[3.4] Massive Furry - 0 Shaper/Guardian DPS - Blade Flurry/Reave | Cat Jugg

This build is currently dead, the statstick nerf in 3.5 killed this build completely and I do not recommend attempting to recreate this exact build. At a later date I will revive A 'Juggernaut' build of a sort and use this forum post & edit it as I see fit but currently this is a dead build.
Dead on the inside.
Welcome to my first build guide!
I was inspired to make this guide because of the lack guides that make use of Farrul's Fur, and I also wanted my bosser to be different from LL GC miner this league. I am happy with how this build turned out and I have done what I wanted to do with it this league which is kill all of the endgame bosses excluding delve bosses, I haven't found those yet. This is a cookie cutter build, and I took many inspirations from other build guides but as time goes on I will be making changes to this build to make it my own.

What is the build?
It's a Blade Flurry - Reave Juggernaut, we make use of Physical damage conversion and Physical damage gained as #% of x element damage to scale our damage.

Deathless Shaper: https://youtu.be/tsys7GcGV88
Deathless Uber Elder: WIP
Deathless Uber Atziri: WIP
Deathless Chayula: WIP

Delve Bosses: WIP
Theres alot of work to be done here and I apologise for that.

More then enough damage for all endgame without use of an abyssus 2.1m Shaper/Guardians DPS.
Fast clear with use of Vaal Reave.
Over 180% increased attack speed and 230% attack speed with whirling blades.
This build can delve to 600, The hypothermia support allows you to freeze every monster you hit giving you a nice defensive bonus.
Over 200% Increased Maximum Life on tree without much sacrifice of damage.
Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics in combination of Aspect of the Cat gets us effectively 40% dodge 30% spell dodge 12% block and 15% chance to avoid all damage when hit.

Its very Expensive, the chest alone starts at around 30ex for a non 6link.
Dependent on gear level you could be between 5-7k life, if you get hit and it goes through all your dodge/block/avoid chance you could easily get one shotted in the hardest content. Just dont get hit 4head

Core Items

Farruls Fur, Puts the cat in cat jug. Without this item you're no cat jug.
or 300pdps+ Sword
Look for 60%+ gained as if your budget is restricted.

Ascendancy Bandits and Pantheon
Juggernaut: Undeniable, Unflinching, Unbreakable, Unstoppable
Bandit: Alira or Kill all
If your gear can fit it I recommend killing all.
Pantheon: Solaris Major Yugul Minor
Get all the upgrades.


These are your 5 best in slot damage flasks. If you cant get wise oak balanced your next best in slot would be taste of hate then Sin's Rebirth. In the depths of the Delve you can also switch from Lion's Roar to a Basalt Flask if you find the knock-back annoying.


You have a choice between sword or a claw for your main hand, and your offhand would almost always be a statstick.
For your sword/claw look for 300+ pdps, the higher the better, but you can also look for QoL stats like "Socketed Gems are Supported by level x Faster Attacks" or Elemental Penetration.

For your offhand you ideally want a rare with #% of physical gained as x element, with over 60% value and maybe some elemental penetration or critical strike multiplier. But as a starter you can get some Uniques such as 'Death's Hand' or 'Rigwald's Savagery'.

Here is a search you can use to find some decent 300pdps+ claws/swords:
https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Delve/pb6oOvt0 -Claws
https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Delve/K5Rn3EC5 -Swords
Here is a search you can use to find some fairly decent starter stat-sticks:


You have 4 options, Your best in slot for damage and survivability is a rare with life and 'Nearby enemies have -9% cold resistance'. I don't recommend use of abyssus unless you're extremely low on damage, it gives us effectively 1.2m more Shaper DPS (57% more) but the trade-off isn't worth it in my opinion, without it we get enough damage.
If you cant afford to get Aspect of the Cat anywhere else on gear use the cat helmet.


Wouldn't be a cat build without it. If you want to you can use a Loreweave as an in-between chest plate.


You can also just use rare gloves with resistances.


Or a solid pair of rare boots with life movement speed and resistances. On my current setup I have aspect of the cat in my boots.

Priorities should be:
1) Total Life.
2) Resistances for wise oak cap.
3) Movement speed.

It is all rare, so there will be some sort of priority in stats. My order of priority was:
1) Life
2) Flat # to # Physical damage to attacks
3} Critical strike multiplier
4) Wise oak balance
5) #% elemental damage to attacks
My Rings/Amulet/Belt

For Jewels on tree you'll want to use vanilla jewewls with stat priority of:
1} Life
2} Critical strike Multiplier
3} Resistances for wise oak balance
4) Attack speed
5) Global Accuracy Rating
For your abyssal jewel sockets Your priority would be:
1) Life
2) Critical strike multiplier
3) Attack speed
4) Resistances for wise oak
5) Flat # to # Physical damage
6) Accuracy
You'll also want to grab yourself a watchers eye for hatred conversion

If you can afford it your second desired stat would be hatred penetration, then hatred crit.

Your main 6 link in order of importance:
Blade Flurry-Conc Effect-Melee Physical Damage-Elemental Damage W Attacks-Maim-Hypothermia
Swap Blade Flurry & Conc Effect for Vaal Reave and inc aoe for clear.

Four link 1:
Vaal Double Strike-Chance to Bleed-Melee Physical Damage-Elemental Damage W Attacks

Four link 2:
Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Fortify-Blood Magic
(If you get a claw/stat stick with 'gems are supported by level x faster attacks' you can socket your whirling blades setup in it)

Hatred and Herald of Purity or Herald of Ash
Purity is more damage.

Utility Gems:
Cast when damage taken-Immortal Call-Increased Duration
Ancestral Warchief
Blood Rage
Ice Golem
Frost Bomb
Portal Gem

If possible You'll also want a Less Duration Gem socketed in whatever item gives you Aspect of the Cat to ensure you have Frenzy/Power charge sustain.

Skill Tree(s)
Level 92-94 Claw Tree: http://poeurl.com/b63S
Level 91-93 Sword Tree: http://poeurl.com/b63T
I believe this will be one of the final iterations of the tree, there are nodes on the tree worth investing in if you want to push into the higher 90s and I recommend at that point you invest into what you need to better your build depending on your gear setup.

My Current level 94 Juggernaut's pob: https://pastebin.com/pSfBjgas

If you've made the bad decision of playing this as a league starter level with molten strike, your four link should be Molten Strike - Conc Effect - Elemental Damage W Attacks - Melee Physical Damage
You'll want to rush towards Winter Spirit for 100% Physical Conversion and if possible grab and socket the Molten Strike Threshhold Jewels 'Wild Fire' as soon as possible. With proper utilisation of the Rustic Sash Recipe you should be able to keep your weapons up to date and keep the damage coming. The rustic sash goes as follows
For those sane people that aren't leveling at league start and have some currency to spend there are a few options, you can level as a set leveling build which almost always works for you for an example my favourite way to level any character is with Poet's Pens Volatile Dead Body Swap. Or you could level with 'Twink' Uniques and take the league start version to the extreme getting as much damage as possible, A few uniques I can recommend for this method are

I've also heard good things about fossil crafting with low ilvl gear for leveling items, you can potentially make some really twink leveling gear with specific fossils.

That's all I have for a build guide for now. I am going to be updating this guide as my character progresses over time. If you have any questions you need answered you can comment them in this thread or message me in-game @dawes
If you want to see this build in real-time action I sometimes stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/dawes743
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Hey Dawes74! Nice build !

What would you change in the three or in this build in general if I would like to do it without Aspect of the Cat? Farruls Fur is too much for me right now but I really want to make a Vaal Reave/Double Strike + Blade Flurry (boss) and everything looks great on your build!
On the skill tree drop Frenzy Charges, on gear drop aspect of the cat entirely and run loreweave. Nothing else should be necessary for a change and you will still have plenty of damage.
If you need more info there are plenty of loreweave blade flurry/reave build guides. Here is an excellent one and also one I took inspiration from while making my guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2171904
Good luck have fun!
What’s the dps/survivability like at lvl 70?

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