[3.4] Bax_CD's Hardcore Delve HoA Support Ascendant Scion Herald of Agony

Hello guys, want to share this because it has been the best experience I have in PoE so far. This build is super fun.

Theres no big secret is just about making a Scion Support with HoA. Why? Because the Scion is the best Support Class to make the most damage possible, that way you can support your scorpion with Excelence.

Endgame Bosses Kills

Support Squad Meets Uber Elder

VIDEO:FaceTank UberElder&Shaper

Chimera Kill

Chimera Kill

Hydra Kill

Hydra Kill

Minotaur Kill

Minotaur Kill

Phoenix Kill

Phoenix Kill

Build Tree


Some of these gears you can get without the corruptions, to make it cheaper, but these are the itens you are aiming to get for End game content. The helmet can get much better if you craft with Bound (for the 5% mana reservation roll) and Dense fossil (for the ES).

Gem Setup

The Gem Setup depends on your gear setup. For example, if you have an Unset Ring like me, you can put Discipline on the Ring and put Generosity with Hatred on weapon, that way the crawler will have a huge Boost to the damage. If you prefer to be safer, you could drop the Unset ring and put Lori's Lantern. Basically there's a bunch of combinations that would also work pretty fine depending on your gear choices, But the basic Links are these:






Use Pierce for map Clear Speed and Vile Toxins for Single Target


You can come watch the build in action at my stream!! also ask questions there if you have any!

Kind regards,

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very nice build, good job Bax!
Mod3st wrote:
very nice build, good job Bax!

thanks dude =)
Nice build dood, you can post video killing guardian boss later... its better than gif's

bashkiller wrote:
Nice build dood, you can post video killing guardian boss later... its better than gif's

I will try sure, I will also put an Uber Elder one
How do you manage to use ball lighting with zealot's oath and blood magic?
I have 8 auras and 45hp unreserved, everything goes nice untill i pop flask that grants zealoths and then i cant shoot those balls...
pick one, not both:

> damage
> support
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

Can u update skill tree with jewels please. I didn't said nothink about jewels on a passive skill tree..
Did the nerf to HoA kill this?
solomia wrote:
Did the nerf to HoA kill this?

don't kill it but it is a hit to the damage... like a 30ish % damage nerf

It is still going to be good though

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