[3.4] Skelluminati's Flaming Minions of Death [Minion Instability> Explode on Item Switch]

Hello people of Neptune. I am Skelluminati and this is my first attempt at a build.

This build dual wields key uniques, and makes use of pseudo 6-7 link gloves/helm to create a wall of fire with insane clear speed. This build currently uses 4 Fire Golems, 3 Flame Sentinels, and 40+ EXPLODING SKELETONS with insane burst damage.

Utilizing the Item Switch mechanism, we can control when our skeletons explode, and rip through bosses with ease. Currently at level 79, I am tearing through T13 maps.

By no means is this build complete, and again, this is my first attempt at a guide (and a build for that matter) and I have been playing less than 6 months, so any advice is appreciated.

>Fast Clears
>Easy Mechanics
>Relatively tanky (Life, Armour, Energy Shield)
>Non-Meta, Unique

>Reliant on potions
>Probably not for beginners

How It Works

To get 4 golems:

To get 3 Spectres:

Death Attunement Passive +1

Boots +1

To make Skeletons explode on Item Switch:

To make Fire Golems BEEFY (Will upgrade soon):

Game Plan:

Leap Slam around the map, using Convocation to make your minions stay by your side and melt mobs.

At boss, Summon 30+ Vaal Skeletons + 10+ Normal Skeletons. Wait for them to get into position like the cute little homing bombs they are. Press X to switch to Earendel's Embrace. Listen to popcorn and unique item drops from dead bosses.

Skill Tree

Only made the skill tree to lvl 75 so you can finish. I like running dual curses with Whispers of Doom with Orb of Storms and Elemental Equilibrium to further decrease fire resistance. There are a lot of ways to run this build. I also sometimes run a +75% fire damage shield on Item Switch, and use the Necromantic Aegis keystone to make it apply to my minions.
I prefer faster burn by dual wielding Earendel's though, so this build guide does not use a shield.

Click Here for Passive Tree (right-click > open in new tab)

Items + Gem Links

This is how I'm currently running it. I'll need to find a solution for my auras and such once I get a 6L Body, but this seems to be working amazing for me right now:

Item Switch:


Minion Life%
Minion Damage%

Abyss Jewels:
+# - # Minion Fire Damage
Minion Life%

Bandits, Pantheon, Ascendancy

Kill All

Solaris or Lunaris for Major

Gruthkul or Ralakesh for Minor

Invoker > Bone Sculptor > Soul Weaver > Puppet Master


Leveling guide and more details.
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Thank you for your build,
do you have an ingame video or PoB link for this build.

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