Would an Infinite Delve Race be Possible?

As a question, would infinite delve races, in the vein of old endless ledge races be a possibility in the future.

It would probably be somewhere between 1-12 hours, you get infinite sulphite and everyone would have the same underground chart seed to make it fair
(they would be playing solo) and the goal is to reach the deepest depth possible.

Also, I hope I put this in the right place on the forums I've never posted on them before.
Last bumped on Oct 29, 2018, 3:08:06 AM
interesting idea; certainly gets my vote
I was just thinking of almost the same thing. Start on Twilight, and put a Delve entrance in Mud Flats. That will give a chance to get your starting gems, and grab a quicksilver if you want.

I was thinking of a timed event to clear a city at delve level 20 or something like that. Or a delve boss kill. Or just a regular one hour event.

As for Endless Ledge. I'd love to see a real Endless Ledge race. I really miss those old races. Endless Ledge, both kinds of Descent. I liked the alt start races also. And of course races like Headhunter and BLAMT.

I know they aren't going to do full seasons any more, but at least give us a short two week season like they were doing for a while.

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