Shaped maps not showing as shaped, in bulk trade on official trade website.

I'm trying to sell shaped maps out of my map stash tab. However, if they are shaped they count towards stock for the unshaped versions and don't show up as for sale in the shaped map section of the official

For instance, I have 72 shaped bazaars for sale at "~b/o 9/3 chaos" in my map stash tab. This ratio shows up on the website under T12 shaped bazaar, but shows up on the official website as normal T7 bazaar. This is also the case when trying to sell shaped volcanoes, and shaped channel which show up as stock for the unshaped variant. official bulk exchange

My non-shaped maps have no issue showing up on the official website or

I've tried both delisting the normal maps and listing them, hoping to separate them from the shaped ones.

I've tried moving the shaped maps out of the map stash tab and listing them in regular premium tab. (with the map stash tab public and non public).

I refresh myself each time I tried those methods by going to a random waypoint, an act town, the mine, and then my hideout and seeing if it refreshed my listings.

Nothing seems to work.
Last bumped on Oct 7, 2018, 11:10:53 PM
It's also happening to my elder underground sea now. When I posted them for sale, it seemed to work, but I logged off for an hour, came back and it's no longer showing as elder on the official website. My elder maps are being shown as stock for T6 underground sea.
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Hi there!

Thanks for the report. I've managed to track down the issue; it seems listing shaped/elder maps by ratio is treating the items as the regular map. This should be easy to fix up.

Unfortunately this has broken the way we calculate stock which might need some more time to fix.
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Thanks for your reply! I'll just avoid ratios on maps. Knowing the reason is such a relief. Thanks again!

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