 3rd Dying Sun projectile. However, this item is extremely expensive, even by mirrored gear standards. This should probably be at the bottom of the priority list for upgrades

#2 Maelstrom Thread Stygian Vise - Ivygreen5 (crafted by Mortalo)
Also a very nice bossing belt, and 170 ex cheaper than Nemesis Tether. Will provide 4-5% less dps, but you get some QOL with 15% increased flask duration.

Chimeric Thread Stygian Vise - Neuroy
Sol Cord Stygian Vise - Mai_Cedere

These two identical belts constitute a "budget" option only if you require one source of T1 resists on your gear. You can wear this belt and keep Rat's Nest and Bubonic Trails equipped, and use a Conqueror's Potency to achieve nearly the same level of dps + same resists as someone using Nemesis Tether + Tri-res boots or helm. Except this will save you hundreds of exalts since you get the approximate function of two mirrored items for the price of one. There are 2 main drawbacks to this though: swapping to Headhunter may create a resists problem, and you have a slight reduction in life (100-300).

Best belt for clearspeed/farming. The strength roll lets us drop 2 str nodes on the tree and spec into more damage. Make sure to use a Conqueror’s Potency jewel to make up for the lack of % flask effect, that way you still get +3 from Dying Sun.

Elder Belt
If you want to craft/buy a bossing belt it’s definitely possible but it must be an elder belt base (leather/rustic sash/stygian).
Make sure it has at the bare minimum a good life roll (70+) and it MUST have % flask effectiveness. This mod alone provides a ~10% dps.
Other good damage mods are WED, strength (let’s you free up 1-2 nodes on tree), %increased proj damage with flask, %increased attack speed with flask,
QOL mods such as flask charges gained/used and duration are nice
Resists can also be nice, but make sure it’s not fire resistance, because this will screw up wise oak balancing big time unless you can compensate for it on other gear. A pair of identical cold + lightning res rolls is fine since we deal very little fire damage, but you lose Wise oak's defensive properties. I would recommend against having lightning or even cold resist by itself unless you can balance it elsewhere. The elder all-resists mod is great.


Conversion Vessel of Vinktar (double legacy)

It's not too far fetched to say I'd rather play a wander without wands than to give up this flask. The instant leech let’s you face tank during boss fights, take advantage of the more multiplier from Damage on Full Life support gem, and accounts for most of your survivability. The amount of leech it provides will let you heal back to full life if any of your attacks hits any target whatsoever. It’s like a seething flask but better. The 10% more damage from shock (not factored into POB) is substantial, the 20% phys to light conversion allows you to run phys reflect. The instant mana leech is also OP and trivializes problems with mana sustain. Pathfinder negates the only drawback to this flask. If you don’t have a double legacy vinktar, you can’t/shouldn’t play the build.

* A flat attacks vinktar needs to be max roll to give the same dps as a conversion vinktar, and those can be several times more expensive. A pen vinktar gives less damage than both, and a spell vinktar gives no damage aside from shock, but if that’s the only one you have, you should still use it because the instant leech is essential. These 3 versions will not let you safely run phys reflect however, since 20% of your damage is not converted to ele.

Dying Sun (legacy or current)

This flask gives you +3 projectiles and is the best dps flask for wanders. The AOE helps with KB clear.

Taste of Hate (legacy)

This flask gives a ton of damage since we scale cold most effectively, but it’s phys damage taken as cold mod is arguably more important, because it scales up to 45% with Pathfinder and makes you a lot tankier for bosses that deal phys damage, which is the majority of them. Without this flask, having 5.3k life as a wander would be very painful.

Alchemist’s Quicksilver of Adrenaline

You need to use this for clearspeed since wanders have no real movement skill and can only run. I would suggest an Alchemist prefix for the extra ms boost.

Wise Oak (Legacy) or Diamond Flask of Staunching

Since sources of crit are so easy to get (ex: base crit on gloves, base crit from watcher’s, dual wield crit nodes, etc.), diamond flask is no longer the optimal choice for dps.

Wise Oak will give more damage if you're using Hatred crit Watcher's Eye, but the drawback is of course, bleed immunity. If you can vaal or buy a decent abyss/rare jewel with “Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you”, I would go with this flask. KB’s offscreen clear will pretty much ensure you never die to a normal bleed. You can also take Soul of Ralakesh as an extra layer of safety.

Even if you don’t have the 2x Hatred Crit Watcher’s Eye, as long as one of your jewels has corrupted blood immunity, I’d still go with Wise Oak, because 15% reduced ele damage taken is significant and synergizes well with Taste of Hate. The extra resists from the Bismuth base will help keep you ele weakness capped.

Atziri’s Promise

Swap out Quicksilver of Adrenaline for this flask during hardcore e-peen stroking sessions for the maximum dps possible. If you’re not using Hatred crit + conversion eye, Wise Oak + Diamond Flask will be better for peak dps.


Watcher’s Eye

- The Hatred 40% phys to cold conversion mod is essential to this build. If you can’t afford a 2 modded watcher’s, this is the single mod you need to look out for.

- If you want to buy a 2 modded Watcher’s eye, you have three options.

#1 Hatred Crit + Conversion
- this is the best 2 mod combination for damage, the base crit from the eye lets you swap out diamond flask for Wise Oak without losing any damage. Since it’s BIS, expect to pay a lot.

#2 Hatred Pen + Conversion
- this 2 mod combination is way cheaper, and is only 20-30% worse than the #1 eye. If you use this one, Wise Oak will provide less dps than a diamond flask.

#3 Hatred Increased Cold + Conversion
- this is the most budget 2 mod eye I would recommend. Much cheaper than the #2 eye and only 15-20% worse.

Murderous Eye Jewel (Intimidate)

You need one well-rolled Murderous Eye to take full advantage of Tombfist’s Intimidate on hit mod. All prefixes besides life are pretty much useless for a wander, so this is essentially a 3 mod abyss jewel at best.
Prefixes: T1/2 flat life, Mana (optional)
Suffixes: Attack speed if crit + crit multi/flat phys are the best. Flat light/cold/attack speed are also decent, check below for the list of suffix mods to look for.

Rare Jewels:
- In terms of damage, the best abyss jewel is always slightly better (~1%) than the best rare jewel. However, in most cases a flat life roll will give slightly less life than a %life roll on a normal jewel. If this is taken into account, the difference between a full set of BIS abyss jewels vs. normal jewels is only ~2-3% more damage and ~2% less life. Decent Abyss jewels are way harder to roll and are therefore much more expensive/rare. For example, the best abyss wander jewel can range anywhere between 130ex -1 mirror, whereas the best normal jewel is only 15-30 ex. So unless you have a ton of currency to spare, normal jewels are the way to go.

Searching Eye Jewels:

I’ve categorized all the useful abyss jewel mods and ranked each category from best to worst to make things easier:

Category 1 (best)
T1 flat physical damage to WAND ATTACKS
T1/T2 flat life

*Every searching eye should have at least these 2 mods

Category 2 (excellent)
Attack Speed if you’ve crit recently
Crit Multi
T1 Flat physical damage to attacks

*A good searching eye should have one of these 3 mods. Attack Speed if crit is the best one, followed by crit multi/T1 flat phys

Category 3 (good)
T1 flat accuracy
T1 flat lightning to attacks
T1 flat cold to attacks
Attack speed (non-conditional)

*Depending on how much accuracy you have on other gear, a T1 flat accuracy here may actually be more dps than any mod in category 2 or otherwise completely useless. I recommend checking POB to see which scenario applies to you.

Category 4 (decent)

2% ele pen if you haven’t killed recently
%Phys as extra fire
T1 flat fire to attacks
%chance to gain Onslaught on kill

*These mods are only slightly worse than those in category 3. The 2% pen mod gives the most dps in this category, but is least recommended since it won’t work in some boss fights. The chance to gain onslaught mod is good for general clearing and some bosses with lots of adds. Having just one of them is enough for perma onslaught sustain during map clear.

A searching eye jewel with 2x Category 1 mod + 1x Category 2 mod + 1x Category 3 mod should be similar to or better than a BIS normal jewel for dps.

Normal Jewels (Viridian/Crimson)

Category 1 (best)
%maximum life
%crit multi while dual wielding

*Make sure every rare jewel you buy has at least these 2 mods

Category 2 (excellent)

%global crit multi
%projectile damage
%increased attack speed

Category 3 (decent)

%increased damage
%attack and cast speed
%global critical strike chance*

*Global crit chance roll is only good if you aren’t using a diamond flask. And don’t have this mod on more than 2-3 jewels because crit chance is subjected heavily to diminishing returns.

Corrupted Blood Immunity Jewel:

If you want to use Wise Oak, you must have Corrupted Blood Immunity on one of your rare jewels. I would just buy one with at least 2-3 good mods, but you can also try your luck with crafting. Buy/craft decent 3 mod rare jewels, and then yolo vaal. It’s about a 2.5% chance to hit CB immunity, so expect to brick ON AVERAGE 40 jewels for this implicit.

Unnatural Instinct:

(Optional) This jewel can be socketed into the Scion area near Harrier for a substantial dps + mobility boost, the tradeoff is ~100 less life and 5% less all resists in return for ~4% more dps + 15% increased movespeed + %6 higher attack rate.

Conqueror’s Potency:

If you’re using Headhunter or don’t have % flask effectiveness on your belt, this jewel must be socketed. %increased crit/damage implicits are pretty nice on this.

Suggested order of upgrade for min-max
Before you can play this build, you need at least a legacy vinktars, a Farrul’s Fur, and a very good pair of phys wands (350+ pdps with crit). I would suggest just waiting until you can afford 2x Foe Bite wands before starting the build if you’re on a tight budget. And you will need 100-200 ex for the rest of the gear. You can buy decent 3 mod searching eyes with wand phys, life, and a good mod (see list in jewel section), and yolo ex the last suffix or use decent normal jewels with less optimal mods like %phys damage. Also get a solid corrupting blood immunity jewel.

1) Wands: The most important items to min-max first are of course the wands. If you can afford to min-max all slots, or have that as a realistic goal, I would suggest getting a pair of Blood Thirsts first, since trying to resell Foe Bites takes a while in the nonexistent Standard economy. Otherwise a pair of Foe Bites can serve you almost as well if you think it’ll be a long time before you min max the other slots, or have no plans to. Good pdps wands will cost a lot anyway, so may as well save that money for Foe Bites.

2) Legacy barrage enchant helm: get Rat’s Nest/Starkonja’s. Should be around 60-80 ex.

3) Legacy flasks: Get double legacy Taste of Hate, Legacy Dying Sun, Legacy Wise Oak if you haven’t already.

4) Amulet: The next most important thing is a mirrored cat aspect jewelry piece. Tempest Locket is the undisputed best for this and any phys conversion Farruls build, but Horror Braid is not a bad choice, especially if you plan on playing an ele attack build in the future. Don't buy any other mirrored amulet unless you get a huge brodeal.

5) Rings: Get either 2x Grim Nails (perfect balance of resists + dps), or Grim Nail + Corruption Knot (more dps, less resists), or Grim Nail + Bramble Eye (usually cheaper, more attack speed, some resists).

6) Watcher’s Eye: upgrade to one with Hatred crit + conversion, or at least a Hatred cold pen + conversion.
Spend 10-25 ex per jewel slot and get 4 mod (with life) BIS normal jewels or very good searching eyes. They should be around this price range. You will eventually need 11 of these, and this will give another ~20% more damage to your build compared to the 3 mod budget jewels from before. An easy way to get good jewels for cheap is to play temp leagues and buy them for much cheaper and then wait until merge.

7) Upgrade to mirrored belt: Nemesis Tether costs a lot because of the high mirror fee and not many people have mirrored it, so you probably won’t be able to find a secondhand copy, but it’s an insane bossing belt. Maelstrom Thread comes pretty close and is much cheaper. Skip this step if you plan on using Headhunter.

8) Upgrade to Blood Visor: if you want more survivability/resists, and if you want to be res capped without flasks, get Blight Goad also.

9) Blood Thirsts: upgrade from Foe Bites to these if you haven’t already.


Barrage Single Target (chest):

Barrage - WED - Damage on Full Life - Vicious Proj - Ele Focus - Slower Proj

Kinetic Blast Clear (helm)

Kinetic Blast - IIQ - Pierce - GMP

I prefer using IIQ for the extra loot. A 3 link KB has enough damage to clear all trash mobs in the game. You can sub in WED for IIQ if you want more damage, but there shouldn’t be any problem one shotting packs with only 2 support gems.


Hatred + Herald of Ice + Herald of Purity + Enlighten 4

Another option is to replace HoI with HoA for more dps, but I prefer HoI for the extra shatter/AOE. Herald of Purity is by far the best herald for damage.

If you’re using Tombfists + Bubonics, you’ll need to socket heralds into your wand and use two Enlighten 4s, so try to get RGB wand. This will give you the flexibility to switch between Herald of Ice/Ash. Otherwise, a GBG (Hatred + HoI) or RBR (HoP + HoA) wand works too but will give you less flexibility

If you’re concerned with accidentally weapon-swapping and unreserving your aura/heralds, you can socket the exact same gems into your secondary weapons, which will let you keep your heralds reserved if this happens.

Vaal Haste

I use this mainly on the boss for an extra spike in damage/mobility. Usually lasts the entire duration of the fight.


Ice Golem

Best golem for damage, although you could also use Lightning Golem for the extra attack speed

Depending on your setup, you will have anywhere between 2-6 free gem slots. Below are some suggestions but feel free to customize.

Portal gem

Flame Dash

CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

CWDT - Curse - Enhance

Temporal Chains/Enfeeble for more defense, Projectile Weakness for more dps

*Don't use Blood Rage, because it messes with Damage on Full Life support.

Passive Tree - Bandits - Pantheon


Link to Passive + Ascendancy Tree

- you need at least 1 frenzy + power charge duration node for permanent charge uptime. Otherwise, for 2 seconds every 12 seconds, you won't have any charges.

- if you’re using diamond flask instead of wise oak, make sure to drop Twin Terrors cluster and spec into Forces of Nature.

Alternative pathing options:

- if you decide to use Unnatural Instinct, unspec out of Cruel Preparation and the adjacent life + int nodes. Also unspec out of either Throatseeker or Fangs of Frost and the 16% proj damage node near Ranger start. This should free up 7 points, which is the shortest path to the Scion jewel socket.

- if you want more survivability for leveling, you can sacrifice some dps clusters and take Revenge of the Hunted. If that’s still not enough, take the Melding cluster also, which should give you more than enough tankiness to reach lvl 100. This will require sacrificing ~30% of your total dps.

- Heart of Oak is nice QOL node, especially the life regen.

- if you’re struggling with resists, you could also take Nullification for life/resists, or Survivalist cluster.

- if you need to unspec dps nodes from tree, most likely Fangs of Frost/Throatseeker/Wandslinger/Elder Power clusters give the least dps per node and should be removed first. Make sure to confirm on POB. Pathing through “Will of Blades” can also be switched to the +10 dex node which will free up 2 points. Lastly, Alira can be dropped for +2 passives if you really don’t care about resists.

Alira is the best since resists are so hard to get, and the crit multi/mana regen is perfect for the build. If you have enough resists, switch to +2 passive points and take a 2nd Frenzy charge (Fervour) or 2 life nodes.

Soul of the Brine King: getting stun locked can be an issue, especially since we don’t use life flasks, so this one really helps.

Soul of Solaris: best for bossing if stun isn't an issue for you.

Soul of Shakari: I prefer this since we don’t invest in chaos resists. It’ll make opening strongboxes less risky too.

Soul of Ralakesh: if you're using Wise Oak and want more bleed protection.

Min-maxed POB

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Very well written guide. Might be one of the most in-depth guides I've ever seen on this forum.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.


Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
Cool guide. It's interesting that in standard, rare items are treated similar to uniques.
I was wondering what links were you using for the GGG blood thirst?
Completed 11 Challengesillmtk wrote:
I was wondering what links were you using for the GGG blood thirst?

I currently use it for ice golem - portal - vaal haste/some random gem I want to level.

The GGG color combo is pretty bad for life wanders, but for old CI wanders, it was decent since we could socket in Blood Rage.

If I could go back in time I would probably have gotten one with GGR, but the other wand should definitely be RGB.
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Completed 38 ChallengesEnahkra wrote:
Completed 11 Challengesillmtk wrote:
I was wondering what links were you using for the GGG blood thirst?

I currently use it for ice golem - portal - vaal haste/some random gem I want to level.

The GGG color combo is pretty bad for life wanders, but for old CI wanders, it was decent since we could socket in Blood Rage.

If I could go back in time I would probably have gotten one with GGR, but the other wand should definitely be RGB.

Yea Acapella was selling a GGG foe bite for 150 that I couldnt pass up as someone on a budget. Your links are pretty much what I came up with.
Good for kb :D
One thing about your guide regarding Conqueror's Potency is that they can't roll the "Corruption Blood cannot be afflicted" mod since they require ilvl 33 jewels, and unfortunately Potency's are ilvl 1 :( My dumbass wasted a bit of currency trying to roll one.
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Completed 9 ChallengesRicTran wrote:
Good for kb :D

Those gloves are nice; if you are interested in a pair of BIS clearing gloves, I suggest you check out Skull Palm by Casta (AmazonPrime).

Completed 11 Challengesillmtk wrote:
One thing about your guide regarding Conqueror's Potency is that they can't roll the "Corruption Blood cannot be afflicted" mod since they require ilvl 33 jewels, and unfortunately Potency's are ilvl 1 :( My dumbass wasted a bit of currency trying to roll one.

Wow sorry dude, that completely slipped my mind. Glad you caught that for me thanks. I'd be more than happy to help you cover the loss of currency attempting the corruption, since it's partially my fault.

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