[3.4][WIP] The Poison Storm - Cyclone HoA Scion

Hello Guys!

First of, this is a work in Progress, I'm currently at 87 with this build, cleared uberlab and playing red maps up to T15.

Base Idea behind the Build:
This is a physical/Chaos Build which uses Herald of Agony to enhance it's performance. We use Cyclone as our main skill as with the number of attacks per second we can comfortably keep up 25 ~30 stacks of virulence with only one mob.
Our Def is our leech, (and maybe Phase acrobatics^^ it a WIP)

Mostly i designed it for fast clearing of delves where the range of cyclone isn't a problem. which it performs wonderfully. Mapping, especially indoors map are qute fast too. I will get to lvl 90 and killall guardians plus shaper and get some vids online. see you then.


Can play any map-mod but Cannot leech and Poison avoidance is a little annoying.
Good enough Mapclear
Overleech, good lifepool
Immune to reflects
100% fortify uptime

Needs good Hitrating
Bossdps seems to be a little lackluster
no slow/stun immunity
Vaal Pact (can be played without, but i like it)


Starforge is a must
The rest is still open, but i'm using Tombfist and Bubonic trail currently.
The build Also profits from unnatural instinct


Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage Support - Maim - Withering Touch - Damage on full Life - Fortify:
This is just for leveling and Delving. Fortify can be dropped for some Numbers of good skillgems or for using the trickster Variant

Herald of Agony - Vicious Projectiles - Minion Damage - Damage on Full Life.
Minion Speed or/and Pierce for Clear
Void Manipulation - Added Chaos Damage for Bossing

Cast on damage Taken - Vaal Cold Snap - Immortal Call

Blood Rage - Leap Slam - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks (or change Blood rage to Fortify of you don't have it in Main Link)

Passive Tree
PoB - Pastebin
The PasteBin Build is the Build at 91 with 20/20 gems and my current Gear, which is... well shit :)

Bandits/Phanteon misc.

Kill all Bandits
Major: Soul Arkaali
Minor: take what you like
Delve Builds:
DIS_BV_Boi - Disintegrator BladeVortex Juggernaut
Bow_girlie - Elemental Hit Scion
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