[3.5][WIP] The Poison Storm - Cyclone HoA Scion

Hello Guys!

First of, this is a work in Progress, I'm currently at 87 with this build, cleared uberlab and playing red maps up to T15.

Base Idea behind the Build:
This is a physical/Chaos Build which uses Herald of Agony to actually do boss damage while cyclone and Bob clears the trash. We use Cyclone as our main skill as with the number of attacks per second we can comfortably keep up 35-40 stacks of virulence with only one mob.
Our Def is our leech and maybe WL ring to get better immortal call?


Get Jewels with unholy might
Get unnatural Instinct
switch to withering touch and start using consecrated path+fortify and maybe curse on hit - enfeeble...
insert flesh offering lvl8 in CWDT for more trashclear


Can play any map-mod but Cannot leech and Poison avoidance is a little annoying.
Good Mapclear
Overleech, good lifepool
Immune to reflects
100% fortify uptime

Cyclone playstyle can be annoying
needs two 6 sixlinks
Bossdps seems to be a little lackluster(but low gems are the problem right now.)
no slow/stun immunity


Nothing fixed. I'm using Disfavour for cyclone range right now and a belly for the life roll.
Another good item for the build is daressos salute for the +2 meleerange


Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage Support - Maim - Poison - Damage on full Life - Fortify. Still playing around with that through

Herald of Agony - Vicious Projectiles - Minion Damage - Maim - Firedamage
- > melts bosses and packs :>

Cast on damage Taken - Immortal Call - inc- Duration - Blood Rage

Leap slam + faster attacks for movement
War Banner for hit or if not using resolute Technique
If using resolute Technique use Herald of Purity


PoB for Bob inc.


This is at it currently stands.

Slayer and Path for leeching and dps.
Deadeye: We take it for the pierce and nothing else :)

Bandits/Phanteon misc.

Kill all Bandits
Major: Soul Arkaali
Minor: take what you like
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
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updated for 3.5 Buffed Bob :)
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider

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