[3.4] Cheap League Starter Heavy Strike Perma-Stun Juggernaut Tank

Hello everyone

This is the first build that I've managed to get fairly happy with - happy to take advice on improving and hope this helps people as it was really fun to play.

This build came to be by chance - and by being mostly broke.
The point of it is not to buy items really expensively - but try to make them yourself as I've never had any luck dropping items or currency.

By that I mean - that I've spent 3 ex in total over the course of the game to get here and I never had an actual ex at all.

All the gear is obtained by buying it cheap at league start - none of the items below have been dropped by me - all bought cheap then "edited".

This char started by obtaining chaos by trading rares and recipes. Then you collect rares, identify them and trade for jewellers and fus to make most of the items 5-6l.

I have had about 300c traded for fust to 6 link the weapon - the rest were got at negligible prices. the biggest investment was 6 sockets and 6l and/or 5l.

This build is not really completed yet as some of the more expensive items are not easily obtainable - so I have the POB link with BiS gear below as theorycraft of the ideal build.


The point of the build is to smash and have fun and use all available things that link to endurance charges due to the weapon.

There should not be any damage except for physical and Heavy Strike as your main skill as it does the most Damage in order to take advantage of stun mechanics.

You jump and smash with leap slam, get fortify and place vunerabuility then melee smash with heavy strike to obliterate mostly anything.

With this build you get:

Permanent Stun from weapon / skills of all enemies including all bosses
Life leech + damage increase while leeching - currently at about 7% of max life
Immunity to shock, stun, poison
No extra damage taken from critical strikes.
Really (really) a lot of armour - 45k.
Decent life - 4.5k
10 endurance charges
All elem resists capped at 79-80%
18% Damage increase for each endurance charge
Not a lot of items requiring resits
Elem Resits increased by 8% for each endurance charge + 4% chaos per charge
Reduced chaos damage by Pantheon
Hits can't be evaded with a mace!
Frenzy charges for some extra boost
Place totem to smash for you in delve or avoid boss hits
Jump Smash Smash Smash!!

High damage sometimes - as it's a 40% chance of double damage.
A lot of uniques - your rares need to have max res
Rolling +1 endurance charge can be quite difficult or getting an item with all res, right sockets and +1 endurance charges can be hard
Not very fast - reduced movement speed
Not dealing criticals
Cannot evade
Life is not amazingly a lot - but can be improved.
Damage reduced to compensate for lack of area damage


Main item - great if you can get a lot of high rolls on a cheap 1-2 socket at first then 6 link it! This actually gives you 7 links with the melee stun.

The purpose of this is to get as much armour as possible and reduce the amount of crit damage. This can be replaced with mostly any other armour but this was the cheapest I could find with the highest rolls.

These are very important as well - give you immunity to shock and add some movement speed and attack speed (removing the negatives from the armour) and add extra damage per end charge. The negative stun doesn't matter as we have stun immunity from passives. The enchant of physical damage helps when smashing.

We need two of these to add extra endurance charges. Really important - try to get max rolls. If you can get the prophecy to upgrade them for extra leech is a great way to improve.

Amulet is this one here -= almost mandatory - getting high rolls was cheap and adds damage and increases leech rate. Great in every way!

These boots are bough as-is for 3c because I got lucky. These are far from ideal as they should have another extra 20% chaos damage and a 4l setup to be BiS but are pretty close. The +1 endurance charge is what you want.

Helm is rare with + Chaos as it's pretty low. Managed to roll an extra damage from frenzy charges as a bonus.

Belt is really lucky bought - it adds to the melee damage and stun threshold but also helps with the low chaos.

Flasks are great to have - make sure you get some with immunities but also consecrated ground for extra life regen. I think it works better than life.

This thing helps get your resists up to 80% for fire in this case but since it's a mana regen flask you need to keep an eye on your mana and make sure it doesn't regen a lot.


The heavy strike jewels - I bought these corrupted with extra damage

- 2 of these

Bandits / Pantheon

Get Arakaali + Armala,The Widow + Arachnoxia for chaos res and life regen
Shakari + Terror of the Infinite Drifts for immunity to poison and some more chaos reduction

Kill all or get Alisa for resists


You want Heavy Stike as the main

Leap Slam for movement - applying fortify for some defense and Vunerability for some extra damage and chance to maim

Have some Ancestral Warchief for smash and damage boost (if you can 6 link your armour this will help even more)

Have some buffs and golem - Herald of Purity for extra physical damage and some minions - while giving them extra melee stun. Elemental resists are increased with Purity of Elements to max out resists. Fire golem for extra damage can be replaced with Stone Golem for more life regen.

Never forget the leech - use Blood Rage for some extra attack speed and increased leech. The high armour and regen should conteract any negatives. If you can get 4l boots - use increase duration and other buff enchancements for it.

As this build is almost completed - I have included the POB link below that shows it's full potential at lvl 89. This is a bit theory crafted as I've edited some items to show it's potential.

It can get to 250k skill hit damage of pure physical
+ 150k bleed damange when enemies are moving
+ Ancestrall Warchief's 80k damage at the same time
+ Golem
+ Minions that stun
+ Jumping around and smashing

Path of Building / Pastebin Link


Thank you for taking the time to read this - thoughts and comments are appreciated

Keep on smashing! Hope this helps,

P.S. Roasting over an open fire is fun - but everything in moderation ;)

Edit V1.1
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Cheap league starter? With The brass dome gladiator plate? Boots without movement speed? Heavy strike in 2018? cman, man! ;)
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