[3.4] - Dabz Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder [HC]

Here's quick guide to my Poison Scourge Arrow build on HC. Currently 93 and destroying all content.

7.5k life, 57% evade, 55%dodge,47%spelldodge, 27%phys reduction


Passive Tree:

Bandits: Kraityn or kill all. I took Kraityn.
Pantheon: Brine King + Ralakesh
Leveling: Toxic Rain until 28, then scourge arrow. Grab the pierce nodes for +2 on the tree AND use a pierce quiver for easy screen clears.

Will have videos later.
IGN: Fluffhead, DownwithDisease, FluffyDabz
Last bumped on Dec 14, 2018, 6:56:30 AM
Cool - look forward to your videos.
When will you be releasing the videos?
It looks cheap to get going, have you killed shaped with this?
Your build look's amazing! Also, Can't wait to see your video.
Embrace the vaal and the corruption! Only then, you will be bless by Atziri. That's how I got a Headhunter in the Atziri Apex of Sacrifice!
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Sorry but took a break before Betrayal. I started the HC League again with Poison Scourge arrow and it is performing amazing once again. You can check out gameplay at www.twitch.tv/decro024

IGN: Fluffhead, DownwithDisease, FluffyDabz

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